Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is the girl from the next set, the renders are completed, just need to do the postwork and upload so... it should be up shortly :3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yvonnette, paladin of light.

This is the girl for the set where I'll experiment with some of the fetishes that you have suggested. It will most certainly include:
-foot fetish
-tentacles (+All-the-way-through penetration)
-corruption (from elven paladin to succubus, the set start as rape, but at the end, the raped ones are the demons :p)
-Growth/expansion/transformation (as she is turned into a succubus she will become more voluptuous)
-gang bang (the demons will take turns on her, up to 3 fucking her at the same time)
-"soft" rape, (she doesn't have strength to fight back so she gives up all hope)
Maybe I'll include some:
-futa (couple of pics at the end, once she is turned into a succubus)
-bukake & cum overflow (I'm not good at this stuff but, maybe I can convince *ickycrane* to do it.)

An here's the elven paladin Yvonnette (Sanders suggested the name for another girl but I thought that it would fit this one ;p):

I still working on the other sets so... expect updates soon.

Monday, September 19, 2011

work in progress

I'm working on these two CGsets at the moment, one of them featuring the mercenary girl from the previous post, paired with a non humanoid alien (I may do some preg/birth again, not sure) and a new dark elf paired with a huge ogre, this one is almost finished, but maybe I'll to a solo set prior to the release of the CGset.

Concerning the deletion of previous sets and stuff... nothing is coming back, the content policies are clear and there is nothing I can do about it, I am aware that there are blogs with beast/loli/incest/etc that have been around and didn't had any problem but, thats probably because the amount of blogs to moderate is too big so, unless there's a complain they'll go unnoticed. I won't take any risks.

I will continue (someday) doing more bestiality and incest stories (like the twins or dorw sisters) because, after a review on Spanish laws I found nothing against it not even concerning real bestiality... (I didn't even knew that O_o) I just need to set up my web, but I honestly don't have any rush, specially since it would cost me money to host it. And no, I'm not going to release stuff on random forums or webs like e-hentai, I prefer to have a centralized place for this, preferably a place that I can moderate myself... yep, I'm a control Nazi, deal with it :3

One last thing... I'm thinking about expanding my horizons, try new fetishes and stuff, I have some of my own that I never rendered stuff about them because they are already semi-mainstream, but I want to know about yours, what would you like me to render?

Monday, September 12, 2011


I've posted this at deviantart some time ago, I guess that this could be the next thing that I'll be doing here. I dunno -_-

As I was writing this I also was reviewing the blogger terms of service and stuff... I have to decline the idea of the "underground" blog, it would most certainly get my account deleted including my email and other stuff. I'm also going to review the blog and delete all the infringing stuff, I am sorry but I don't want the blog deleted, believe me when I say that I thought of every other option. You'll probably be able to find my stuff somewhere else.

Update: purge completed, almost half of the blog was deleted. I feel like shit.