Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is the girl from the next set, the renders are completed, just need to do the postwork and upload so... it should be up shortly :3


Anonymous said...

wow another great girl, wats ur plan with her? XD

Vaesark said...

Anon, look two posts bellow and you'll see her with her partner :3

Sanders said...

Nice breasts she got there xD

Seraphim said...

I really like her face and the tatoos. This is definatly one of my favourite darkelves you made, Vaesark.

Also i really must praise your sense for proportion, since your girls are not loaded with FF-Cubs.

Color of her hair is neat as well so i will be looking forward to another of your darkelven creations.


H Nyarly said...

Looks great.
I can't wait to see whole set.

SSJLevel04 said...

Hey Vaesark,

As I mentioned the first time I saw Elvane, I’m completely stoked about the tribal markings along her body. They accent her figure perfectly and really give her a unique look that makes her stand out from the other girls you’ve created. One of the things that make the markings so attractive is that you didn’t connect them together. Each one, while being mirrored by the opposite, is located perfectly within its individual section on her body. They are so close to connecting at her spine and especially near the top of her groin, but the fact that they remain separate gives each design a special space to enhance her figure. At the top of her torso, the curved sections that move up along her ribs and come to a gentle slope just beneath her breasts help to increase the sex appeal her breasts have. Her entire abdomen is incredibly enhanced by the outline of tribal markings around it. Along her rear, the smooth, downward curve of the markings draw attention to her flesh in ways that just bare, naked skin could not. You’ve created an amazing and beautiful figure in this dark elf.

Another aspect of Elvane’s figure that I think draws up her beauty is the fact that her choker is left on. All of her clothes are stripped, but the one article that remains draws the attention of the viewer to her head, where the blazing red hair offsets her dark skin with a striking clash of colors. The layering effect of her hair almost gives the illusion that the strands are moving, swaying slightly in a sense. Her irises, also the crimson hue to match her hair, are similarly enhanced by the markings near the edges of her eyes. Her entire figure is absolutely gorgeous. This is another set that I will be waiting anxiously for its release. You’ve got two wonderful renderings on their way. Thank you so much for your creative imagination and for the work you continue to see all the way to the end.

“May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

Anonymous said...

oh i see XD

Anonymous said...

I really love drows or drowslike elves but ... uhm.. looks like a drowchild >< i am a pedo , becaus i like it? xD

Seraphim said...

SS i couldn`t agree more and i am glad you could point that out with so precice words. Absolutly my thinking.

Anon, shes not a child, just very petit and delicate. Thats a hell of a difference.

Anonymous said...

a child having boobs like those? nee

Vaesark said...

"I really love drows or drowslike elves but ... uhm.. looks like a drowchild >< i am a pedo , becaus i like it? xD"

Yes, yes you are, anyone that find this child (with c cup tits) attractive is a sick, horrible person and should be castrated and put in jail, also, as we know, all adult women are 5'9 feet tall and have big breasts, if you are attracted to any other kind of girl, you are a sick bastard and a pedophile. Of course this only applies to men, if a woman finds a teen boy attractive it's completely alright.

Men are such pigs, may god have mercy on your soul.

We should just ban all porn, because I hate it and it corrupts the soul.

Seraphim said...


Anonymous said...


joeannie said...

Nice gal -glad these elf-babes are so accommodating!

Shmaded said...

I like the tats on her, good job as usual :). Can;t wait to see the whole set.

Oh, and Ban Pron!!! Cause that would make the world a better place. Can you imagine men having to use their imagination again to try and wank it? Hah, we'd get more annoying then we already are.

themagicwombat said...

amazing work as usual :D
btw do you know what happened to Ksig's blog?

Artemis Saginomiya said...

hahahahaha I love your sarcasm Vaesark xD

Like I've always said before, people need to to stop talking about what they don't know. People saying being attracted to like, small boobs, thin body, short stature, is supposed to be a trait of pedos, thats so wrong. Psychologically, depending on ur build, you're more likely to be attracted to someone with ur own body type, as in if ou have a small body, or average, you are going to like those types. Attraction towards children is completely different and society needs to start reconizing that.

Seraphim said...

Besides, there is no real indication that she`s small to begin with. You would need something to relate that to.
Alicia you got a good point there and i totally agree. Besides i allready said that shes just petit and delicate, not "small" in terms of age.

I guess how think that should pay more attention to the face then the boobs/ass/whatsoever. I can take a good guess from a face how old someone is and i dont think i am the only one.

Besides: Yep! Women liking teen boys are totaly fine! XD


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should ask for some form of id, just to be on the safe side.

Vaesark said...

themagicwombat, I have no idea o.O he just... dissipated O.o

Artemis, actually that is, to some point, the reason that I mix the girls with much larger creatures, because for normal sized 1-1 porn we already have reality :b Protip: dragons and trolls dont exist in the real world ;)

Sera, she is 1'68m tall, the ogre is a lot taller and... in any case, as the next anon pointed... how the hell do we verify her age? XD Can someone go find Kevin Flynn so that he can get us into the computer and ask her some sort of ID?

anyway, I'm finishing he post work on the CGset so, I'll probably upload it this weekend :3

Red Dragon said...

I can't believe some discussions about the age and height of 3D characters.
In my humble opinion, Vaesark, you are getting hooked up too much in complaints of censors. You are doing art and fantasy, not sexology manuals.

Anonymous said...

More Please!!!!

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