Monday, July 20, 2009


You may be thinking that I forgot about the blog, ...I didn't :p

The reason why I didn't posted new stuff is that I don't have my PC at the moment (I'm posting this from my PS3) So there wont be updates until I got it back.
After the crash of the HD I reinstaled most of the software and decided to update to the lastest version of Daz3D that has some new features but... It also needs better hardware. My PC was, at least, a decent one (..or that was what I thougt XD : core2duo, 4gb ram, radeon x1950 ) but it was runiing very slow, so I decided that, since I only have a fresh instalation of windows and the basic software I wont lost anything if I had to reinstall it again... along with some new hardware ;D My new PC will be a little bit better ... tehehe:

Core2quad E9550 I 8gb ram - corsair dominator I GeForce GTX295
and also 2 new hard disks: WD VelociRaptor 300gb in raid0 mode

The motherboard (asus p5k premium), soundcard ( x-fi fatal1ty), BRD (LG GGC-H20L), power (750w BeQuiet) will be the old ones, the uhm (not sure how you call it in engrish) it's a LianLi PC-A10 (black)

So... for the next 1-3 weeks I won't be around too much, don't get mad if i dont post anything new or I dont reply emails... I will be playing Soul Calibur IV, mgs4 and, mostly: Killzone 2 online :3

One last thing... I cant use the corrector on the ps3 so... excuse my gramar lol

I hope that I can get back to rendering soon ^_^

Friday, July 10, 2009

oh shit...... -__-

Bad news, my HD died (I'm not sure why) in peace... I have a new one, ...finished reinstalling the basic software today. Also, few weeks ago I thought that it would be a good idea to make a backup of the daz3d files ^^U (phew... that was close) just thinking that if I had to re-download and reinstall all the software gives be a headache >_< . The problem is that ..meh.. I don't know how to explain it in engrish but, basically, all the models I have done are no longer valid, I can't load them (missing files, wrong textures, etc) so I have to start again, for the regular CG sets this it's not a problem (I love doing new girls ^^) ... but for the Darkest Desire comic it's a serious problem, I can try and make then again but, they won't be the same -_- I'm not sure what will I do from here but, don't worry, there's nothing that can make me stop rendering ;)

I'll upload some random and test renders to keep you busy until everything is back to normal.

Sorry, once again, for being so mean :b