Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Random Redhead ...out of the fucking nowhere.

I still playing SWTOR, but not sure if I'll renew the subscription :/ I'm having some mixed feelings about it.

Also, Anyone know what happened to Fullytank and Spike?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So uhm... I deleted the "shitstorm" post. I was just angry that my MU files were deleted and that the "destroy the internet" bill could pass >_> Hopefully MU lawyers will find a way to bring the service back somehow.

Anyway, I feel like taking a break, play some games, refill the inspiration meter. I've bought SWTOR today, downloading at... 326KB/s? ¬_¬ this will take a while.

If any of you that have tried the game could share their opinion I would appreciate it :3

How much of the game can be played "solo"?
Do the female companions look good? you know... for inspiration purposes :p
The customization... how good is the character creation?
And the quests/missions... is it another grinding game or there's actually something more interesting to do?