Sunday, March 28, 2010

So.. ah... eh...

-.- I got my PC back, it's not yet fixed, well, It works, but I have to use the old Ram modules if I don't want BSOD every few minutes. So... I finished reinstalling most of the stuff already, the back-up of the Daz3D folder doesn't work as it should, just like it happened before so I had to reinstall everything again, which is a pain in the ass... That also means that the all the models "died" ...again...

Anyway, I guess I'm back... not at 100% as I should but, I guess that it will have to do for now.

I'll start producing new stuff as soon as possible, so... stay tuned ;)

Finally, I think I replied most of the emails, but... I may have passed one or two, so send them again if you want so I can reply them. (My gmail in-box was about to explode XD)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


First post in... two months? -_- and just to say that my PC isn't fixed yet (they can't figure out whats causing the BSOF.

I miss rendering so much... T_T

And it looks like some of you miss my renders too :b (the blog still gets like 700+ visits a day) so I was thinking on some things to have updates on the blog so that you know that I still alive ^,^ Heres the first one.
Why do you like to see hot, beautiful girls with beasts/monsters and other creepy/ugly creatures? and... when did you realized that you enjoy this stuff?

I'm just curious...

I'll start, Have you seen Jacob's Ladder (1990)? One of my all time favorite movies... well, there's a particular scene that made me realize how much twisted I am, *spoiler* the party scene, when Jezzie gets fucked by a flesh/tentacle/thing and she seems to be really enjoying it, at least until the tentacle came out of her mouth along with some white stuff XD that scene gave me a boner... and I was like 11 or 12 years old LOL *spoiler* after that, normal porn just wasn't good enough anymore...
If you want, you can see it here:

Your turn...

Also, sorry for not replying emails again, for some reason gmail isn't working well on my ps3, I'll try to reply all of them as soon as possible. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it ^^

I hope that I can be back again soon *I hope*