Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An ending.

Google is changing their content policy for blogger again, in one month (at 23 march) sexually explicit content will not be allowed, new blogs that post such content will be deleted, old blogs (like mine) will be made private by force. Deleting the content may prevent such action but... whats the point then? They say that they will allow "artistic nudes" but you can be sure that eventually that will be banned as well. Almost 7 years of content, damn...

Before the mentioned date I'll hide all posts, delete links and banners. I'm not certain if that will prevent the purge so, if you want to keep track of my new stuff, I suggest that you bookmark my web, or my accounts at DA / HF.

This time seems to be for reals, I guess that this is my last post here.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Since the Seldanna set was so popular I decided to make another one focused on huge penises, in this set all the males will have troll sized dicks or bigger, to make it more effective I created a particularly petite girl: Neera, 1,50 cm tall, skin smooth as silk, intense red eyes, take a look...

The "Dämonenstein" set is progressing nicely, I'm using a few new cool creatures. Also, I'll probably be making some renders with a updated Catwoman and Ace, so check HentaiFoundry sometime in the near future :3

One last thing... how do you feel about goblin girls? very small (around 1,20m) green skin, large ears, long tongue, lustful and insatiable.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


New set, get it at my web *here*. It features the lovely Seldanna having fun with werewolves, a troll, a dragon and the star of the set: a unicorn with the biggest cock that I've ever used :3