Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Fairy

This set focuses features frog love, dragon-fly, impregnation and egg/larva birthing, as well as a regular human that is a giant compared to the fairy, but note that he does not penetrate her, it's just too big, but they do have some fun, and he does manage to cum insider her, inflating her with cum ^^

Friday, October 26, 2018

10th Anniversary

Today is the day, 10 years ago I started this project "Vaesark", and to celebrate I've collaborated with the top supporters to create this behemoth, 252 renders, distributed among several mini-sets based on their ideas. There's a little bit of everything in here, and many different girls, some of them completely new, like Tilen, the pale haired beauty (OC by andiguinness) and the orc futa Syx (OC by Sixtywatt), some old and popular classics like Seldanna and Elina too. As for their partners... Grull, giant spiders, Pegasus, troll, dog, giant spider, giant fly, aliens & monsters for every fetish.

I hope that you enjoy it, remember that it costs more than usual, but it has more than four times the usual amount of content, many hours where spent working to bring this project to life. Enjoy:

Thursday, October 18, 2018

My brothers, come join me...

This is it, almost 10 years in the past, on a Sunday, 26 October of 2008 I started the blog and the "Vaesark"name/brand/persona, It's been 10 years, I have produced thousands of renders (literally).
I am among the "old guard" of 3D porn producers. Do you remember Svarog, fullytank, mongobongo, Zafo, Dizzydills, rawdarkness, hitmanx3z? From a time before SFM exploded and brought all of the 3D porn into the mainstream.

Fuck I feel even older writing about this but I hope that I can still do this for many more years. my brain still burns with ideas and stuff that I want to explore, and my dick is still craving for more and more lewd stuff. And for as long as I can work there will always be more.

Now, to the important part, as you may know, I've been working tirelessly (it's a lie, I'm tired as fuck) to make something special for the anniversary, more specifically, a set based on the ideas/requests of the top supporters (that applied to the VIP discord channels). it will have 11 mini sets, with a grand total of about 250 renders, more than 4x times the length of a regular release, the price will be 18€, so you still get more than double value compared to the regular releases. I hope that's fair enough, I have to compensate the hours that I've spent on this behemoth.

Without more delay, here are the previews of the mini sets:

I may take a break after this release, I need to recover the lost sleep hours. But Don't worry it wont be long, 2 weeks tops.  That will be all for now. Stay tuned for 26 of October, on that Friday I'll release the beast ( ^ -^)b

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Alright, here goes nothing. 60 renders of turtle loving Bowsette. Is the hype train still going? did I miss it?

Friday, October 5, 2018

All aboard the bandwagon!

I'm making a set with Bowsette, to be released next week, probably on Wednesday. The model isn't as completed as I'd like it to be, but I didn't had enough time, I do think she's still hot on it's own merits.

Now, a little reminder, I'm still working on the anniversary set, once finished it should be around 250 renders or so, x4 times the usual size, with lots of different girls and themes/fetishes, so get ready for a treat.

Friday, September 28, 2018