Wednesday, May 18, 2011

serious business

As you see, I haven't been posting lately... why? I was too busy with "real life" stuff and because I started and focused on a project that I had around my head for years, even before I started with 3D renders the idea was already there... incubating.(everything else is "on hold" atm) I can't tell you much at the moment but I can show you some of the samples and test renders of the WIPs stuff.

This is the main location, where most of the events will take place, a small town, with fortified walls on the eastern gate, surrounded by mountains on north, west and south. (I'm still adding and changing stuff, nothing of what you see is definitive)

And this is one of the main characters...

Unlike all my other works, with the exception of the DD comic and the Inala's Tale, this one will have a story, recurring characters and, if everything goes as planned, it will last ad infinitum (as long as I still able to render). But there is one problem (for most of you) it will be in Spanish, unless I can find someone capable of a good translation... (which excludes me lol)

Ahora una llamada a los hispano hablantes, sé que estáis en alguna parte, no os escondáis que no muerdo (casi nunca). Dado que esta historia será publicada en Español me gustaría saber cuantos de vosotros estaríais interesados, cual es vuestra opinión al respecto de la idea en general y cual es la razón de vuestro silencio... Según las estadísticas del blog hay una razonable cantidad de Argentinos, Españoles, Chilenos, Venezolanos... ¡Hablad, u os dejaré sin prono! (es broma XD, pero en verdad me encantaría conoceros)
Más o menos ya sabéis cuales son los temas/fetiches que suelo tratar, añadid una historia/continuidad, personajes con personalidad, diálogos, etc voilà, ya os hacéis una idea de lo que estoy planeando.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm playing with the blog template so, don't be surprised if I mess up everything again XD