Sunday, November 24, 2013

Uploading to MEGA

After doing further research I decided to use Mega instead of Mediafire,  main reason: Mediafire explicitly bans porn and, apparently, they are quick to remove content. For a long-term solution this is a problem. I'll start with the oldest ones, the stuff can be find in the "CG downloads" tab on the main menu.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


While you wait for the uploads I want to share some screenshots from Skyrim, take a look:





If you are interested I'll upload a list with the mods that I used. By the way, the screenshots don't do the animations justice, they are quite fine if you ask me, and the sounds of fluids and the moaning of the girls make it a lot better...


***disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any fuck-ups that may cause the installation of this stuff***

Before installing any mod or data files manually I highly recommend you to register at the nexus community and install the Nexus mod manager, it will help you install/delete , activate/deactivate mods very quickly and safely:

*Note that some mods need additional steps and require manual installations, always read the instructions before installing, take this with patience, if you rush through it you will mess things up and something won't work, making you lose hours trying to find the root of the problem*

 The mods, listed in the order that I've installed them:

+ Install with the nexus mod manager.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS:
*this one is more complex and it's esential so... read the instructions carefully 
*You will also need the Fnis creature pack (under optional files)  

+ Follow the instructions on the download page. This is the framework that is used as base for most of the sex mods. including the creature sex ones.

+ Instructions are inside the .rar file.
* These are just the animation files, it doesn't do anything by itself.   
* In the download page you'll also find "bestialityextras.rar" these are the files for the creature's dicks. 

But in order for the animations to happen you'll need another mod, there are a few that use these animations, the main difference is the way that the sex is started:

 * This is the one that I use, it simply add summoning spells for the creatures, once summoned you can tell them to "train" they'll seek the nearest female (or male if you set so in the options) and start fucking them. It's pure bliss to see your favorite girl getting fucked by a troll... while a pack of wolfs, giants, dogs, werewolves, falmers, gargoyles... stand around her waiting for their turn :3  you can also set it to work with the player's character.
* The title says it all, when a human is defeated by a creature they start fucking them.

* Adds a spell, when casted on a creature the sex animation starts, it's simple but it only works on the player's character.

And I think that this is all the basic stuff. Of course... it's better if you use mods to fix the ugly vanilla females and ENB mods... but I'll leave that for now. If you have any trouble installing any of this or you PC blows up killing your family... it's not my problem. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

File hosts

I've kept delaying this for way too long now. As you probably know, the old downloads aren't working anymore, and some of the new ones are giving trouble too. I'm going to re-upload all the stuff, but the problem is where to... Any ideas?

Post your suggestions and I'll make a poll with the ones that I think are the best ones.