Monday, September 5, 2011

Naughty kitty

21 images 1200x1200px 19 MB
Download: RS MP


  1. It say's that the file is unavalible, looks great though!

  2. These are the exact words from megaporn: The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
    I would get it from rapidshare but everytime it click the download to PC it sends me to the main page or it has a pop up that does nothing.

  3. no prob w/RS for me. another awesome set, dude! you just keep getting better and better!

  4. Hmm, just have downloaded it on
    rapidshare with no probs at all.


    Hope it's available for you guys, soon. Nice set, though I have to say that I am slightly disappointed. But that's just me, as I am desperately waiting for my gal HERMIONE and her magic wand, yeah.


  5. Great work! I really miss your Point Of View shots though.

  6. Thanks for all this, keep it up!

  7. First thing first: That girl is kinda hot/cute. Very nice design. I'd love to see her more.

    Second thing. Is it just me or does the girl have unusual skin color? It's not one of those dark elf color, but... the first thought that crossed my mind is that her skin makes her look dead. I mean, its the color of a corpse. Maybe it's just me, but let me know what you people think.

    3rd, that fat dude still has phimosis. That made me laugh

  8. good stuff. can't wait for the next one especially the boarhound.

    you should use do something really outlandish for one soon, with like an elephant or a giant whale or something.

    the embrace eternity set was great. I was thinking though, I don't think any human girls have gotten the love shared as far as getting knocked up on here yet? it's fantasy even if it's not realistic, you should make it happen. preferably with the birth scene at the end too those are always awesome. glad you've been using that lately. keep up the good work.

  9. Even CJ got some fun xD

  10. Great stuff! I love your little goth and her sallow skin (which goes with the outfit). She really enjoys getting it from behind, too, which is a bonus, and I love the way she leaves her sexy outfit on while fucking. I agree that we'd all like to see some POV too (skirt up or skirt off, perhaps?).

    PS I don't think it's phimosis - I think he's just uncircumcised (and unwashed - imagine the knobcheese). Not to say generally gross. But Kitty doesn't mind... :)

  11. Hey Vaesark,

    This set was great. I loved the outfit on the girl. Like a lot of people say, what you wear conveys a great deal about who you are. For this naughty kitten, the legwarmers and the mismatched arm coverings created a very unique character. The mesh was a nice touch as well. I also was pleasantly surprised at the light, airiness of the room itself. I’m not saying all of your works have a dark atmosphere, but this one seemed somewhat…different than the majority of your others. Maybe it’s the window and the scenery beyond it. Not quite sure, but still, it really helped give the set a nice visual boost.
    The little kitty had some nice facial expressions, especially in 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16. She looks like she’s really enjoying it, but at the same time, she seems to already be exhausted. It’s an interesting little take on the images. I like how you gave us two shots of the same position, but from different angles. It made the scene more engaging. I personally would have liked to have seen some more point of view shots or close ups, but that’s just my opinion. Finally, the last image really showed that she’s been run ragged. Looks like her partners were more than she could handle.
    I’m anxious to see your next set and hear about how the project is going. Keep us posted about the progress. Your works are still just as stunning as ever.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  12. love where this is going. I cant wait to see more of this new girl.

  13. Learn to type well, Squall.

  14. I would love to give you two thumbs up but one hand is busy right now. Great work as always V, looking forward to the Little witch next :-)


  15. 1st congratulations you are very talent guy.... 2cond u share to any1 that very nice..all looks i thinking what program you using to model?

  16. Nice! Thanks! But what happened to Ila? Me gusta ila... :(

  17. Good set, any chance of a part 2 for it?

  18. The way you have small tits on some of these girls is disturbing IMO. It makes me wonder if you or your fans are pedophiles, if not you all are standing on a very slippery slope.

    So vaesark, can you please put some bigger boobs on these girls. They don't have to be massive pornstar hooters, they just have to be enough to look like they're legally old enough to be in porn like that aria that got a womb full of dragon spooge

  19. the anon above me is a fag....

    not all women have DDs

    some men like small breasted/petite women

    enjoy your meatspin homepage in your mom's basement

  20. Well, what next ?!

    I suppose the majority of so called righteous people would not approve of human females mating with animals and/or monsters.

    So, skip the animals, and while you're at it, cover the gals up as well. Nudity in itself is highly suspicious, didn't you know?!


  21. MP Worked fine, but that's not why I'm posting.

    I would *love* to see more of Kitty - she is amazingly hot - preferable some solos? Without lumpy-man to detract from her hotness? You continue to produce very nice imagery, thank you and keep up the good work! :)

    - EvilEtna