Monday, September 19, 2011

work in progress

I'm working on these two CGsets at the moment, one of them featuring the mercenary girl from the previous post, paired with a non humanoid alien (I may do some preg/birth again, not sure) and a new dark elf paired with a huge ogre, this one is almost finished, but maybe I'll to a solo set prior to the release of the CGset.

Concerning the deletion of previous sets and stuff... nothing is coming back, the content policies are clear and there is nothing I can do about it, I am aware that there are blogs with beast/loli/incest/etc that have been around and didn't had any problem but, thats probably because the amount of blogs to moderate is too big so, unless there's a complain they'll go unnoticed. I won't take any risks.

I will continue (someday) doing more bestiality and incest stories (like the twins or dorw sisters) because, after a review on Spanish laws I found nothing against it not even concerning real bestiality... (I didn't even knew that O_o) I just need to set up my web, but I honestly don't have any rush, specially since it would cost me money to host it. And no, I'm not going to release stuff on random forums or webs like e-hentai, I prefer to have a centralized place for this, preferably a place that I can moderate myself... yep, I'm a control Nazi, deal with it :3

One last thing... I'm thinking about expanding my horizons, try new fetishes and stuff, I have some of my own that I never rendered stuff about them because they are already semi-mainstream, but I want to know about yours, what would you like me to render?


  1. Anyway, it's good to see you are back to your excellent work.

  2. Cool!
    Glad to see more sci-fi on the spoke. ^^

    As for fetishes, well, as for me myself. elves, drow get a bonus, big tits and curvy bodies (3Dcg gets priority on good rendering quality), Tentacles, large insertions, belly distention, and soft vore has been growing (think pulled into a tentacle pod and get pushed out opposed to being eaten alive and die), then there's horse cock and the color purple. Not sure why on those last two, they just seem to be a running theme that connects to images i like.

  3. does spanding horizon includes futanari :P?

  4. the solution to all this is quite simple:
    - get some free crappy 1click homepage
    (this takes 5mins max)
    - don't bother about layout
    - keep uploading your stuff to
    - post the links on that crappy page
    - inform your followers on your blog
    about shiny new stuff :)


  5. Netorare. It's basicly cuckolding. Just make a hot girl get fucked while her husband is forced to watch, and she's enjoying it or something like that. The more fucked up, the hotter.

  6. Hey Vaesark!

    Mine are so boring, I hardly dare to post them here. It's Bikinis. Micro Bikinis, Sling Bikinis and girls having sex while wearing them. :)

    What exactly they are performing is not thaaat important, though I certainly like some anal. But I'm not so much into really big boobs. Those curves Zzomp was doing lately for example were a bit too much for my taste. No offense meant, of course. ^^

    And I don't mind a belly piercing here and there. Yes, I should be terribly ashamed. ^^

    Best wishes,

  7. furry would be nice.
    or some dominatrix stuff.
    Also you could rent webspace in dutchland since they don't have laws against 'fictional porn'

  8. Weapon masturbation. Nothing guro or anything, simply a chick getting off with her weapon.

  9. how about monster girls

  10. Glad to see you're being careful with your stuff, although I do miss it. Hopefully once you get the website thing figured out it won't be that difficult to find. :D

    As far as fetish, you normally covered a lot of the things I was interested in... although I like curvy ladies (whether top heavy, pear-shaped, or hourglass, it doesn't matter). None the less, I have been a fan of your drow gals, and I've been hoping to see one of them heavily pregnant.

    Stay cool!

  11. I see a lot of naughty people here xD
    As for me: foot fetish, lesbians, more animal bestiality... If I can think of more I will post them ;-)

  12. I'd suggest, because aside from what I could want to to see, I am curious how well you would do (and you'd always practice) and I am quite sure many people would enjoy you incorporating themes/fetishes such a:
    straight shota (doesn't have to be younger looking than your typical characters though

    Other than that, please continue with types of characters you already done (slim, petite build).

  13. I am very glad to see that you'll use a DeepSpace3d creature, they are artists very appreciated by me.

    The black big ogre set looks very well too, makes me remember nymph Ila' set.

    Welcome back, V.

  14. Like Master Oki Akai said: consensual soft vore. Weird, but hey, it's the internet. Regardless, please keep it consensual! Nothing is hotter than these girls voluntarily doing these things. In fact, that's why I like your work so much!

  15. Great Idea on getting your own site. as far as kinks or fetishes.. more Drow girls.. and maybe a succubus or 3 tossed in for fun. Maybe a Drow girl and a Dryder. maybe have a succubus and some poor little bugger who summoned her and have her be the dominant one.

  16. It’s great to see you back in action again, working on more renders. Despite all the things that happened recently, you’re still doing what you enjoy and what’s more, you’re sharing your passion with your fans. I really must commend you for your resilience. Your perseverance is admirable and shows just how much you care for your project. I’m anxious to see the completed sets you are currently working on. The creature paired with the mercenary is quite a work in his own right. It’s going to be quite interesting to see the positions those two get themselves into during their session. There’s a great potential for some really crazy poses. As for the dark elf, I just have to say, love the red eyes and hair. It’s such a contrast for the darkness of her settings. She’s going to be quite a beauty. Additionally, if it’s not a trick of the lights, do I see tribal tattoos not just on her eyes, but also along her thighs? Oh man…that’s absolutely gorgeous if it’s true. Definitely can’t wait to see her naked.

    As for some fetishes, I’d personally love to see some tentacles in your work. Another idea would be an underwater session, with some kind of fish-type creature. That could make for quite a unique render. The drow sisters, as you mentioned in your post, would be a great pair to make a reappearance. If they were with their mother, in a three-way or orgy scene, that would be incredible. Of course, that might be a bit much, so it would be a long shot. Just throwing out some ideas for my end. What do you think of them?

    P.S. – Just was wondering if you could give an update on the progress of the comic. I’d love to hear how that is coming along. Thank you very much for your renders and your responses.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  17. nipple piercings/slutty attire would be nice.

  18. I'm always up for some tentacle stuff, if that's what you want to do.

    I wish you luck in finding a webhost that won't mind the good stuff :P They exist, just got to look for em.

  19. I don't know if this is just me, but I find ties extremely hot. Maybe do something with an office girl and leave the tie and maybe some clothes on.

  20. You know what I'd like you to render. :P

    And it looks like I'll be moving to Spain! :o

  21. Talking about fetishes ? I'm totally into feet ! :-D

  22. Keep up the great work, V! Here's some feedback:

    Consensual monster sex, handjobs, footjobs, bent-over teasing, cum-drinking, extreme penetration, S&M, etc., are all good things in my book :)

    As for builds, I prefer the typical slender or petite types that most of your work has, but the occasional voluptuous or athletic gal would be welcome as well. I'm a huge fan of fantasy chicks, particularly elves and drow.

    The perfect set for me would probably feature a couple of drow dominatrixes (with traditional white hair -- just my preference!) who tease, torment, and eventually satisfy a male slave/prisoner... and then kill him afterwards >)

  23. @V
    What about some vampire action?
    You were saying something about a vampires long ago ;-)

  24. Glad to see you soldiering onward.

    What about more anal!? You've done some but I've been surprised how few of them have not had not taken it in the back door.
    Always more drow and other elves! :)
    Maybe a demon girl or two.


  25. my fetishs are really tame especially compared to some of these responses and the pictures you have done.

    any girl with short hair, a collar of some type( ties, necklaces, collars etc.) and glasses seem to do it for me.

    your stuff pretty much hits it there with how the males are depicted.

  26. Corruption.
    Like on nun getting raped by a succubus and ends up beeing tuned into a succubus herself

  27. Yes! One more vote for raping @-)

    I think that the terrific alien could be a good rapist.


  28. RedShinobi will always follow you. Wherever you may go, and whatever fetish (except FUTA) you focus on.

  29. hmm...
    lesbian pissing/piss drinking
    weapon masterbation
    female monsters

    I'd love to see some lesbian watersport with a drow and vampire chick for example. :)

  30. I'd love to see some foot fetish stuff from you. :o

  31. My main fetish is girls being smexed by monsters, actually XD

    I also like tentacles, egglaying, birth of monsterchildren from a human female, and monster girls.


  32. No lesbian coming ?

  33. Me I would like to see a Drow (classical one) and a Drider. Haven't seen a classic Drow in a while :)

    Great stuff by the way Vaesark.

  34. Who said you should ASK for fetishes? On the other hand if you want to make the commission, Mr. V would like that.

    Other way - no fetish asking!

  35. Lol. I know for a lot of guys Bukkake seems to be something...appealing. Just a thought.

  36. That merc girl is hawwwt! I hope she has a good time with that alien!

  37. The facial expressions are so sexy !
    You are the best artist I have ever seen ...!
    I just wish you could keep making bestiality ... :(

  38. I'm sorry you've been having such problems with your blogs lately -- and the work you want to do. I personally can't make comments, as I have some freaky fetishes, myself.

    I really like the weird monster you've got there, looks like it will be fun..

    And if you're looking to expand your horizons, you could always try more monster girls... they're not especially scary, just google them up!

    As for something specific, you could try more dramatic angles of larger creatures placing women (or parts of them) in their mouths, burying their muzzles up to their belly and tongue fucking them.

    I never see any anal sex , or beasts with two members playing with girls. I also don't see a lot of cum. (Contrary to popular porno belief, most women usually don't like it all over their face..but the torso is fine..I'm just weird.)

    Forceful mating (not to be confused with rape) mashed against walls, tables, trees or other such positions tends to work well, with the women making ecstasized expressions, messy hair and sweaty bodies might be another avenue you could try. (Or even, attempt to make them scuffed or dirty)

    Lastly, a lot of men and women enjoy female domination of some sort, where the girl is in a position of power and 'has their way' with their male partners. It's even more amusing when the partner is a big tough looking monster fellow.

  39. cant think of any thing specific other then I would like to see more asari as well as other hot alien chicks like them

  40. I love your last one whit alien not ever one can pull off a preg/birth in here art but you can :)
    Hope see more preg/birth art :)

  41. more lesbian stuff and a proper orgy (2 or more girls with a bunch of guys going at them)

  42. I think its good that you stick with your blog instead of posting your stuff on a “free” forum or other art sides. Never understood the whole commotion people are creating. Its just 3D art for crying out loud. Anyway I am glade you found your way and I will keep coming back to check your new posts and, once its up and running, your potential own webside.

    As for my fetish. I like drows. Specific, drow females in calamitous situations. Getting willingly fucked or unwilling raped by Humans,Trolls, Ogres or other monsters. With large insertion, belly distention, throat fucking, through and through, gang bang. I have a specific favor for ends which kill or leave the female participant for certain death but that's not everyone taste and not a total must for me.

    The drows are what brought me to your side. Your Darkest Desire is and will be one of my favored and I even had a friend commissioned with writing a story about it.

  43. A quick search didn't turn up anything for the word hero, so I would like to add my vote for some known heroes to get a bit of a workover. Wonder Woman, Powergirl, the two She-Hulks (maybe more if you want to make another up), the Invisible Woman etc. - would love to see some of them get ganged up and depraved by demonic cock. Mild domination, like handcuffs, leg spreaders or stocks is always good too. One thing that annoys me about most 3d art (besides the profusion of fantasy art, but lack of superheroines) is the fact that the clothes almost always come off - it'd be nice to see some sets where the clothing is only partially removed. Seeing cum drip down Zatanna's face, across her tits and staining her waistcoat and tights would be really hot for instance. Piercings, tattoos and personalised collars are all good, erotic touches too. I think I've driveled on for long enough so I'll leave it at that.

  44. I'm a big fan of Alicia Kin's Ninfa, and have to ask you to see the end of the orgy of both mutants with the exquisite nymph Ila, what is here

    If it can't happen in this blog, I hope that you could publish it in your new site.

    Thank you very much.

  45. Glad to see you continuing with such awesome work. Just so you know Hentaifoundry and Exhentai are both sites where you can host all your material for free and have no restrictions on content. ^_^

  46. Since you asked, I would like to see Ila's story against both ogres finished, because I really believe that it's the most original of your works. That's my fetishe. When you say "the set start as rape" about Yvonnette presentation, I thought that the rape of the nymph could come back.
    Soft rape, kidnaping, tentacles, corruption, futa, forced sex, gang bang, transformations, bukkake, are welcoming, of course.
    Thank you very much for your art.