Saturday, February 18, 2012

Requests, round two.


Don't worry if you didn't posted yours in time, I'll probably do another round someday :3

I'll be posting the finished renders on this very same post :3


for Hydrocity:

for... a bunch of people :3

for HiddenOne:

for Lewis:

for watx and geos omega:

for cantwaitfortera:

for Anonymous:

*note* this is all for now... but I'm considering doing a mini-set(8-12 pics) with this templar and some big demon :3

for Derm:

for Anonymous:

*note* the worm isn't exactly the same, I thought you wouldn't mind :3

for Fangirl #34:

for CyCaDeLiC:

for darknaruto31:

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I didn't had as much time as I wanted to work on this set, hence the lack of different positions and the dull expressions >_< but I think that it turned out good enough to be worth posting. There is stuff that I wanted added, like a second monster, creampie ending/impregnation, etc... but I didn't had time, maybe on the next one :3

20 images 1200x1200px 19 MB
Download: RS