Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yvonnette, paladin of light.

This is the girl for the set where I'll experiment with some of the fetishes that you have suggested. It will most certainly include:
-foot fetish
-tentacles (+All-the-way-through penetration)
-corruption (from elven paladin to succubus, the set start as rape, but at the end, the raped ones are the demons :p)
-Growth/expansion/transformation (as she is turned into a succubus she will become more voluptuous)
-gang bang (the demons will take turns on her, up to 3 fucking her at the same time)
-"soft" rape, (she doesn't have strength to fight back so she gives up all hope)
Maybe I'll include some:
-futa (couple of pics at the end, once she is turned into a succubus)
-bukake & cum overflow (I'm not good at this stuff but, maybe I can convince *ickycrane* to do it.)

An here's the elven paladin Yvonnette (Sanders suggested the name for another girl but I thought that it would fit this one ;p):

I still working on the other sets so... expect updates soon.


  1. first!
    Corruption! Yeeeha!

  2. Glad you liked the name :-)
    She's kinda cute xD
    But Im not sure I understood this... She'll be raped by succubus and then she will turn into one?
    Is that even possible?
    Thumbs up for the foot fetish and gangbang :-P
    If I may suggest the positions when she'll be gangraped...
    Try "Stand and carry", classic "Reverse Cowgirl" or "Cowgirl".
    Thanks and hope to see more soon ;-)

  3. I'm diggin the hair and armor here. Can't wait to see the fetish work.
    I've seen Ickycrane's work, not a TOTAL fan, but for big gooey messes, he does not hold back! XD

  4. Sanders, not exactly... the demons will *love her tenderly* and turn her into a succubus. I think that I'll give a try to those positions :3

  5. Enticing, exciting. Can't wait to see the whole set.

    Are those horned skull things in the wall staring at her? =)

    Vaesark, Great!! :)

  6. You make the best little asses.

  7. I'm looking forward to some of these :)

  8. Would be cool if she ended up pregnant. Preg endings are always welcome.

  9. Really nice.
    The succubus transformation is a great idea.

  10. May I suggest for the early rape shots you have her sad even crying if you know how to do that as it would add to the atmosphere then as she begins to turn the sadness turns into lust.


  11. Really looking forward to all the fetishes save the foot one. Strangely I love a nice pair of boots, but feet do nothing for me. Anyways, really looking forward to seeing how this turns out - both before and after Ickycrane gets his hands on it.

  12. Hey!

    I'm really looking forward to the set, she's absolutely lovely! :)

    'Soft'-Demon-Gangbang-Rape sounds great to me! Though it makes me kinda sad that she'll end up being changed forever. *sob* ;)

    Not a fan of futa, and I hope that you'll decide to leave it out. ;)

    Best wishes,

  13. How comes this has my total endorsement? :D
    Look forward to it!

  14. sounds awesome and i wouldnt mind a preg ending myself

  15. Well, this sounds like just about the best thing ever.

  16. Keep that leg armor on when she's getting fucked :D Very sexy looking.

  17. Amazing, you're getting better and that paladin is HOT!
    Hope to see some future work with girls having bigger breasts than a few of your previous works. not complaining though :p

  18. Hey Vaesark, your stuff is amazing. I was wondering if you could do another set with the "ebony" girl from "Demon and ebony girl". She was hot.

  19. Aussie, I'll try to do a mixture of sad/fear expressions as you suggest, maybe some pain as she gets the first one inside (she's a virgin ;3).

    Tremere, don't worry about the futa, even if it is included it would be just a couple of pics.

    Anon, 'I was wondering if you could do another set with the "ebony" girl from "Demon and ebony girl".'

    hmn... nothing planed for that girl, but I'll do more voluptuous girls in the future ...if that's what you liked about her.

  20. It's been over a year since the last one, but here it is anyway: the updated Vaesark torrent.

    Sorry about the banner image.

  21. You know V...
    You could give her some weapon... a sword for example. I know she won't be fighting them but a paladin without a blade? :-/

  22. The armor is looking great, loving it & her! Really looking forward to the set, especially the all-the-way-through-penetration. <3

  23. oh, shes pretty :x haha, nice work like always :)

  24. What a gorgeous girl! Lovely butt dimples!

    She really needs to meet a bull or a minotaur sometime - preferably while inside a wooden cow.

    But the gangbang sounds great too!

    Great work, as always.

  25. This girl is absolutely perfect. I hope that you could do everything what propose yourself on her.

  26. Tentacles & fura?!?!?! cant wait to see that XD, I love futa!!!! plz i beg u put her to bang another girl when she becomes one!!!!!! on a side note but I think ull find futa with no balls sexier or at least easier transition for those who r not as used to futa...

  27. First of all i want to say that your work is truly art. I appreaciate it since you really know how to create really beautyful girls.
    I am trying to leave some suggestions which are meant as such.

    As a paladin of light i would turn her skin a lil more white/golden looking. She`s very pale even a bit grey what makes me think she might be a breed between Elf and Darkelf. Dunno just a thought.

    As for the rape it might be a good idea to leave as much armor on as needed. It would be a sign of her submission/lust if she would remove these after beeing altered.

    I also would suggest wings for the succubus she`s turned into. Small ones i suppose, not for flight but for show.
    A change in skin color might also be a very good effect of stating out her transformation into a dark beeing.

    As for a weapon i must agree. She should carry sword and shield, at least lying around somewhere on the scene.

    Her armor is awesome, i love the detail and the design of it, even tho i would wish for a bit more detail on her chestpiece.

    Thats it for now, hope i could point out some opinions.


  28. @Anon
    This is not some kind of hentai succubuss, there is enough of that shit already so Im against the wings...
    This is not an ecchi shit so I think its unnecessary. Ofcourse it is up to V to decide...

  29. Hey Vaesark,

    Seems like you’ve begun quite the undertaking for this set. That’s one heck of a list you’re going to put this poor paladin through. With everything you’ve listed, it sounds like she will be pushed to her limits for this. From the amount of fetishes Yvonnette’s got lined up, I’m curious as to how many images are going to be in this set. It’s a little rare of you to go above thirty-five for a single set. But whatever the number, I’m sure this set will be one of the most diverse you’ve ever done.

    Due to her skin and facial features, she almost seems like she could be Aria’s sister, just not as physically gifted. In my opinion, her armor, while interesting in shape, does lack designs, unlike most of the other sets of protective wear your other armored warriors are wearing. I’m curious about this. Is it just because it’s still being designed or because you don’t intend for her to wear it long enough to warrant any fancy details? If you could let me know, I’d appreciate the feedback.

    I can’t wait to see some of the positions she’s forced into during the numerous sexual escapades she’ll be going through. Her facial expressions are going to be downright incredible for this one. I will definitely be awaiting this set with great interest. Whatever happens, I’m sure that Yvonnette is in for one hell of a ride. Thanks again for presenting us with this incredible girl and for all of your renders.

    P.S. The black sparkles on her stockings are a nice touch.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  30. @Sanders

    Of cause this may seem pretty much like a sterotype, so i understand you saying its unnessesary.
    On the other hand tho we are talking about demons, which of cause do feature some physical aspects.
    I dunno if that really straightens up my point, but i am seriously not refering to that so called "echii shit" you mentioned.

    There are pretty much a lot of options to make her transformation pretty decent and i am just suggesting.

    Change of eyes/eyecolor.
    Change of skincolor, patterns & the like.
    Physical changes like claws, wings, extra limbs.
    Glows or tribal/demonic marks on her Body (prolly thue to scars from her beeing raped)

    Its a matter of what kind of a succubus she will become at the end. And of cause thats up to Vaesark.

    Maybe a change in her clothes at the end of the set could also be neat, like her wearing a new set of armor/clothes to mark her transformation complete.

    As for positions i would like to see her really beeing played with when she gets "transformed".
    Your mentioned positions would be more suitable for a submissive type of play.
    But of cause thats my optinion alone, i am looking forward to this either way because it sure will be very interesting and neat to see.

    I like the idea of her beeing transformed into something new.


  31. HU-huu, looking forward to this, Vae.

  32. tentacles (+All-the-way-through penetration) YES!!!...please


    PS: yes I'm a freak and loving every minute of it

  33. All the way through tentacles?

    I approve of this 110%

  34. Cant wait to see her stomach all distended, such a pretty little thing.

  35. @V
    Try to put 2 cocks in her ass or pussy xD

  36. u mean 2 tentacles? in these case not just 2 u can screw her up completly :P

  37. "FreeArtRips", as long as the images on the torrent are intact & with decent quality it's ok, don't worry about the banner.

    Sanders, Sera, yup, I'll put her sword somewhere around the scene to suggest that she fought before surrender.

    SS, about the armor... the tong & breast piece will be removed shortly after the scene starts, it will also be more fancy once she becomes a succubus, I'm thinking about a dark metal texture + some spikes and stuff to make it look more appropriate for a demon girl.

    Sera, the transformation will include some of the things that you are mentioning :3 just wait and you'll see...

    thanks everyone for the comments :3

  38. I just got an idea on the ending i`d like to share:

    She will be raped and thus transformed, so there.
    But well..sometimes you get more then you thought you the end she could easily dominate them and make them her slaves.

    Picure of the deamons that transformed her kneeling to her feet.
    Thats whats kinda on my mind.

    Oh well..its just my imagination.*Smirk*


  39. This is a set I really can not wait for, a couple of the fetishes I'm not a big fan of, but knowing your work, I'll love them nevertheless.

  40. All the image files should be in their original condition. They are even checksummed to ensure they have not been corrupted at any point after I downloaded them.

  41. Dear Vaesark, are not you promising too much?
    This girl is one of your most beautiful creatures, she deserves all those treatments and more.

    I would like to contribute some sketches, specially for the tentacles and soft rape scenes.



  42. Gracias por la paladina

  43. Let me be the lone voice of sanity and request regular lesbianism, rather than Futa? Surely, there are many young girls who admire her heroism, and would be willing and eager to be enslaved by her, if she remained, you know, entirely anatomically a girl.

  44. Great work, the paladin girls is very cute, i can't wait to see her raped :D
    Anyway, i'm glad you will make tentacle rape, but you won't make loli characters? Both of them would be awesome.
    I hope to see more of your art soon, 'cause i love them ;)

  45. I really like her.

  46. Please tell me you haven't abandoned this project, cuz I really like the ideas!!!!