Saturday, July 19, 2014

ola k ase


  1. lol... Nice. Made my morning.

  2. Zombiefyed Donky from Shrek? cO

  3. Really disappointed you had such ultra sexy girls and then I don't know what went on and you made a Jill Valentine that actually doesn't even look atractive at all. It looks like Zafo made her while drunk.

    Please please please scrap that Jill and use one of your new hot girls. If you do that I will buy it - if you don't then I doubt anyone will buy it.

    Thanks just being honest man

  4. @ Anon #2

    I don't know what you're talking about. Without trying to sound like a total fanboy, the face alone is actually one of my favorites that Vaesark has done. The body is a given since we have pretty similar tastes.

    There's definitely a great amount of appeal in each of his characters, and the new Jill's one of my favorites in an already impressive lineup.

  5. Gotta love Anons spewing their crappy opinions. "Why don't you change your art style to suit my whim?!!! Whaaaaa!!!" Seriously WTF?! It's the same style Vaesark has been doing for YEARS. And now some assclown who can't even man up enough to make a fake name wants it changed? Douchebag.

    That being said... Jill + Zombie Horse = WIN!!!

  6. Vaesark do you want paid responses like Mongo Bongo or real hardcore fans feedback? I'm a pretty big fan - have bought several sets.

    Mongo Bongo is so full of shit. One guy here posts a honest response to Vaesark's epic fail and Mongo Bongo rants like a fucking asswipe.

    I love Vaesark's work when it's generally pretty good but hello read all the responses to when he effed up Jill. People all wrote that she looked screwed up. It's the truth. His first version of Jill was at least decent. The new Jill looks disabled. At least Vaesark had the balls to take what people said and he didn't delete them.

    I respect Vaesark because he doesn't pay people to write ten paragraphs fawning and orgasming and praising his work like lunatic fangirls. Mongo Bongo's last set was epic fail and he knows it. 3D sex fans want sex not some fucking dumb shit political soap box shit. What the fuck was that? I can't beleive some people were like "oh this is so great blah blah blah" stupid asswipes are blind and desperate for anything. I don't even comment on Mongo's site anymore because I don't want to look like one of his paid fangirl writters when he does do a great set and yes from time to time he makes a gem.

    Funniest thing about Mongo's epic fail post is that he says you "gotta love crappy anon's spewing their crappy opinions. Why don't you change your art style to suit my whim"

    Hey Mongo you fucking dipshit - people's opinions, styles, and desires are the money they are wanting to give you if you make what the people want. So when you make a shit set and hate one people hating it you are just burning chances to get more cash idiot.

    I agree with the dude being honest with Vaesark. Hell no I wouldn't buy a set with that new disabled looking JIl. The donkey looks sexier than her for fucking Christ's sake. But Vaesark if you make a golden set with one of your hot girls like Ashley "the virgin" then hell yeah I will buy that shit everytime.

    Mongo Bongo just wants everyone to jizz their pants everytime he makes a set or one of his "gang" makes a set. He can't stand honest feedback. Real men take the honest opinions and step up to the challenge and get better.

    Keep doing your thing Vaesark. I'm sure you will make a comeback after this set.

  7. No you didn't make me angry Mongo Bongo. You made me laugh because you are pretty pathetic. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that the new Jill Vaesark made is just as hot and beautiful as his best girls. Do it. You're full of shit if you think that looks like Vasark art. It looks like drunk Zafo made it. Pretty bad shit.

  8. SpideySense, DarkReaper, Baby Bubbles or any other name that you may have used: posting negativity every time I use a drow, alien girl, short haired brunette, etc won't make me use your beloved blonds more often. Deal with it. You don't post at Mongo's site anymore? I'm sure he is devastated to know that.


  9. excited to see this one I dont get to see my favorite genre very often. And ya mr negativity can learn to do his own rendering if he doesnt like it. He probably still lives in his grandma's basement where everything revolves around him. get over yourself cuz you arent anything special.

  10. What are you talking about Vaesark? I swear you are doing some heavy drugs or sniffing glue. That Spideysense is the fucking asswipe fangirl Mongo pays to suck his cock everytime he posts some shit. I saw her fawn all over your bullshit too and blondes suck! Blondes are nitwit pieces of fucking trash you find at walmart. BLondes aren't worth a shit in the bed. You need some dark meat for a good fuck. I much prefer darker skinned brunettes I like asian latino girls best and prefer brunettes like that girl Ashley you made. I would be into this Brunette you made if she didn't look like she was disabled and screwed up. Really you gotta be taking some hard shit because your new Jill looks worse that if Zafo made her drunk while on a bus driving down a road full of pot holes.

    Please put an end to any more bullshit blondes in your sets alright? Too many of those shits around
    Hopefully you will make a comeback from this mess and I request a sexy latino girl next that is a complete slut to take on some Vaesark cocks. And for Christ's sake please lay off the drugs it's ruining your art man.

  11. I dunno, this Jill looks just fine to me. This is an awful lot of words over porn, no matter what one thinks of it. Besides, it's not like you have to get everything that Vaesark does. You're totally allowed to skip stuff if it's not your taste.

  12. "And for Christ's sake please lay off the drugs it's ruining your art man."

    cuz he cares about you as an artist... that's why he faps to elf porn. guy probably spends all his money on strippers cuz he likes them for their personality.

  13. Hey I had a sexy latin girl the other night man she was riding me like a donkey baby doggie style.

    I'm telling you those latino dark skinned girls got hot pussy man. Gets your cock hard as a rock.

    Yeah you guys are all drunk posting that his new Jill looks good. She looks fucking disabled. I would not hit that if she was the last girl at the bar in the middle of the desert.

  14. I'm pretty sure the people posting that Jill looks good is either Vaesark or Mongo just being stupid. Maybe both are doing hard drugs hell if I know.

    It's just sad to see one of my fav artists Vaesark who yeah I like mainly because he makes darker skinned whores who are sluts which I like but he is fucking crashing and burning with this set because the girl looks disabled. Not to mention no boobs and no ass it's bad enough her face looks like shit.

    Hell summer college sucks cock but there are like 20 girls in here now believe it or not. All blondes too jesus christ that sucks.

  15. Since you drunks are up drinking with me got any links to some good porn shit?

    DizzyDills is pretty good. I fucking hate HIbbli cause it's all about one blonde.

    Zafo does do some latino girls which I love but too bad they all look like shit. That guy needs some fucking help and assistance to pick up his game. All his girls look like potateo heads. Yeah?

  16. Should've known this guy was a troll since his first post.

    I probably don't need to say this, but when someone puts their time and effort into a project like this, they do it because they enjoy it. They do what they do, they upload it, and if other people enjoy it, that's great! If not, those that don't can just go somewhere else.

    I take the same stance on game-making. Make a game you'll enjoy playing and, most likely, others will like playing it too.

    tl;dr - Just keep doing what you do Vaesark, please. You're one of my favorite 3D artists on blogspot, but it's your baby, obviously.

    (Trying not to sound like a fanboy: Failed.)

  17. Anyway, I'm excited to see this.

  18. Im excited to see this new set
    if you guys have a problem with V's work go away and make your own its not that hard to get started just time consuming and you can make stuff to your taste which should make up for any lack in quality

    Quit trolling already and before you refute that please realize you are having a trivial asinine argument on a 3d porn blog posting as an anon which is the unwritten definition oft rolling more or less
    thats all ill be saying so dont expect a response to any of your following comments

  19. WTF did i just read? And did V Block all "Comment as Anon?" Good Step. See forward for the two sets :)

    BTW: Im Anon 2 ^^ I was just to lazy to log in. I´m still thinking it looks like donkey from Shrek... but that guy manage to fuck a dragon... i think jill would love it two :)