Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Jill will love this :D


  1. And still you keep us waiting with a rock-hard-boner for not one... for 2 sets with freaking hot girls an giant cocks! Cant wait!
    Still want to see Chtulu fucking an nearly tearing apart this poor girls. =)

  2. I forgot about the Cthulhu set
    also interesting fact Cthulhu is in my browsers built in spell check :)

  3. This wouldn't be out of place on Aradd's site. (The Black Unicorn needs to upgrade his hosting though.)

  4. hey V funny shit! loved the last set you got out keep em coming,,, um no pun intended... ;)

  5. Come on V! Dont keep us waiting =) Any new Spoilers 4 us to sweet up the waiting time?

  6. Off topic but did you see that affect3d is offering up 10k moneyz twards a 3d project pretty sure you could destroy the oppostion on this. Your thoughts?

  7. Austin,

    "secret futa fuck world could be your next project please contact 4 more info wasnt a contest winner tried very hard maybe this idea will get me on the aect3d team i can help

    what benefit does your project bring? unlimited projects as soon as you release 1 you will be starting on the next like when i watched GFS4EVER 1st lol please contact for more info

    why do you think you’ll succeed? i feel like its meant to be not divine destiny is just what i see is cumming next for GFS4EVER i had this idea back b4 u were ever done with GFS4EVER i saw where you were going and this instantly popped in my head on top of all that my idea is SEXY AS HELL"


    "secret futa fuck world"


    I'm intrigued.

  8. Yeah I read that post. Didnt fully comprehend it but I read it. Anyhow was just,thinking that you are basically the best around and I've only had to pay for 3 of your sets. Pretty sure you'd have this one in the bag and 10k is a nice renderfarm upgrade