Saturday, July 5, 2014


Here is the new set, 60 renders this time, featuring Nuala and different types of demons, including hellhounds and a demon-gorilla. Download: ***here***

I've spent some extra time working on the textures of the humanoid demon and the hellhound, check the beast at ***HF***, I'm also thinking that it kinda looks like a zombie dog, it could be a good partner for Jill Valentine, what do you guys think?


  1. Hey Vaesark! Yeah Jill is hot no doubt.Love that idea and would be hot to see your do a brunette. But hey how about that Elf Paladin your hottest girl??? I think it's time you started making a feature story with a feature girl and take over the net. Show people what you got. People identify with a character and you'll explode in the press if you do that. Just give her a name. Say her name is Ariana Aphrodite and everyone will always be searching for Ariana Aphrodite and buying all your awesome stuff and you will be rich and then we will be happy because you can make more art. Yeah Yeah yeah!? What do you say? You like? Okay Hope so. Anyway love this set. One of your best but last week with Elf Paladin was so freakkng omg sexy!

    Also bout time for a slam down rape fest with an innocent human isn't it? Please let the inner demons out Vaesark. The civilian population needs a sexual healing and tension release! Yes!!! Yes!

  2. Hey also dammit!!!! I just got to say I really really like this new girl Nuala. She is really really beautiful. I think overall dammit she is the most beautiful and precious and your Elf Paladin is the sexiest.

    BUTT BUTT hey there is a set you did with a girl named Sheena and the horse AND!!!!

    So right now to me Sheena is your most beautiful and Elf Paladin is your sexiest.

    Nuala is like the Selena Gomez Sheena Taylor Swift and Elf Paladin Katy Perry. You know.

    So I'd really really like to see Sheena VS the zombie dog and then bring in his big brother with a thick red cock WITH TWO KNOTS!!!! yES! One knot for her womb and one knot for her pussy lips! Hell yeah!!

    HOw about that! Huh You like that? I bet you could do it! Yep!! OH yeha!

  3. son of a fucking bitch man!!!! hey!

    I just looked at the Sheena set I have you made with the horse!!! omfg man!!!! Please for the love of the devil and god and aliens whatever you are go take a look at Sheena again and just look at that precious doll face and her sweet mouth open wide in orgasm and fear as that horse rapes her and dominates her womb!!!!

    My god my Lord Vaesark!!! Please bring back Sheena! She's your best!!! omfg im' losing my fucking mind fuadofudsaf h odhhf osfsonbithc!!!
    chrsit fucking sakessss!!! she's too fucking hot!!! fuck your art is so amazing !!! yes!!

    People buy this set! Buy it for fucks sake!!

    Thanks Vaesark!!!! Please please with blood pouring from every pore of my body that is on fire please lord Vaesark make your next set with Sheena and have a massive ground breaking demon hell beast dominate her !!!!!

    Yes will be the greatest of all time! It will even make Mongo Bongo cry in awe!!! yes!

  4. And Hey you reading this right now sending me your thoughts of hate. I have already dominated your mind in the ever realm and make you see but in this realm understand that in reality I am a paragon of light and am kind to all living beings! But demons live in all of us and I harness mine and let them grow and burn in the ever realm and then rip them by their necks back into this reality and use their energy for light in helping others and peace and love!



  5. Wtf did i just read?

  6. hmph. I think he would be even better partner for Jeanette.

  7. Dear Vae, although I don't judge you for wanting to make some buck out of you beautiful work, I would like to suggest that you let us know beforehand which sets are going to be free and which are going to be paid. That way people without money like me won't get their hopes up.

  8. I'm buried in college debt and managed to find enough spare change to ad up to the very cheap 10 dollars to buy this!
    IT'S WORTH IT! amazing work! buy it and feel good you supported this superman's work! Enjoy!

  9. Nuala is hott! She got wut she neds.

  10. @Anonymous
    "Why a tail?"

    bcause she transform into a Succubus in al later set =)

  11. Yeah I forgot when I was looking through this epic set when I saw the tail I was like WTF hell shit damn fuck. My dick went more limp than a dead turtle in a shell drying up.
    Yeah I don't know what that is about. I mean yah if the world was ending I would fuck a dog if that was the only thing left but hell I much prefer a total human perfect specimen innocent girl to have sex with. Obviously.

  12. I would say that the sucubus is a trick to make her more captive of more and more giant daemon digs

  13. love it, loved the tail. would have enjoyed seeing her teasing/stroking some dick with that thing.

    I hope you will do more stuff with the dogs. especially like to see knotting. I would definitely pay for a full set focusing on the bestiality.

    Thanks for the great work

  14. "it kinda looks like a zombie dog, it could be a good partner for Jill Valentine, what do you guys think?"

    Oh god yes PLEASE do this!! Your Jill set was one of the first things I saw from you and I have been a huge fan ever since. It's probably my favorite set from you, but I've always wanted to see her mounted by a zombie dog!!

    That last picture is perfect for a dog to mount her too. I would be so happy if you would make a beast set with that same model! :D