Sunday, June 29, 2014


All the girls from the Cthulhu set are mostly finished but the set itself will take longer, Cthulhu is a bitch to pose with all those tentacles and stuff. Meanwhile I present you Nala, the girl from one (or more) future sets, I'm planing something for her and I want to make it slow and progressive, anyway... look at her, how beautiful and pure:

And some wallpapers too:


  1. Is it too much to hope that the beautiful and pure comment means that she becomes corrupted by sex, physically as well as mentally the way you once thought about doing with a paladin?

  2. If it's pure, maybe the partner should be another pure thing? Say, like a unicorn? Wait, does that count as bestiality, hence not permitted here?

  3. Most beautiful and sexy pure girl you've ever made!

    She is a must to sacrifice to the most brutal and powerful beast cock imaginable to pound her depths and breed her sweet young innocent womb with it's demon beast seed!

    I would love to see a massive bull troll with muscles rippling all down it's huge body with legs larger than a rhino to pound into her with mad lustful fury and arms stronger than the hulk to pin her down and knead her sweet bubble butt ass cheeks while and pin her down while he stretches her young pussy to it's limits with it's cock that would be longer than a horse and thicker than an elephant with a huge dog knot at the base to lock her onto his hardness while he breeds this young sex harlot girl for hours nights and days!!!

    yes yes!!! this is the one! yes!

  4. Hey dark Reaper yeah this girl is hot but wait till you see what Vaesark just made on Mongo Bongo's site. She blows this girl away in terms of beauty and hotness!

    Vaesark your new girl on Mongo Bongo's page is out of this fucking world hot so please consider making a continuing series with her and I only request you make her more innocent so she gets fucked so hard she cries and struggles!!!!! OMFG you are good! Damn fucking good.
    Amazing art!

  5. @Lazy Fuck: Agreed - that's what I'm hoping for as well!

    Come on, Vaesark. Give us a hint ;)

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  7. adam.... stop, just stop.

    Lazy Fuck, Archfiend Malus, yes, there will be some corruption, but mostly is body transformation, from pure elven to succubus.

    Ashley, she reminds you of someone? :b

    HMS, I'm thinking about something similar for the next set, but not a unicorn ;)

    DarkReaper, SpideySense, I'm glad that you liked the girl, and I think that you'll like the set too.
    By the way, use just one name...

  8. Wish you would not put drawed frames round the edges of wallpapers.