Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bestiary: the EMC: Mutant Cleaver

Assets for the ERP/CGset.

The Earth Military Coalition was formed in secret in August 2000, several months after the Arks were detected, in the event that whoever was aboard proved to be hostile and Earth had to defend itself. They fought against the Votan forces in the Pale Wars.

The EMC was officially disbanded in 2031. Many EMC personnel in the Bay Area were subjected to mutations, which combined with their mistrust of outsiders created the near-mindless and viciously territorial Mutants.
Mutant Cleaver:


They always dual-wield. 


  1. Nuts, was hoping you would do a set involving a large Hell Bug, or something else less humanoid.

  2. They always Dual Wield... This fucking guy, hilarious.

  3. hehe ;)

    why not bio-man with Mayor Amanda Rosewater
    Nolan could be a hostage...

    Or the Castithan lady (Ara sister or main Villan) with sth ugly... Hellbug :D ... nope .. Bio-man is still my champion Ulisses loves Castithan :D Drowish...

    PS Thx for driving me around :)
    i have a ride now but pink one and do not know how the hell did i get it ??


  4. The breeding instinct on them must be hellacious...

  5. Anon "Nuts, was hoping you would do a set involving a large Hell Bug, or something else less humanoid."

    There may be room for something like that too.

    Anon, "They always Dual Wield... This fucking guy, hilarious."

    The joke was too easy to resist :D

    L, I have a bio-man in production, I'll show it off on the next update :3

    You get some vehicles from completing some missions.

    Anya, in this particular situation their drive is more obscure, as I said on the previous post this ERP is intended to not be as tenderly-loving as my usual stuff.