Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bestiary: the EMC: Bioman and mutant rifleman

The Biomen were the result of the Bioman project. Commissioned in the year 2000 Von Bach Industries was responsible for much, if not all, of the work done to create them. It took almost 20 years for scientists to perfect the biomen. Human rights groups argued over the moral dilemmas of creating sentient beings. After the end of the Pale Wars Biomen became obsolete and the Earth Republic tried to integrate them into security forces, but their aggressive nature caused problems causing them to become stigmatized by both Humans and Votans. Some of the biomen in the Bay Area became Mutants.

They always carry around big guns, they can do a lot of damage if they get you from the behind.

Mutant riflemen:

There's nothing really special about them, except for the fucked up mouth... they probably have something evil hidden in there...


  1. So I take it you're also trying out the free Defiance weekend? Think ya gonna buy it?

  2. o_O I've been playing since the beta. 186 hours according to steam. Besides that I only played Metro: last Light.

  3. I love the show but am thinking of waiting for the game untill the release some more races like those pale people i forget what their called
    I also got more than enough games to play as it is

  4. "They always carry around big guns,..."
    - yep we can see that on second picture

    "they can do a lot of damage if they get you from the behind."
    - YES YES YES !
    Mayby Ara Shondu could check it with her tight drowish ass ? :D

    I have 1400 EGO :)
    How about making Clan or sth ?


  5. I've been liking your Mutant/Biomen models so far. Have ye any thoughts yet on what you'll be doing with the storyline yet?

  6. Ninjamaster_255, the Castithans, they are certainly the more likely to be the new playable race.
    And I know about gaming, there's never enough time for everything :3

    L, that will depend on the players that join the ERP, if that fails and I do a regular CG set then some Castithan is likely to get some mutant cock ;)

    About the clan... I don't really think that there's a point to have one in this game. It's not really the most social MMO...

    Aeowyn, without going into details: A few chosen arkhunters will receive a special mission by an unknown contractor, 2000 script simply for meeting an agent that will give the details of the mission, the meeting will take place at a hidden location in mount tam. Once there the arkhunters will realize that, for some reason, they are all young females, but then...

  7. Not a bad bit of jaja there. If I didn't mention before, I am volunteering for the ERP. Just remove the space from my name, and tack on to get a hold of me, and I can give you the details on my Ark Hunter.

  8. Cool, but I wont start with the characters yet, I'm still working on the scenarios.