Monday, May 6, 2013


Why am I showing you this? two reasons mostly.

1. So you know the reason why I'm not producing almost no new stuff lately. Since It's release it has swallowed a lot of my free time (109 hours according to Steam).
2. The new ERP will be themed on the defiance universe. I can't give too many details for the moment, I'm still working on it but I can tell you that it will be for 2-4 players and it won't be as dependent on the player's participation as "volunteers" was. Also... it won't be as gentle and tender as my usual stuff ;)

Having played the game or watching the TV show won't be a requirement, but a minimal knowledge of the universe is necessary. At least one or two of the players should be a Castithan or a Irathient.

That said, if you happen to play the game on PC, want to say hello and maybe do some co-op maps and arkfalls I won't stop you, and if you want to participate on the ERP this will increase the chances of getting in :3

It won't start in a while (weeks) so that I have time to work on it and have the scenarios & creatures ready as well as to create the characters for the players. If you are curious feel free to ask anything here.

Worst case scenario: no one is interested: I'll still do a full set... 


  1. How is Defiance treating you? The two friends I know who bought it a while back aren't playing it anymore recently.

    Also catch the TV series?

  2. The main campaign and side-missions are too short for a MMO, but I find the arkfalls and more recently the pvp quite entertaining, also, I find the universe, with the Terra-formed Earth and the alien races very interesting. As for the TV show... I would watch it just for Irisa... cute little thing :3 Although to be honest, the series is too bland and predictable, not exploiting the potential of the universe and it's characters.

  3. I've been playing the PC version as well, perhaps I'll look you up online sometime. Vaesark I assume?

    I've been watching the TV show as well, and while it's not the best show I've seen, it's not the worst either. I like the back story of the world, and the show itself is just interesting-enough that I am enjoying it. The show is young and will hopefully find it's footing soon (and more importantly, I hope they give it the necessary time to do so).

    As far as the ERP is concerned, I'm certainly interested in contributing a few character concepts and ideas. Do you think this RP will take place around the Bay Area and entities, the old St. Louis area, or neither?

  4. *kicks the server*
    Since it seems Blogger didn't post my name/address like it should have the first, it's AeowynEbrath from AIM (not the AIM run by Aldrich Killian, but that other Aim that pretends to be an e-mail service :)

    Edit: Seems to be working now like it should. I'm not sure if it was an AIM or Blogger issue. *shrugs*

  5. Aeowyn, Yup, my main character is "vaesark" but I play on European servers so that may be a problem, if thats the case don't worry, as I said it's not a requirement to get in :3

    My thoughts on the show are similar, kind of ...meh... but with an interesting background.

    The ERP will take place on the bay area, more specifically: Mount Tam, in the ruins of the Tranquility community. (the first area after you finish the tutorial). More details will be provided later, I'm still structuring it.

  6. I'd also be very interested in participating. I didn't really get to jump in on the last one and I kicked myself for it.

  7. Anya, then stay tuned for updates on the following weeks :3

  8. I'm on the US Servers, so no big deal.

    So the Mount Tam area? Thinking of a couple Ark Hunters getting captured by some resourceful EMC Mutants? I definitely could see that. Perhaps they're conducting some breeding experiments to help bolster their numbers?

    Also, for the record, I have completed the main storyline and most sideline missions, so I don't have to worry about any potential spoilers (but I'll be careful of what I post so I don't inadvertently spoil it for others).

  9. Would love to play the game but I don't really have the time for proper gaming sessions anymore, I've got some games I've been intending to play for months. I'd really like to take part though. Do you think the show gives you a decent understanding of the universe?

  10. Aeowyn, yup, mutants ...and biomem, the big blue ones aren't technically mutants.

    Anon, the show is enough, you get to see the alien races and the universe, I'll provide any extra info required.

  11. I've just recently started playing Defiance as well and I'm finding it to be rather enjoyable with a significantly different feel from other MMOs Ive played. Like Aeowyn I'm playing on the US servers however.

    I'm going to give your ERP a look and think about submitting a character for it.

    My character name is Rizartha and for some reason this wont let me post except at anonymous

  12. Anon, for the moment I'm only taking suggestions for some of the extras. They will be used just to provide some background.

    You can email me the character description if you are interested.

    Google accounts (gmail) usually have no problems to log in, by any chance you tried to use an AIM account? they seem to not work well here.

  13. Hmm, let me try it again. If this works it was likely just an internet hick up

  14. it worked, but comments on posts older than 2 weeks have to be manually approved.