Wednesday, January 9, 2013

on-going public ERP

You can see more from these girls on the "girls" tab, you can also see the progress of the game on the ERP "volunteers" tab, but only the participants can post, any other post will be deleted, if you want to comment about something do it here. 


  1. Hmm, are there only two volunteers now, or are you going to pick another?
    I'd really love to be a part of this. =)

  2. Can't wait for this! Thanks again Vaesark!

  3. Looking forward to see how this turns out :)

  4. Ashley looks so cute and adorable, while Kallie has that look cool confidence that I find sexy.

    I really look forward to what you plan on throwing at these girls.

    Also, does this mean that there's only two girls?

  5. hi vaesark just want to make a request. emma watson might do shades of grey hint the charter. she wear a black dress walking down a dark ally.
    a white wear wolf with one blue eye run at her ripping her dress off. 2 pic it wear he slam her on the ground make her take is cock deep thrOAT while he claws her breast.3 pic is wear he doing her doggy stlye biting her shoulder she moans with joy scene's she like it rough in the books ;) 4 pic is lay nude on the ground on her face the front her breast have claw marks on them she holding her belly like she knock up 5 is the back shot of her back the wolf waking away in the back ground a huge claw mark run down her back to hint ur water mark. pic 6 is the wolf holding her id like he know wear she live and a second act is just a day away. thankS

  6. Sanders, Ichigo isn't as muscular as kallie, and doesn't have such a nice ass, but hey, if that is what you like it's ok with me, to each its own :3

    Kate Venus, the 3rd player didn't responded in time. the next one that I contacted responded immediately... to inform me that he was going to be busy for a while and could not participate. So I thought that perhaps it would be better to have just two players. Still, if it is fun I'll do it again so more people can participate.

    Camcan13, O_o hey, you saw email that I've sent you, right?

    Fred Hunter, yes, two this time, more for the next one if it this one is fun :3

  7. This looks very interesting :) looking forward to the game

  8. color me intrigued! Thanks for all your great work Vaesark.

  9. I thought i didn't get one but i went back and checked and it was burried down in there somewhere, my bad entirely >__>

  10. Sign me up for the next one, then? I'm rather interested in doing something like this...

  11. Hey there. I just wanted to say, that I appreciate your work A LOT. Your art is simply breathtaking and I hope that You find as much joy in creating it, as we in watching.

  12. Hello.
    No report with this topic, but RapidShares download no longer available. I've acces denied by uploader.
    I look to diferents forums, and you will turn folders private to public.
    Thank for reading

  13. Wow, I visit this sight all the time because it has by far the best, highest quality creations on it. But this new ERP idea? Freaking brilliant! I'll probably be checking back about every day to see more of it.

    Vaesark: love your work, love your creativity, love how damn good you are at it. It's by far the best in existence.

    Ashley and Kallie: never met either of you, but I love you both. The two of you combined with Vaesark make the best damn trio in history :D

    Keep it up please! :)