Monday, January 28, 2013

ideas and stuff

At 01:48 ... she did what?

Fucking hot blond twins.... 

Not sure on what to do next so; ideas, suggestions and general wicked desires are welcome, 1 condition though... it has to be based on something that happened on a movie/videogame or real life event (like the donkey semen drinker twins)     

Also, the ERP continues so, check it now and then :3


  1. Jeanette Voerman banged by werewolves. The internet lacks good VTMB 3d pr0n. And who could make it better than you? :>

  2. Wow the game ERP tab its excellent, I had no idea you had done so much :-O nice!!

    I will have to think of something for you here, be back later hahaahha

  3. Lara and the t Rex? Possibly your Lara is still available so a fraction of the work is done, technically-sorta-maybe... O.o BTW this is DarkDemon from darksouls site. Lol gonna make a profile for here too since your my favorite dark arts man on the web! What ever it is you choose I'm sure it will be amazing!

  4. Diablo and the Sorceress from Diablo II would be fun to see. (or the Assassin or the Amazon... although the Sorceress is definitely my preference when it comes to the looks of the female characters from that game.)

  5. Vaesark, can you pleeeeeaaaase repost some of your older stuff, I can't find it anywhere, I used to have it too...
    And I think more elves would be nice~

  6. A hot female scientist goes to the polar circle to swim naked with beluga whales and they keep her warm.

  7. Mythbusters, Assassin's Creed, or that redhead from Priest. Keep up the great work V!

  8. The female wizard from diablo three with anything as long as its tool is substancial there are a couple of other cute girls in the game too

  9. As her bf walks in:




  10. P.S.

    Can't go wrong with the classics

  11. hermione granger getting gang bang buy house elfs in the book she piss alot of them off by leave small hand made clothes for the that how they get fire from thier jobs and some pay back is in order
    hint K'rikka and the trolls in the wood

  12. I've been catching up with my past haunts, after a long time without an internet connection, and realized I was missing every CG set since and including:
    gc sets
    Nala and the troll
    Lilu and Nala

    I know you already wrote that you are aware of the fact that those sets aren't downloadable anymore from RS, but since some time has passed, I thought I'd ask how the situation regarding reups is now.

  13. Back in the time of ancient Rome, during the intermission between gladiator bouts, the Romans would sometimes strap down female criminals in a bent over position and let bulls have their way with them. Just sayin

  14. Glory hole extreme bukkake? get icky in on the action? :o

  15. Would love to see some Final Fantasy. Sarah or Lightning with some of the monsters you can get. Whatever you end up doing I'll still enjoy it!

  16. Ever watch the movie The Breakfast Club?

    5 18 year old in school detention on a Saturday, a tough kid, a jock, a brain, a stuck up priss and an emo girl.

    I always thought it be nice to see that priss get banged by the 3 guys. The emo girl can egg the three guys on or manipulate them into banging her her :-P maybe teh emo girl has some bondage equipment in her bag to use ? >-)

  17. Do anime and cartoons count as tv? Because I'd love to see sister Panty & Stocking get gangbanged by some monsters - it would even be completely in character for them, since their characters can be summed up as: sluts. Not to mention Winx Club, Pretty Cure, Green Lantern animated and many others that present interesting oppurtunities.

    If not, then can I suggest that picture you posted of Vicki Blows some time back, tied down to a bed be used as the basis for a set. Maybe her boyfriend ties her down for some kinky fun before a monster knocks him out and has his wicked way with her right there in front of the boyfriend.

  18. Did someone say mythbusters?

    Photoshoot gone wrong. Blobs, babes and Buster!

    As for reuploads, have you tried 4shared or Mediafire? Fast, parallel downloads, and if you zip the .rar and rename it, they won't pick it up as containing adult content. It's what one website I know of does, and it works.

    - G

  19. Long time fan! Really I adore your art partially because of the stories they invoke for what happens after, so I'll suggest some ^^ The monster(s) don't matter though certain monsters fit the themes better.

    Mind break: It doesn't -start- consensual, but halfway through the scene you can see her expression show the end, she's eager and willing to please.

    Corruption/Transformation: Somewhat line the above, ideally with demonic critters. Here, depending on her change of attitude or *ahem* intake, she starts to show physical signs of pupils, horns, perhaps a demon tail and wings. The end result, a succubus...perhaps her corruptors show signs that they're no longer able to give mercy because she won't allow it. The paladin would be ideal for this, though she's gotten quite a bit of a fan following and some may not appreciate her downfall ;>

  20. In Pokemon, there's a gym leader, Elesa, who does fashion modeling when not doing gym leader stuff, and who's primary pokemon is essentially a giant muscular zebra: I think you can figure out where to go from there. It's an electric type, so seeing it give her a few electric shocks would be hot too.

  21. i always wanted to see girls turning into succubus, maybe u could try some sexual defiling then transformation, then some more sexual defiling xD?

  22. Two drow sisters fighting over a large hard troll cock. Maybe one could me that cute short haired and skinny (small chested) drow we've seen. The loser has to eat the sloppy creampie.


  23. I'd suggest some League of Legends actions, since you haven't done a set about it. And since I'm such a sucker for redheads in skimpy outfits (who doesn't?), I'm suggesting these 3 ladies (the classic skins in the listed pages, but some skins are pretty hot)

    Miss Fortune:


    And if you have nothing against loli, this as well:

    This Annie girl has a evil giant Teddy Bear who has quite a taste for cute little girl, like his other cousin.

    As for the monster part, these are some example of in-game grotesque creature with potentially huge penis and/or tentacles xD:


    Giant Spider

    Giant Centipede who breathes fire and acid

    The situation is quite simple, the girls were trying to kill the monsters, but got their table turned, got raped, loved it, and hopefully got impregnated :D . Optionally, it would be cool to see part of their armor intact (any part that doesn't block us from admiring their tits, pubes and bottoms), or a few scratches here and there

    Hope you are inspired by my perverse imagination :D


  24. Btw to get an idea of what is like to get raped by monster in League of Legends, here is a clip

    5 people (just imagine they're girls :D ) being penetrated by torrents of sticky green semen that towers over 10m. xD


  25. Not sure if you're familiar with the Hunger Games, but I would love to see Katniss fucked by the mutts by the Cornucopia (end of first book). I'd love to see some cum inflation too. Just don't make her legs too thin. A body similar to your Aria would be great!

  26. In the movie "Dragon Slayer," the princess willingly goes into the lair to appease the dragon's fury and spare her kingdom. What if, instead of the wyrmlings eating her, they breed her instead. Or the dragon did, and that's where the wyrmlings came from?

  27. Anya, interesting, I have not watched that movie but it certainly sounds... exploitable. I'll try to find it and watch it before deciding.

  28. Me again, I accidentally posted my earlier ideas as comments about "Wizard"

    Here are some more ideas, if you're still taking requests.

    In one of the early Harry Potter movies (I forget which one), Hermione, Harry, and Ron fall into a pit of tentacle-like vines that try to tie the kids up. Hermione figured out how she and the boys could escape, but what if she didn't?

    In Disney's The Little Mermaid, the sea witch turns Ariel from The Little Mermaid into a human. In human form, Ariel still has on her bikini top made from a pair of seashells, but no other clothes, because when you're lower half is a fish you don't need pants or a skirt or underwear. Iirc, the prince only finds her because his big hairy dog found her first.

    In Disney's Gargoyles, Goliath and Eliza are obviously attracted to each other, while Goliath and Demona have obviously mated at least once, since Angela is their daughter. When Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington all try to flirt with Angela, she tells them "I like all three of you."

    In The Princess Diaries, there's a scene where Anne Hathaway's character smears ice cream all over Mandy Moore's character's chest.

    Doesn't Nickelodeon have a series of commercials where they pour slime over almost every celebrity they can? (I'm not sure if it's part of a game show or what.)

  29. Me again, here are some more ideas, if you're still taking requests.

    Professional athletes often dump buckets of ice water or Gatorade over their coaches after winning a game. Do any of the women's teams do that?

    In the movie Carrie, the main character got a bucket of pig's blood dumped all over her. (Maybe use something other than blood.)

    On the TV show Fear Factor, sometimes the contestants would have to lie down in a clear plastic box the size of a coffin (or stand in a clear plastic box slightly smaller than a phone booth) and let the host of the show dump some kind of creatures on them. I think they did it with cockroaches at least once, and slugs at least once, and worms and other creatures too.

    In Jurassic Park, there's a scene where a brontosaurus (or that kind of dinosaur) sneezes on the girl.

    In Greek mythology, the minotaur was born when one of the gods caused the wife of King Minos to fall in love with and mate with a huge white bull.

    The word nymphomaniac is based on the nymphs of Greek mythology--wood sprites and river fairies and other similar types of magical creatures all resembling beautiful young women who are always in the mood for sex, especially with satyrs (half man, half goat).

    Crazymaniscrazy said... Just about any creature from the movie Labyrinth with Jennifer Connely's character

    I especially liked the scene where her character falls down a shaft with walls made of living hands that grab her and form themselves into puppet faces that ask if she wants them to pull her up or send her further down. Maybe she could ask them to do something else.