Saturday, December 29, 2012

Volunteers wanted

Hello everyone, how are you today? getting ready for the new year? will you go to a party? luxurious dinner with the family?  ...but do you ever think of those who are not as fortunate as you? some people will welcome the new year alone , but you can change that! If you are a girl between 18 and 25 years old and would like to spread your leg... spread love among the less fortunate fill this information:

- Name: *your name or nickname*
- Age: *you must be 18-25*
- Height:
- Weight: *no fat girls allowed, for security reasons*
- Body shape: *any details that stand out*
- Breast size:
- Skin color:
- Face shape: *any details that stand out*
- Eyes color:
- Hair style:
- Hair color:
- Makeup: *if wearing any*
- Preferred clothes:  *given the poor conditions of the places that the volunteers will have to visit we will provide you with clothes to avoid getting your own ones dirty. Our selection is wide so we will try our best to provide according to your specifications, but remember that you are volunteering to make people happy so don't ask for boring clothes!  ;) *
- Tell us about yourself: (whats your current job? have you volunteered before? do you have any hobby? anything that you think we may find interesting, put it here)

available slots left:  ***0***


"Da fuck is this all about?" you may be wondering... let me explain: this is a little experiment in a controlled safe space for a erotic role-playing game. 
It works like this:
- Anyone can apply, but a contact email is required to be chosen.
- Fill the information of your girl/avatar as you like (for a modern time scenario) and send it to me (post here or email it to me if you prefer)
- If she is chosen I'll make a 3D version and you will be able to control her during this little adventure. (I'll explain the details before starting)
- I'll make renders of the events as the story goes on. 
- I'll post the renders so that everyone will enjoy the event.

* If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

Note: take your time to think about your character and fill all the information. If it looks like you rushed it I may think that you aren't really interested and choose some other character... And of course, there's a max of 3 players *+me ;)*


  1. Surely your character needs to be 18-25 rather than you yourself, no?

  2. lol of course, if the characters had to be exactly as the people that create them there would be a overload of 20-50yo average looking guys... not exactly what I'm looking for.

  3. I'd love to enter my bard Jillian as an NPC but I don't find myself with much desire for ERP lately...^^;

  4. Kai, don't worry, I think that there will be enough "volunteers" ;D also, a bard wouldn't fit a modern setting o_O

  5. Well she plays the flute, plus she last appeared in an alternate history campaign around the same time as Napoleon she's a werewolf and destined for a long and healthy life (so long as she doesn't get shot or stabbed or anything like that :P) The only other character I could offer as an NPC would be my space cop...or my gothic lolita blonde that has the unfortunate luck to have a twin sister hell-bent on getting into her pants (with frequent success).

  6. Okay, so I can just post here, right?
    Sorry if it's too long/short, I'm an ERP virgin, I've only ever written a few erotic stories in the past.
    I hope it's a good enough application, I look forward wishfully to a reply. ;D

    - Name: Catherine (AKA Kate)
    - Age: 19
    - Height: 5'5
    - Weight: 120 lbs
    - Body shape: Athletic, healthy, slender (Good, worked out legs)
    - Breast size: 32C
    - Skin color: White, slight summer tan
    - Face shape: Slightly gaunt but standoutish facial features, smooth skin and fairly flushed cheeks
    - Eyes color: left eye green/right eye blue
    - Hair style: Shoulder length, wavy hair
    - Hair color: Sandy blonde (occasional highlights sometimes applied)
    - Makeup: thinly applied dark blue eyeliner and mascara
    - Preferred clothes: I usually wear simple, casual clothes, such as denim shorts or jeans with a white tank top, socks and sports shoes. At formal events, I would wear a sleeveless, long dress, perhaps crimson or black with a simple design.
    - Tell us about yourself: Where to start? Well, my favourite hobby is running, I love the feeling that I get from it, and it also keeps me in shape. I also enjoy riding horses. Maybe something about having a big, muscular animal between my legs?
    My mind wanders a lot and I find myself imagining all sorts of... weird scenarios. My biggest wish is to have a spaceship with which I can travel to distant planets, encountering and *socialising* with the species of the galaxy. But since that's unlikely to ever happen, I'm looking for some exciting adventures closer to home.
    I feel that I have quite a dominant personality, but I seem to completely lose that trait when I'm turned on. I become submissive and sometimes even a little masochistic.
    I'm also very open to most things, I'll try almost anything once, and I tend to enjoy a lot of the things I try, so much so that they often become a habit.
    I feel like I've missed out a few things about myself, but I also like questions, so ask away if you wish.

  7. Name: Terra
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 140lbs
    Body shape: slender, somewhat lanky, not exactly fit but definitely not unhealthy built
    Breast Size: 32B
    Skin: Palish white
    Face shape: Definitely feminine, face of a bubbly type personality. Kinda like lilu.
    Hair: Short straight hair worn in numerous different ways
    Hair color: Black. Has Dyed hair in different styles on occasion.
    Makeup: None unless the occasion calls for it (i.e.: Concerts, raves, cosplay, etc)
    Preferred clothes: Skinny Jeans, thermal top underneath band/weird art/humor t-shirts. Is known to go all out when she feels, like full on cybergoth outfits, fuzzy tutus and furry boots for raves, well thought out costumes for conventions and the like, and has a modest amount of fetish outfits she keeps for herself.
    Tell us about yourself: I just like to hang out and do things. I enjoy the company of whoever enjoys mine. I have a healthy sense of adventure and like to dabble in many forms of self expression, particularly painting and dancing.
    As for my sexuality, I don't see the point of being ashamed about the things I'm into. I'm pretty much down to try whatever looks fun, new or different and don't really think much of peoples preconceptions of what is right or wrong on what to do in bed. As for my own behavior in bed, it honestly depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to be the dominant, sometimes I like to be submissive, but I love the most is when the flow of energy between me and my lover (or lovers *wink wink*)is not focused on such trivial labels and we simply are just enjoying eachother's bodies in whatever ways feels right.

    Well that's the gist of me i guess. If you'd like to know more, feel free to ask.

  8. Kai, lol, I'm afraid none of those fit the setting.

    Kate Venus, no experience is required, a kinky mind and imagination is enough. But you forgot the email, send the character description to my email(see my profile) so I can show you sample renders of the character, if it gets chosen of course.

    Camcan13, all the info ok :) I'll send you an email with some questions if Terra is chosen.

    I'll wait a couple of days so that more people get a chance to see the post.

  9. Oh well all I have left are dudes :P

  10. I've sent my application to you via email now. xD
    Sorry about forgetting it.

    May I ask when you plan on choosing the girls?

  11. Will this "little adventure" be something we can all see or is it exclusive for the chosen people? by that I mean the 3D controlling part not the celebration renders I'm so looking forward to.

  12. Kate Venus, I'll wait a couple of days (2-3), not everyone checks the blog daily.

    Anon, "Will this "little adventure" be something we can all see or is it exclusive for the chosen people? by that I mean the 3D controlling part not the celebration renders I'm so looking forward to."

    Everyone will be able to see, but only the players can participate.

    Camcan13, no problem :3

  13. I don't have a google account to sign up, but I'll send you an email. Hope I'm not to late! This would be a ton of fun!

    - Name: *Kallie*
    - Age: *23*
    - Height: 6'1"
    - Weight: 150 (I lift weights)
    - Body shape: I've been working out for some time, which has given me a little more tone than a lot of guys are comfortable with, but I'm not that big, but I'm very athletic, with long arms and legs. My ass is one of my best features, firm and wide, and I tend to flaunt it.
    - Breast size: 26B
    - Skin color: Very fair, heavily freckled on shoulders, chest, arms, and face.
    - Face shape: High forehead, large eyes, slightly crooked bridge of nose(got broken), I have broad lips and I've been told my face is a little wide.
    - Hair style: Buzzed on the sides, cut short on top.
    - Hair color: Orange.
    - Makeup: *not often, but usually dark makeup*
    - Preferred clothes: *As mentioned, I love showing off my ass, so I'll usually wear tight fitting jeans or any form fitting pants. When I'm feeling sexy I'll wear a short skirt. Beyond this, tank tops with pants, long sleeved, but tight shirts with the skirt.*
    - Tell us about yourself: As of current I work for the college I attend. But I absolutely love going to comic-cons of all kinds. My imagination is rabid, and though I love fiction, games, and comics, sleazy is where my imagination shines the most for some reason. I'm always fantasizing about various interesting hook-ups and sexy encounters. Cosplay is one of my favorite hobbies, and I can do an excellent Jack from Mass Effect. Beyond this I'm a fitness nut, and have way more guy friends than girlfriends. I'm Bi-sexual, but honestly guys are just easier to get along with. Sex-wise, one of my favorite things is doing it in costume. Every convention I go to ends very well, and I've done it in a Sailor Moon outfit, Seres Victoria(Hellsing), Yoko Ritona(Gurran Lagaan), and I almost got kicked out just after getting to third base with a convincing Captain America in my Mystique outfit. Lastly, I'm a pleaser, I love knowing my partners are getting off, and that turns me on even more. ORAL, however, is my favorite, both giving and receiving. I can and have before, climaxed with little more than a really hot BJ and some light finger-play.

  14. Not too late at all. I've sent you some questions, check your email :)


  16. I dont meet eny of your cryteria....

  17. adam, relax bro.

    Zafo, lol, this is all fictional characters, they don't need to be based on the people that create them XD
    That said, there's nothing wrong with using yourself as example if you meet the specifications :D

  18. Any hints on the type of "males" will be at the shindig? Large human males? Or something more in the range of monsters......hopefully very big ones.

  19. Name - Ashley
    Age - 18
    Height - 5'5
    Weight - 105 pounds
    Body shape - I'm quite slim and petite. I used to play a lot of sports but I stopped as things became more competitive and the other girls became more aggressive. But I've kept myself in good shape and although I don't look it, there's more to me than meets the eye. My favorite parts of my body are my legs and ass; my legs are long and my ass is small, round, tight and cute.
    Breast size: 32C, very perky.
    Skin Color - Lightly tanned, no tan lines.
    Face shape - Slightly rounded cheeks, deep blue eyes which are large for my face and a small nose.
    Hair Style - I straighten it but it gets messy quite easily. Reaches my shoulder blades when straight.
    Hair Color - Light brown, I've always kind of wanted to dye it but never plucked up the courage.
    Make-up - Not much, sometimes just a bit of pink lipstick and some eyeliner.
    Preferred Clothes - I like to wear skin tight jeans because it shows off my ass even though I know it's naughty, or sometimes I wear short skirts and knee high socks. I usually just wear quite a tight t-shirt but if it's really hot I wear a tank top. I like my shirt to end a little high so that it shows a little bit of my stomach.
    Tell us about yourself - I've just started going to college where I'm studying to be a vet, I love animals! My best friend is my dog Max, he's a Great Dane and he's HUGE! He's been my best friend since I was 10. I didn't have many friends at school because I was very shy. It didn't help that my dad never let me date. My mum left when I was little and my dad has been very protective of me ever since, so I've never had a proper boyfriend (I've never even had sex!) I used to do some volunteer work at the old folks home, I used to get bullied a bit and the old people there were so much nicer than the kids at school. I've never told my dad this but I also liked working there because of the way some of the old guys would look at me, it made me feel so naughty. I've felt a bit suffocated at home and I feel like I've been missing out on a lot of things and now that I'm away from my dad I want to experience new things. I'm nervous but I'm determined to be more adventurous. I've always said to myself, I'll try anything once.

    So that's my character! This is my first time writing on this site but I'm a frequent visitor and Vaesark, let me take the chance to say that I'm a big fan of your work. This looks like a lot of fun and I'd love to be a part of it, I'll send you an e-mail just after I post this.

  20. - Name: Molly
    - Age: 20
    - Height: 1.67m / 5'6"
    - Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs
    - Body shape: Toned; slim and graceful but not muscular.
    - Breast size: 36B – just short of a handful.
    - Skin color: Light, untanned.
    - Face shape: Perky would be the way one would describe it; rounded, heart shaped and soft to the touch.
    - Eyes color: Grey
    - Hair style: Short hair in a pageboy like cut; high at the back but she lets bangs that reach her jawline over her ears.
    - Hair color: Light, ashen blonde.
    - Makeup: None, but might put on lipstick.
    - Preferred clothes: Black and close fitting underlayer is preferred, with a more colorful ensemble on top with which Molly likes to shed and tillitate.
    - Tell us about yourself: My primary hobbies are gaming and writing; I've written a few erotic stories before, and quite a few ERPs between myself and others of common interest.
    - Additional notes: She's very similar to Nala, one of my favorite girls on your site. She's a little heavier set, but its muscle from her 'job' as an entertainer. You have to be able to perform, after all...

    Also, what I think should be included as well: a Writing Sample.

    “Presenting for your pleasure,” Purred the mistress of the show. “Molly.”

    As she strode forward Molly smiled, running fingernails softly through her hair she pulled back stray strands and tucked them behind her ear as she strutted forwards, her other arm hanging loosely at her side.

    She was dressed in a series of tight leathers that carefully concealed enough of her pale skin that it would make men imagine, but at the same time left no questions about her toned muscles. The cloth over tight leather was constantly shifting with each flex of her thighs to expose slices of flesh as she glided on her heels. A calf peeked out as she mounted the stairs, a glimpse of a thigh showed as she turned a corner: each step was a striptease in miniature, each swing of her leg a small seduction, each breath a tempting whisper as she slowly rose up the stairs and onto the middle of the stage.

    Molly lifted her arms above her head, fingertips meeting, steepling as she let the cloth draped over her shoulders fall, exposing a tight black corset that contrasted with her pale flesh and little else but matching string-and-sole heels. A trickle of her anticipation ran down her leg. It was to smell a scream of lust in hearing.

    She watched her enraptured audience, and her face split with a hungry smile as the wolfmen circled, the ogres grin and reach out and the trolls stroked themselves to full attention.

    Let the show begin.

  21. Oh almost forgot: you can contact me at

  22. Needless to say, all three "girls" will be dudes pretending to be girls. I mean, why da hell would girls visit this site? There ain't no hot men or anything.

  23. Women visit sites like these because some of us are just as freaky as men. What? Do you really think all women only want gorgeous men? Men get off on monstergirls, aliens, and demons, so why can't I? I don't care how pretty you are, if a fat man walks up beside you with a fourteen inch cock and four testicles, you'd be going home alone.

    So for the sake of entertainment, I'm asking you to stop being cynical and just enjoy the event Vaesark's been kind enough to provide.

  24. Before i get to my character submission i have 1 or 2 questions and comments. I just found your site and really love the 3d art, I also love the art you have on xxxelfxxx. Is the art on deviantart are and planetsuzy also on this site.

    Contact information:

    I have never been part of an EPR and even if I don’t get picked that’s ok but what are some good sites if I wanted to join a EPR

    -Name: Ruby
    -Height:5 feet 1 inch
    -Weight:90 lbs.
    -Body shape: I am very petit and very slender. My ass is small and perky. I have thin hips and nice legs from my time on the track team.
    -Breast size: C cup
    -Skin color: my skin is light and covered in feckless because of my Irish background I burn easily bit my skin matches my hair.
    -Face shape: My face is more cute than beautiful, I look very young. I also need glasses to see.
    -Eyes color: Blue
    -Hair style: My hair is long and straight it reaches to the middle of my back.
    - Hair color: Deep rich Red
    - Makeup: I look cute without makeup and rarely wear it, I prefer my natural look.
    - Preferred clothes: I wear running shoes and knee-high socks, along with a pair of faded blue jeans and one of various tight fitting t-shirts. My panties are childish, often being colorful with animals on it. My bra matches my panties, colorful and childish.
    -Tell us about yourself: I am a first year university student, studying psychology. I went to an all-girls school and have never had contact with boys and I tried things with a few girls and enjoyed it but I still want a man to make me his. I cannot wait to start dating but I have to find the right guy. So far all the boys I have met are just not interesting. I have never volunteered before today but I am looking forward to it. I love to read. Often I will curl up with a book and a warm blanket and read for hours on end. I also love cross-country running, running is a good way to stay in shape and I can lose myself in the pace and I calm down and relax. I was on my high school’s team but now I only run for fun. I really want to travel but first I need more money. I currently work at a library to earn money for university.

  25. - Name: Zoey Hermio
    - Age: 18
    - Height: 5'6"
    - Weight: 130 lb.
    - Body shape: Normal.
    - Breast size: 34 E
    - Skin color: Tanish
    - Face shape: Euro
    - Eyes color: Brown
    - Hair style: Long Bowl
    - Hair color: Brown
    - Makeup: None
    - Preferred clothes:
    - Tell us about yourself: Well I'm 18 right now in college, I REALLY enjoy creampies. I've had thoughts of getting pregnant and having gang bangs.

    My e-mail is
    You can find pictures of me here:

  26. @72129ab0-5349-11e2-87b1-000bcdcb8a73:

    "I don't care how pretty you are, if a fat man walks up beside you with a fourteen inch cock and four testicles, you'd be going home alone."

    What does that mean? Is this question assuming I'm male or female? If it's assuming I'm male, I'd be going home alone just from the fact "man" part was in that question. I ain't batting for the other team.

    If the question was assuming I'm female (which I'm not), then why the hell would I screw with fat man with four testicles? You are contradicting yourself.

  27. HMS, you have an amazing talent to start absurd arguments for meaningless trifles.

    Maybe they are all guys, so what?
    Maybe there is some girls, so what?

    One of the fundamental aspects of role-playing is that no one is forced to be themselves.
    If thats a problem for you don't comment, and don't derail the post with similar comments.

  28. Ah, sorry. I should have known better than to try and argue against that point, especially on the net. Apologies for diluting your post Vaesark.

  29. I hate to ass kiss but Vaesark, it would mean a lot to me to get that last slot. I really hope my character is up to par but if you really feel that last one should go to someone else, I understand.

  30. Looking forward to getting started on this!

  31. So, its been a week... may I inquire towards who has been chosen?

  32. Fred, so far: "Ashley" and "Kallie", I've sent an email to the last one but he didn't responded yet, if he doesn't get back to me in a few hours I'll pick someone else's character.

  33. Hey, big fan. Just wanted to let you know that when I try to access the Rapidshare files, I get this error: "File owner's public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)"