Saturday, February 18, 2012

Requests, round two.


Don't worry if you didn't posted yours in time, I'll probably do another round someday :3

I'll be posting the finished renders on this very same post :3


for Hydrocity:

for... a bunch of people :3

for HiddenOne:

for Lewis:

for watx and geos omega:

for cantwaitfortera:

for Anonymous:

*note* this is all for now... but I'm considering doing a mini-set(8-12 pics) with this templar and some big demon :3

for Derm:

for Anonymous:

*note* the worm isn't exactly the same, I thought you wouldn't mind :3

for Fangirl #34:

for CyCaDeLiC:

for darknaruto31:


  1. dear vaesark can u do 4 pic with the two girls from ur home page doing the monster from jack66
    here go
    1 pic show them undressing in front of the monster.
    2 has the monster standing while the red head is sucking his two cock while the black hair one his on his shoulder having her pussy being lick.
    3. pic has the monster doing them then red head is getting doggy while the black hair is lying on the red head back get done missionary.
    4 is just them lying on the ground kiss each other with the belly knock up and cover in cum their outfits are lying next two them and the monster is walking away in the back ground.

  2. Awesome to hear, the requests & their sets have been really great so far, thanks to you!

    I'd kindly ask for a continuation of the request done with Tifa, this time with a suitable partner for her 'needs'. Maybe a Red-like creature not falling in the forbidden beast category doing her doggystyle and ending with a knocked up Tifa - or a hermaphrodite/even more female looking version of Kuja from FF9 for a clash of FF series characters, doing Tifa in a lifted/standing position with her legs wrapped around his legs and the same outcome as with Red.

    Even if you won't do this, thanks for the consideration! I'm pretty sure the request run will be as great as last time. :)

  3. Could I get a...

    * cute-as-button short teenage-type elf (five feet tall, thereabouts); busty, not flat -- basically, breasts that are a bit more than a handful, but not overflowing, and with some hips and nice round bum ;)
    * with brown skin and fiery red hair (done like Rikku's in Final Fantasy X-2, with free hair and braids), yellow irises
    * with light blue (glowing) spiral pattern tattoos on her skin, all over; Pictish influence in style would be awesome.
    * in general, the spirit of the composition should be a "passionate, feral elf"

    What she should be doing:

    Ummm, tentacles are my favorite, so if she can get violated by (multiples of!) them (at the same time!), sweet! I think it should be a consentual encounter, but it can be extreme/painful despite it, that's okay, the elfy can take them all, but making it really show she's into it and she wants them all into her body as deep as they can go would be a nice change of pace from usual tentacle porn.

    If for some reason tentacles can't be done, anything and everything else goes, but keeping the spirit of embracing perversity willingly is ideal. She wants them, and she wants them to do her now, hard.

    Also, I would enjoy a very explicit viewpoint, such as penetration; as a real life girl, that's one of the angles I really don't get to see while having sex, so it is kind of "kinky".

    Cum-inflation would rock my socks, and if in the end you can have her cuddle whatever violated her while happily still full and dripping, I'm going to declare you as my personal savior and god. ;)

    I can even write a story for you about it if you like!

  4. Hooray!!! Hey Vaesark, could you do one or two pics of a girl going at it with that freaky alien worm? You used that one in one of your earlier sets. That was pretty awesome. Whichever girl you'd like! As long as she appears to really be enjoying it...

  5. no request here, i just wanted to post that i love your work, and it's been great to see you improve more and more with time.

    that 'no bestiality' rule makes me laugh. what if you modeled a dog, gave it glowing eyes and said 'it is totally not a dog but a demon or a hellhound or some mythological creature?'

  6. First off wanted to add my own two cents of praise for your work; definitely a fan.

    If you are doing SWOTR themes I was hoping you could find time to work a Bounty Hunter (Blue eyes, red hair at ponytail length, small facial scar on the cheek as an accent, some state of undress with regards to armor) into your "taking requests" rotation.

    For a theme I'm not too particular, though I was hoping for against the wall of a ship's coorridor with her soon-to-be "Bounty". Or perhaps she already froze him on the wall in carbonite...

    An update of the lovely Sarah would also make my week.


  7. As a LOTR fan, I would love to see a slender elf-maiden ravished by a Warg-riding Orc, with the elf taking on both the Warg and the Orc, of course. Belly distortion is always a plus!


  8. anything with plug suits. like tight fitting stuff. titsex with the suit still on.

  9. Hello, greetings to you, Vaesark !

    I would really like to see more picture of K'rikka, the goblin girl !

    Why not a pic of the goblin chick giving birth to a monster kid ? After being abused by its "father" of course ! ;)

    Friendly yours.

  10. I would love to see that dark elf from Insatiable or Siari from Siari's Tale really deep throating some thick/big cocked troll or other monster. I'm talking deep enough that they stick their tongue out and they're licking the monsters balls deep throated.


    PS: Something big like one of these

  11. Hmmm...How about Heather Poe, from the V:tM game Bloodlines, slinking out of that blue cami/black panties ensemble...with the french maid you posted recently getting a taste of her sweet sweet neck...


  12. How about a sneak preview of Yvonette, the paladin-turned-demon you started months ago?

    Or as far as new stuff, how about tentacles and a girl as close to loli as you're comfortable getting?

  13. Tifa hammered by any GOW villain

    many thanks

  14. I have always wanted you to do a Hell Gate London Templar, I remember you mentioned it a LONG time ago. I have been a long standing fan and would die happy if you went through with this :D

  15. Can you make a little tribute to Tihanna, a character from 3D erotic art's blog? Add some tongueplay, or have her get fucked while she's stuck in a pillory.

    Realy cool that you're doing requests again

  16. a beautiful innocent looking blond angel having sex with the devil. The devil should not be something twice her size with a dick larger than the woman he fucks, but but a 'regular' couple hawing passionate sex. Thanks.

  17. darknaruto31, done :3

    CyCaDeLiC, working on it, although my "red" is just a orange werewolf with punk hair lol

    Fangirl #34, *noted*

    Anon, "that 'no bestiality' rule makes me laugh. what if you modeled a dog, gave it glowing eyes and said 'it is totally not a dog but a demon or a hellhound or some mythological creature?'"
    It's stupid... I know, but there isn't much I can do about it :/
    mythological creatures? it could work... but it's a little bit risky if their shape is 100% like the animal and I only change the textures >_>

    The dreaming golem, birth is risky stuff :/ but I would do more hardcore with K'rikka, including some renders of her pregnant, but since it's Malcanthet's character I would prefer to hear her opinion.

    Derm, *noted*

    Anon, "I have always wanted you to do a Hell Gate London Templar, I remember you mentioned it a LONG time ago. I have been a long standing fan and would die happy if you went through with this :D" *noted*

    cantwaitfortera, *noted*

    demon, *noted*

    ..and by *noted* I mean that I'm considering it, not 100% guaranteed :3

  18. "The dreaming golem, birth is risky stuff :/ but I would do more hardcore with K'rikka, including some renders of her pregnant, but since it's Malcanthet's character I would prefer to hear her opinion."

    Oh, I didn't know that K'rikka belongs to Malcanthet. My apologies.
    Well, if she agrees to let you use the goblin girl, I would really enjoy to see K'rikka being pregnant.
    And if Malcanthet doesn't desire K'rikka to be used, then it's alright too. I would just be a little disappointed though. :/

    Friendly yours,

    —the dreaming golem.

  19. Well, ok then, if it's alright I'd like to make a little request as well. Remember that girl you made for 'geos omega' in your first round of requests?

    I really liked the way this particular character turned out, and it would be nice to have a small set with her, having sex with one of your monsters (with the the usual belly bulge)and then getting knocked up at the end. You know, the usual stuff I like so much.

    Eagerly waiting your response. :D

  20. Hey mate!
    I really like Arby's idea, if I culd find a Warg, I'd make it myself. But I'm happy to see whatever you come up with!
    I'm playing SWTOR myself and I'm still not sure of my overall opinion of the game, why aren't you renewing your subscription?

  21. could You do a long red haired Chick Playing with another Shorter red haired chick, Both of them smallish breasted, Looking like twins, playing with some sort of dildo or something; Positions being 1) doggy, 2) Cowgirl, and any others you like to do yourself

  22. A ratgirl, dangerously ratty in appearance, but feminine, and a nice male human.

  23. great news on the requests, V! thanks from all us fans!
    my request is obvious and simple; i would like a continuation of the tifa/red idea i gave you last time, please, please, please! and thank you
    cant get enough!

  24. ...hopefully this isn't a double post. Some strangeness happened last time I tried. If it is, I apologize.

    I'm amazed and happy that you're doing this again, Vaesark! The last time a lot of great work came out of the requests. Hopefully you'll consider mine again.

    I'd like to have something of a continuation of the last request I had; I am truly enamored of your drow matron, she's just beautiful. If you could, I'd like to see her - already quite heavily pregnant - having sex with two orcs or other such creatures, the bigger the balls on them the better.

    If one picture has her riding one reverse-cowgirl style while sucking the other, I'd consider it a super-bonus!

    Thanks again for sharing and offering this! :D

  25. K'rikka violated by dragon or horse. That's my fantasy ;)

  26. Would love to see your Goblin goddess reverse cowboy a young dragon. Or if that is too much of a size desparity, your fair skinned wood elf reverse cowboying said dragon.

  27. thank u vaesark
    mozart,da vinci,beethoven, have nothing on you. u are the best their ever was truly u are a gift man long live vaesark hip hip horay.

  28. get you do the French maid with some white dude hellsback ty

  29. hey vaesark can i ask again now that u done mine or is one the limit
    i don't want to offend u or any else

  30. I'd love to see any SWTOR themed content while it still holds your interest, even if it's just a couple pics. As for what, how about some Mirialan jedi getting slutty, perhaps with a little apprentice/master style action? Or how about a Rattataki sith getting pounded by Khem Val? :)

    Why are you quitting SWTOR, if you don't mind me asking? I'm loving it so far, although I admit there are some weaknesses to it that seem to bother some people more than others.

  31. I'd say a remake of the blonde elf from your very first set with the troll. Or the blonde elfy from the unicorn set (which btw was one of my all time favorites and got me into this myself!). You haven't done a blonde set in forever. As for partner(s), how about the Creeper or Nybras? You haven't used either for quite awhile.

    And what hair did you use for RedXIII?

  32. Holy mother of god.

    Taking the first post and the last post (before mine), in less than 12 hrs since the first post, there have been 31 comments. That's nuts. I'm not sure if you should be envied for your popularity, or you should be pitied for getting floods of comments in such short period of time, Vaesark.

    Anyways, here's my request:

    I just want to see the girl from "The Ogre" set and have her pose in some natural environment (so no partners or anything).

    1. Her taking a shower in some forest meadow from water fall (that means the background art is very important). Her feet should be in the water, and maybe she is washing her hair, unaware of the camera focusing on her from her front/side view.

    2. Her having a sun bathe on a field of short flowers. She has her eyes closed (maybe a little smile from relaxation), and she has her arms and legs slightly spread apart. I'll leave the camera angle to you for this one.

  33. Sorry for the double comments, but for my above request, she should be completely naked for both pics.

  34. Your French Maid and Random Redhead renders suggest - tie pulling/strangling. I request two girls, both wearing ties choking each other by pulling on said ties.

    Also doing each other while taking turns being done and/or strangled by a hideous clown monster.

    Is that too many pics?

  35. The drow from the insasible set please and have her be fucked by something big enough that she looks like she feels it like the asari chicks or sairi the elf did

  36. Lol, once more with feeling?

    Well if you're at it again and willing I'd like to request something involving your Asri women and a good old fashioned cum facial :P

  37. Thanks, take your time; I understand if my request is too time-intensive and you have to scrap it because of it, since... well, it is. I'll just enjoy what you've done so far, 'cause it is all good. :)

  38. Hey vaesark, may as well make my request again!

    I'd love to see a character from league of legends, Ahri Sona and Riven being my personal favorite.

    as per the content im not too picky I do enjoy just vanilla human males but if you feel the need to use a werewolf or something I won't complain, Id love to see a POV blowjob and a cumshot other then that whatever strikes your fancy, thanks again!

  39. Could you do some Gangbang pictures using the girl from Lustful vampire? (Don't know if she had a name) Maybe some Dp pics that show off her ass, while she is sucking a cock? Up to you, I would just like to see more of her getting gangbanged.

  40. I requested this before, but I'll request it again: I'd like to see a small set featuring Draenei/Tauren sex. While a one-on-one session would be fine by me (in the usual oral/vaginal sex positions), a possible three-way with two Draenei and/or two Tauren would also be a possibility, preferably the former. A possible idea for the threesome set could be a POV shot of the two Draenei sucking/licking the viewer's Tauren cock.

  41. Vaesark,

    Thank you for opening the requests again - to date they've been most entertaining and fun!

    I'm requesting a continuation of your solvery armor-plated Drow meeting a werewolf. Perhaps this time, its a pack of them?

    Another option, your white-skinned paladin elf coming onto an unfortunate scene with a ferocious weretiger.

    Sincerely, your fan:

  42. how about Horo from spice and wolf with any monster ??? :D :D

  43. @ darknaruto31
    You still don't have enough?!
    Let other people have their chance...
    I see you've started new season for requests yesterday ;-)
    Glad to hear it really, perhaps this time I will have better chance than last time. Since dark elf assassin was in your latest set Im not gonna ask for her this time.
    This time I would like to see some pure lesbian action with kissing, footfetish or foot and neck licking, stockings and maybe pressing feets agains the boobs xD
    As for the girls I let you decide but I want you to know that Im very fond of your drow, human, elven and short haired girls :-)
    Hope it's not too much :-)

  44. "3. pic has the monster doing them then red head is getting doggy while the black hair is lying on the red head back get done missionary."

    What an awesome idea darknaruto31, and great to see pics of it.

    My idea would be to see a feminine-looking sex android in a threesome with a male and female. It would be a hermaphrodite, capable of pleasuring both genders, so it could be banging the female while the male was banging it (or maybe giving the male a bj). Wouldn't really matter what position or who/what the male and female were, but if the female could be a catgirl that would be a bonus.

    Ace stuff as always.

  45. Oh, wow...I'm speechless, don't mind "Red's" look at all, it came out really hot! Thanks so much for doing my request! :)

  46. Hi
    Vaesark i like your work,
    your drows are very beautiful

    If you has time,i would want that you made(In the order rather):

    1)fran, jote, mjrn or another viera (final fantasy XII)
    2)hallibel (bleach)
    3)ahsoka tano or togruta (star wars)
    4)lulu (final fantasy X)

    solo girl,with dildo, with a human,four together :) or another monster (orc,demon, seeq, bangaa, hollow,...)
    like you want! ;)

    Thanking you in advance

  47. I was hoping you would be able to do a set with Aria. What I want is anal with a huge cum load. So much that she has to vomit out a stream of seamen. Maybe some stomach deformation right before she throws up. If this is too messed up or difficult I will understand.
    Either way I love your artwork and look forward to seeing more.

  48. I'd like to request a set with a futa Red She-Hulk fucking the original, green She-Hulk. Both should be large (7 or 8 feet tall), with a wee bit of muscle. Shulkie would be green everything. Skin, hair, eyes, lips, the works. Much the same for Rulkie, but red, except for black hair with red streaks. Have Rulkie with two huge cocks if at all possible. Green should be wearing a mainly white leoatard, with purple piping, purple gloves and white runners with a large platform heel. Very thick, cock sucking lips too. Red should be wearing all black. Either a skimpier, sluttier leotard, or boobtube and thong combo, with black hooker boots.

    The first shot should be them fighting, with Rulkie having the winning punch. Second would then be Red She-Hulk pushing Green She-Hulk to the ground by the head, with Green's ass up in the air and Red jerking off one of her cocks. Third would be penetration, with Green biting her lip to stop the scream of pleasure. Fourth then would be the cumshot, Green eagerly taking a huge load across her face. If more could be done, a fifth of Red holding Green up as Green takes both cocks with her legs wrapped around Red's waist would be good, with a sixth and final shot of the two lying down and kissing, with Green snowballing Red.

    Alternately, a set with Wonder Woman wearing a slutty version of her regular outfit and taking money for sex would be fantastic. Have Diana wearing hooker boots with a large platform, a tiny thong with a star on the front and a slutty red bustier that shoves her tits out along with fingerless, long gloves. The kind with just the ring covering one finger, if you know what I mean. No idea what they're called. First picture is Diana teasing an imaginary viewer, shoving, leaning forward, shoving her tits out and licking her lips. Second is her taking money from two monsters, much taller and stockier than she is, say werewolves. Third is Diana on her knees blowing them both. Fourth is Diana hung between them, the guy in front grabbing her arms by the wrist, the guy behind her grabbing her legs by the heel of her shoes and both fucking her roughly. Fifth shot is of Diana unconscious and hung between the two of them face down, getting spitroasted. Her arms and legs dangle limply between them as the guy behind holds her waist and fucks her and the guy in front grabs her head and uses her throat. Last shot is of Diana on the ground, covered in cum.

    Stomach/throat expansion welcome in both, but no preggo ending please. I have a bit of a thing for superheroines if you couldn't tell :p

  49. hmnn I think I have enough for a while :3

    Requests below this line will be ignored

  50. well i would like to thank u again for my set it was better then i was expecting vaesark u are a great man and u made my year thank u very much
    a fan for life :3

  51. Oh my, I'm too late. Ahaha :) But I already got one, ayyup. I like your request lines, always.

    And these short and sweet posts are magnificent, it lets you stretch out your creative muscles and do many different things.

    Lemme know when you'll fill K'rikka's lovely mouth with dick, cum, or otherwise phallically endowed creatures. (You know, like tentacles)

  52. watx, *noted*

    Muddy, I couldn't find a good warg model for myself either >_>
    About swtor: many little details that pissed me off and made me lose interest on the game.

    Lewis Stockton, twins = incest = infringing content policies = deleted blog
    It's absurd, I know, but I don't make the rules >_>

    Anon, "a nice male human." you are in the wrong place bro XD

    HiddenOne, *noted*

    Thindu, Booyah999, *noted (the dragon thing)* we'll see what Malcanthet thinks.

    darknaruto31, you are welcome, but no more requests :3

    MongoBongo, hmnn... "demon" has requested something similar. About the hair: its dynamic generated hair, made with the built-in carrara tools.

    HMS, *noted* but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do a good looking waterfall... :/

    Hydrocity, *noted*

    eternalbind, *noted*

    BeeGee, *noted*

    EvilEtna, *noted*

    Sanders, eeeeeeeeerrrr...kissing, footfetish, foot and neck licking, stockings, that's all fine with me, but simple lesbian sex is boring for me I'm afraid.

    Cheetiot, it could be... if the male was the kind of males that I use, otherwise: boring for me >_>

    CyCaDeLiC, you are welcome :3

    Pharaune, *noted* ...there was quite a good amount of requests for more Aria previously but I didn't do any of them so... I'll probably do this one :3

    Malcanthet, it seems that your K'rikka is very popular :3
    Are you ok with the requests for her? *dragon+cowgirl+pregnant ending*

  53. I did say Looking like twins, They dont have to be, Could just be two red heads,

  54. @V
    Does that mean that you're not gonna render my request? :-(

  55. hey vaesark i see u can't post some of ur old art on ur sight and u have alot of fan request for pic that will close ur blog so i know of a great place were u can upload ur work beside believe it or not its a better sight were the have a huge 3d art section its
    just check it out in ur free time
    maybe a offload sight for work u can't post ;)
    as always it up to u bye

  56. Lewis Stockton, oh ok, but there's still one element missing from the equation to pick my interest :3 I'll give you a clue: Read the welcome message on the blog main page.

    Sanders, unless you introduce a male partner there's no interest for me on it. There are thousands of websites dedicated exclusively to lesbian porn...

    Anon, deviantArt doesn't allow hardcore content and e-hentai is not a good place for individuals to share their work.

  57. How about with a Dragon, as I saw one of your past pics with one.

  58. a dragon is fine too :D

    I'll add your request to the list :3

  59. Thank you :) hope you dont mind me putting the ones you do for me onto my website and such :D

  60. @V
    I will think about a partner then :-)
    Does dinosaur count?

  61. Lewis, slow down XD there are other requests first. But once they are done you can post the wherever you want.

    Sanders, ung... how about something else, name 2 or 3 that you like and I'll pic one :3

  62. I know, I never said anything about rushing, I was only asking, Once you have done it can I put it on my website :S

  63. Yeah that works. She looks awesome and I love how it looks like she can barely handle the big member. THANK YOU!


  64. Glad to see you keeping this going! You're the first artist I've seen do this. Really nice of you to do this without being paid. I guess it's kind of a symbiotic relationship. We have ideas that can help you, and you bring them to life! We get to see exactly (or almost exactly) what we want and you get inspiration.

    @Watx: Glad to see others like her as much as I do. I can't believe there hasn't been more done with her.

  65. Oh my goodness! You rock!

  66. I don't mind that at all, Vaesark! I don't mind making her pregnant. :)

  67. I think that it is not for my request. :(

    what a pity

  68. Thanks so much!

  69. HAHA! YES! #winning

  70. I don't mind any of the request made, presently, fyi. Just to avoid confusion!

  71. Simply amazing! You never cease to amaze me! Also really the creature you choose for her. I was thinking a regular troll would be okay, but this is just so much better!

    And I'm glad to see Geos Omega enjoyed it as well.

  72. This is not a request, but i'm just popping in to say that your work is awesome! I got one question about your werewolf, errr..."parts" Is that the danedong that was available a long time ago? If not, what is it and where can i find the part and it's pink textures? I'm learning poser/daz3d, and a werewolf doing a girl with a human bit just looks silly.

  73. @V
    I was just trying to think of something rare and original, because you've already done dragons, ghuls, trolls, werewolfs, aliens, fat ugly humans itp... I just can't think of something cool...

  74. Hell fucking yes! I might as well make some more requests then! Some are new and some are repeats ^_^

    1) Leliana or Morrigan with the Darkspawn Childer Grubs from Dragon Age Awakenings

    2)I'd love to see any girl with any of the horrifying grotesque monsters from the recent "The Thing" prequel.

    3) In the Witcher 2, a troll male falls in love with Triss Merigold briefly while he keeps her prisoner. I'd love to see what would have happened if she didn't escape!

    4) I'd love to see a bunch of really adorable/cutesy looking monsters having their way with some unsuspecting babysitter or cheerleader type (any woman would work though)

    5) Ellie from Dead Space 2 getting pounded by one or more necromorphs.

    6) Anything with more black women ^_^

    There's my current batch of requests. Thank you so much for being so awesome to your fans Vaesark!!!

  75. Derm, you are welcome, I had to "tweak" her mouth to... accommodate the whole thing lol

    geos omega, I'm glad you liked the renders :3 I'm starting to like this character too, maybe I'll do something more with her on the next round.

    Malcanthet, K'rikka is the next one on the list :3

    azazel, nope, sorry, you would have increased your chances if you focused on only one request. Try again on the next round :3

    cantwaitfortera, you are welcome :3

    watx, it's because of the horsecock, isn't it? ;D

    black_howler, it was a freebie shared by a kind anonymous on the anonib boards, the old tread doesn't exist anymore, but I still have the files if you want them.

    Sanders, what do you think this creature: * the worgaan*, I bought it a while ago and was waiting for a chance to use it. If you could choose any of my girls to be mounted by this creature... who would she be?

    Crazymaniscrazy, you are a little bit too late, but you can repost them the next time :3

  76. @V
    I don't know yet.. It would be so much simplier if your "Girls" section would be finally complete with photo of each, general info, what she's like and what she likes xD It would be easier to pick one or two that way ;-)
    Do you even still working on it?
    And as I stated in my request I would like to be two girls with at least 1 or 2 pure lesbian pics, would that be okay for you?ctier

  77. I usually love your art, but lately there's been one fairly common theme that I'm not a fan of. Pregnancy/Inflation. I know I'm just one person and that there's lots of others who like that fetish, but could you maybe do two sets of final pictures, one for the pregnant fetishists, and one for people like me who don't like it?

  78. Oh my. I absolutely love this recent one for Lewis, Vae.

  79. Sanders, I'm not working on it at the moment, but it was not intended to include all girls, just the ones from the comic. Take your time to check the girls on the blog and, the next round throw in your request :3

    Lewis, you are welcome.

    Jenneke, O_o it sounds like if it caused you physical pain to see them... if you don't like it... just don't look at it >_>

    Malcanthet, good, the dragon for K'rikka is the same one :3

  80. Can I ask what program you use to do these and If Possible, Can i have the files what you used for the image of mine, I'd love to have a mess around with them :D

  81. Lewis, the program is Carrara8Pro, but I can't share the files, I have the right to use them, but not to share them :/

  82. Awww nuts, I see that now ^_^

    Ah well, great sets regardless Vaesark. Looking forward to the next round!

  83. Vaesark,

    Thank you for the time and the effort towards both my requests, and everyone else's. A while back I remember you getting upset at "the haters" getting on your nerves, and you came back with a vengeance. Sharing your work with us, paring it with our ideas is really heartening, and I'm glad you stuck around. Thank you again! :D

    And now a question; is it possible for you to add the tattoos you placed on Fangirl #34's body to other girls? Do you have other tattoo "styles" (I'm assuming yes, looking at K'rikka)? They look really neat!

    Be well,

  84. Ooohh, I really love the Dark Elf's face, and her eyes especially. She looks so unique in comparison to many of your girls! She's quite seductive.

  85. He he he. Awesome, she makes that dragon look so small, though :)

  86. Yeah i'd be very interested in getting those files. Send them to or let me know where you upload them to. Much appreciated :)

  87. Hello Vaesark !
    Thank you so much for the K'rikka pictures with the dragon !

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    Keep up the good work ! ;)

    Friendly yours,

    —the dreaming golem.

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