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I didn't had as much time as I wanted to work on this set, hence the lack of different positions and the dull expressions >_< but I think that it turned out good enough to be worth posting. There is stuff that I wanted added, like a second monster, creampie ending/impregnation, etc... but I didn't had time, maybe on the next one :3

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Kuroai-chan said...

Very lovely!

Sanders said...

If there are stockings, it's a WIN xD
Seriously, what's up with that chained guy? The same idea as in Vampire set? xD
Shame you couldn't do footjobs and fetish in set but another time maybe...

Sanders said...

Also, who is dark haired one? I dont remember seeing her here before..

iberios said...

these both look like the girls on either side of the main page! is that intentional? i cant tell for sure, cuz we cant get good look at their faces.
the guy chained seems pretty obvious to me, but then i noticed his human ears, so now i wanna know whats up with him being there as well. i assumed he was their elven cuckoled lover, but being human with a little pee pee, im not so sure anymore...any explanation would be appreciated.

Vaesark said...

Kuroai-chan, of course, I usually try to make it look romantic ;3

Sanders, cuckold/NTR fetish :3 google and you'll find lots of stuff.
The girl is a modified version of one of the girls from the requests.

iberios, they are completely different girls. as for the guy... see above.

Jake S said...

This set looks fantastic!

Very erotic combo of two female elves, monster and a teased human male. A second monster would look spectacular but I am sure takes very long time to add.

This set is another very fine addition to the blog.

Sanders said...

I know what these terms means.
I like to read some doujinshi too ;-) How would I know that this human is fiance to one of these elves.You should have chained elf guy instead. It could have been so much easier if you could do dialogue clouds ;-)

CVB said...

Rapidshare keeps saying the links are expired for me...

Alex said...

Vaesark, I hope you never quit. Your work is fantastic. The characters a beautiful, the settings are great, and the ambiance eis always perfect!

Having that said, do you have plans if your site goes down for whatever reason? Like Spike's or Fullytanks? Do you have another site people can find you at?

Anonymous said...

I've waited so long for the Dark Elf Assassin to get another set, thanks Vaesark!

Only thing I wish there was a little more of was more pictures that showed the assassin's face, like in the set with the pig men. Most views of her in this set were either on the side or just the back of her head :( nevertheless, greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Vaesark, could you make a set sometime featuring a girl having sex while her boyfriend/husband is close, but doesn't know that she's having sex? Monsters, humans whatever. The NTR found in most hentai, you know.

Loved this set too! Oral and NTR are my 2 favorite things to see.

Elflord said...

Pues para no haber podido dedicarle mucho tiempo creo que te ha salido redondo. Es uno de los mejores trabajos que te ha salido ultimamente. Felicidades y a seguir asi!!

Anonymous said...

Nice set, always love your work and this is no exception, I do kind of miss your animal stuff but that's understandable, out of curiosity what happened to Yvonnette?


Vaesark said...

Jake S, adding it only takes a few minutes, what takes a lot of time is posing all the figures in a realistic poses that looks good with the lighting and set good camera angles.

Sanders, hmmn true that, maybe I should find a writer to add some text to the stories like in "Inala's tale"

CVB, maybe it's just a temporary issue, (533 downloads in less than 24 hours) check it back tomorrow.
Perhaps I should start checking for alternatives too :/

Alex, thanks ^^
unless some external factor gets in my way I'll probably never stop doing this stuff.
Sadly, the external factor is coming: "this is offensive! it must be banned" "we must ban this. Think of the children!" "Ban this immoral, heretic, evil porn"

US citizens... please... don't fucking vote for Rick Santorum T_T

If the blog gets deleted look for me on DeviantArt, there's a link on the right column of the blog.

Anon, "could you make a set sometime featuring a girl having sex while her boyfriend/husband is close, but doesn't know that she's having sex?"
I don't know, I actually prefer it when he is watching it (fully erected) but can't do anything about it.

Elflord, gracias, aunque seguro que se nota que he repetido muchas poses cambiando solamente el ángulo de la cámara >_>

Aussie, Yvonnette? wel humn... eh... OMG LOOK AT THAT!
*runs away*

commder said...

Thanks for good image. I admire your skill and art. Thanks again!

Seraphim said...

Absolutly superb.
Your girls are very sensual and beautyful.
I took a BIG step forward with this one, Vae. I am totally impressed.

I sure hope you can keep up this great quality of work of yours.


iberios said...

thats a shame. i thought it was a totally cool concept of putting those girls together for thier own set!
btw; any chance of seeing 'warrior princess' ever again? doesnt need to be sex, she could be killing badguys or something! :D shes my favorite! and whats with her skin color and eye color? anu background story there with that???

CVB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CVB said...

"Vaesark, your older files are the same. Which is odd, and disappointing because I love your stuff."

Fount out what the problem is, it looks like only Rapid Pro customers are able to access it.


Alex said...

Yeah, its sad that it seems everyone's always going to be offended by -something-. I could understand if people were coming to harm, but with CG art, implying that its hurting someone is just silly.

Anyhow, I hope the day you have to stop never comes. I love your work.


Dizzydills said...

The soft ambiance really accentuates the scenes. The fourth pic is my favorite, dark enough to not see her eyes, but light enough to see everything else. Fantastic angle as well. Great work.

Ninjamaster_255 said...

Another great work
just curious what is the status on the other projects specifically the vampire and paladin

Ninjamaster_255 said...

Thats me above ^ sry 4 double post
but I like the slighty blurry look to the pictures it gives it a more romantic feel perfect for the holiday actually

Seraphim said...

I very much agree.
The gloomy yet romantic mood you created fits perfectly.
A sideeffect might be, that your girls look a little bit smoother, softer and more tender.

I guess you should keep this up, since it adds alot to the erotic mood of the scene in whole.

It seems a slight blur had a great impact on the expression of the pictures, making everything seem smoother and more realistic.
Very well done.

Gouche said...

Yes, very nice Vaesark.

I've notice that a lot of the commenters have critiques / requests… which is cool I guess. I have only one request to add... please keep doing exactly what you've been doing!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered doing a feture on Affect3D?

darknaruto31 said...


adanaruto13 said... check it out

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, rimming, love it!

More stuff like this please~

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