Sunday, March 4, 2012

girls and stuff

I don't have any new renders today, there are some requests that I still want to do but I've been too busy, still I don't want to leave the blog without updates for too long so... I thought that I could share some pics of the babes that (IMO) are the most beautiful on the planet:

keira knightley, I saw the entire movie "Domino" with a hard-on because of her :3

Melissa Clarke, that face... those eyes... short hair... 11/10

Susan Coffey, *cuteness overload*

Vikki Blows, her lips seem to be designed to suck cock :P

Yulia Volkova, plastic surgery was so unnecessary T_T



  1. Great taste: Melissa Clarke and Vikki Blows are the most gorgeous girls out there. Their beauty is enough to drive men mad. In a good way, I mean...

  2. Gotta say, I agree with all this picks, specially Vikki Blows. I know you don't do characters of real people, but using her as inspiration for a new girl would be ok, right? Just throwing it out there. ;)

    Also, forever alone... ;_;

  3. Very fitting image ... shows where your own girls come from :)

  4. If You liked Domino which is a poc You'll love The Jacket.

    Keira in light goth drag, yummy :-)

  5. Man, that last one is one SEXY beast!

  6. I asked this in your previous post. I figured you stopped reading it because it got so big =P

    -I got one question about your werewolf, errr..."parts" Is that the danedong that was available a long time ago? If not, what is it and where can i find the part and it's pink textures? I'm learning poser/daz3d, and a werewolf doing a girl with a human bit just looks silly.

    You said you still had the freebie from anonib. Is it cool if i grab them? Point me to an upload link or since those things are usually small file size, my email:

    Or whatever is more convenient for you. Thanks =)

  7. Nice selection. Got a thing for Brit girls? Coffey is cute, but don't get the whole internet craze over her. And too funny that you got the Tatu chick in there too. Great choices. Like joeannie said, totally see where you get your inspiration from.

  8. i love ur taste in in girls i find my self liking Emma Watson and Megan fox, my self, but my favs are
    demi moore ,anne heche ,bijou phillips, and June oFF OF AVATAR BENDING BREAK. but that me u like model nice very nice i agree with what u said its nice to see what inspires u

  9. watx, my 3d babes are already inspired by these girls as Joeannie points out :3

    black_howler, sorry I saw your post but I forgot to send the file. *sending it now*

    MongoBongo, I don't really care where they are from, they just look beautiful to me *¬*
    About Coffey... I think that it's because of her innocent look even when she's wearing sexy clothing she still looks more cute and innocent than sexy.
    ...and Yulia, funny? why? o.O

  10. Thanks a lot man. Really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work on your site =)

  11. @Vaesark - Tatu was playing on Pandora when I was reading your post. Was one of those "Hey wait a sec.." moments.

    And yeah, that's my whole point with Coffey. She's just always unbelievably cute in that "girl next door" sorta way. She's not gorgeous or incredibly sexy, just incredibly cute. I see her pic, and say "Nice. She's cute." but would never be stirred enough to go check out her other pics. Don't get how there is such a huge following for her. 'Course saying that merely gives her more buzz and generates more attention (cuz people will now go check out her pics). Weird how internet fame works. well more power to her I guess. Hopefully it will translate into a modelling contract or something.

  12. where did that vicki blows pic on the bed come from, please?!?

  13. @V
    I'd like to introduce you to Ariel, my cute redhead model xD
    My fav since.... 6 years or so :-)

  14. Wow, hadn't heard of Vikki Blows before. Thanks for introducing me to her!!! XD