Tuesday, February 7, 2012

coming soon

This is the teaser for the upcoming set, it was a request (by email) that I liked enough to make more than just a couple of pics. It's mostly finished so expect it really soon.



    Oh God, I can't contain myself!

  2. Is that the Dark Elf assassin on the left?

  3. If I spend any more time here, I'll need to quit my day job. Can't wait for the new set! And, looking forward to a french maid set too?!?

  4. I look forward to it and do you think you will do a set with the french maid as well she is delicious
    and i want to see here get filled to bursting

  5. The images look awesome as usual, but is there any way to reduce the "hazy" effect? It kinda makes it hard to focus at times. Or maybe that's just my astigmatism driving me crazy. Ni modo. Sigue con el buen trabajo!

  6. def has a lot of potential can not wait to see what you have in store for them

  7. Elf women. I like it already.

  8. It's been a while since I drolled while watching your renders xD This will be so much fun xP
    This really made my day. Although you did not made my request, Im quite satisfied with this(Lesbians + dark elf assassin I requested). I hope you'll do a couple of footfetish shots too ;-)

  9. Oh! Those two are cute. It looks promising Vae. I also liked the french maid a bit.

    Will there be sexy bondage?

  10. Wow, this set is gonna be so hot. I always love the cute little asses your women have got.

    Also, what's the general feeling about Daz Studio? I've just noticed the Pro version is available free at the minute. Would this be a good place to start to just dabble a little bit and see if I like making 3D art?

  11. Anon, "Is that the Dark Elf assassin on the left?"

    Gouche, Ninjamaster255, I'm working on the French maid too :3

    Anonymous42, es cierto que se me fue la mano con el "postwork" intentaré que no sea tan exagerado la próxima vez :3

    Sanders, no foot fetish on this one I'm afraid... too many requests and suggestions to remember them all >_<

    Malcanthet, bondage? I don't know, I like the master/slave topic and soft bondage, bit if it is too rough/violent is a boner killer for me :/

    Cheetiot, definitely worth a try, it also includes some basic models to start rendering so, if you are really interested there's no reason to let this opportunity go away.