Thursday, October 13, 2011


As usual... I started more stuff than I can finish, but I don't want to leave the blog without updates for too long so... here's some of the stuff that kept me busy lately:

I wanted to do an alien girl for a while and... I'm really pleased with her, for some reason I think that it won't be the last one:

Working on the set with the mercenary too:

And the never-ending project: the comic, this a full view of the island and a map:

And another character, from an ERP session ;3

I don't know why but I can't focus on one single thing for too long before I start thinking about something else... I have ideas for hundreds of new girls, monsters and CGsets... but I can't finish any of them >_> the renders with that last girl are a exception, but what kept my interest was, mostly, the ERP...

Naughty perv girls: Y YOU SO FEW? ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ


  1. Aaaallright..
    I am the first one commenting on these.

    The aliengirl is well made. Not my type i gotta admit, but thats another story.
    I think for my personal reference it will highly depend on the set made if i would like it or not.
    I do praise the skintextures you made for her. She really looks authentic.

    The maps are awesome. I normally draw my maps at 2d of cause (pencil+paper does the job ^^) if you don`t mind i will use your`s for personal uses. Most likely for Pen&Paper Roleplay i guess.

    The Elven Girl..
    Her armor is very well made. I really like the design and the textures. As well as the lighting.
    The sword could have used some more silver or shine (dunno looks kinda dull to me, no offence).
    Overall i must say tho, she`s not one of your best elves you made so far. of cause i dont know how much time you put in a picture to begin with, but i do know how long a sketch takes.
    I especially dont like her face i need to say this time. Something about it does not seem perfectly right.
    On the other hand i might just be very spoiled of your awesome work to begin with ^^.

    Thats it for my (bad) comments.
    Keep it up, its very much appreciated!


  2. Oh...and i forgot to comment on the merc.

    I really DO like the picture in terms of the idea you are going to use here.

    She looks nice and that tentacle like cock kinda seems very interesting to me.
    She`s going to a hell of a load on that one i hope ^^

    Glad i can say a little bit more positive about your work, since i know how hard criticim can be in a while.



  3. Heh i have the same problem when im working on CGs.
    Im halfway done with one thing and
    idea for another one pops up and
    im starting to work on in.
    Result: nothing gets finshed :P
    I share your pain T_T
    As for the pics, grat work as allways.

  4. Mercinary set looks amazing. I'm partial to the genre. Tentacles always leave room for a good view. And I have to say the Merc is one of my favorites, I look forward to seeing the rest of her.

  5. so where do you play ERP? :)


  6. The quality lady ERPers are so hard to find because there's so much dross to sift through to find a quality guy ERPer.

    Really looking forward to the mercenary set.

    You could blog different characters and a few pictures of each being naughty and I'd be more than happy as well.

  7. weird but sexy ^^

  8. Sera, sure, you can use the maps for RP, if you want I can send you the original in bigger resolution and color.
    About the elf girl, well... it would be strange if everything that I do was perfect for everyone :3 so I wonder, How does your dream elven girl look like?

    Zafo, it happens a lot, I see that many others tend to leave sets half finished or keep doing endless tests XD

    tentahenta, that Merc will probably be the next Full CGset.

    aya, that depends, if it is with Spanish or Galician speaker we use chat, for English I prefer forums and other places where I can take my time to write stuff, often providing pics when my words can't describe what I am thinking :3

  9. the little troll is the best of all !!!
    ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ u should make an entire set based on him!!!!

  10. Hey Vaesark,

    You’ve given out quite a lot of projects, so as you might expect, my appraisal might be a bit lengthy. But I really enjoy analyzing and commenting on your works.

    The alien girl…yes…well…while I can’t say that she’s among my personal top favorites of your girls (those go to the drows), she does hold her own special place. She’s quite unique, especially her eyes. While her ears and hands are different, it’s her eyes that really struck me as such a departure from your normal characters. The size and pupil shape are really one of a kind among your creations. I was curious to note that she seems to share some similar physical traits with the alien who was paired up with the two Asari in the Embrace Eternity set. Her skin and hand are among the most noticeable. I don’t know if this was done intentionally or not, but I think it’s an interesting incident if anything. Speaking of her skin, I agree with Sera completely. The texture of her flesh really stands out along her body and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it maintained its flow along her muscles. The most prominent example is in the final image. The dip in the flesh of her rear is quite discernable, especially with the shading along where the muscles clench along her side. Quite a fantastic image in my own opinion.

    The alien may be different, but I’m still anxious to see her completed set. She’s very beautiful in her own right, so she might just grow on me if I see more of her.

    Still looking forward to the mercenary set. I have a special liking for tentacles, so I’m anxious to see if this set will include some of the genre. Of course, that tendril looks really thick compared to the other phalluses, so I’m sure she’s going to be having the time of her life during the session. She still looks great in her outfit and the color in her hair is just incredible. I like the slight shift in its location, as if the movement of her head is causing the lights to reflect on the coloring. It should be interesting to see her during the sex scenes.

    The maps were a real treat. I’ve been wondering how your comic is going (you big project among your smaller other projects) and this is a great answer to that curiosity. Love the three small towers that are poking out of the top of the mountains. I think I managed to find one on the map, in the lower left, but I couldn’t find the other two further out. They peaked my interest, so I’ve just gotta ask: What’s their purpose? They seem like watch towers, but maybe that’s just a fake covering. It was neat to see the docks from your earlier released images of the land on the overhead view and the map. I’m glad that they carried over.

    Your character from the ERP session seems to have taken some hints from Yvonnette’s armor. From what you’ve told us about her coverings, can I assume that you will be adding some detail to this girl’s armor also? If you are, I can’t wait to see what types of designs are in store for her. From the angle of her shield, it looks like it might be in the shape of a flame of sorts, due to the sharp edges along the top of the metal. Just a suggestion, she could have a flame motif on her armor. But whatever you have in store for the girl, I’m sure it will be interesting.

    Okay, I’ve said enough. Thanks for the updates and I hope your efforts will result in the same incredible artworks that we’ve seen so far.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  11. Okies, Vaesark you asked for it...*grin*

    My dream elven girl...mhh..
    I do like your elves alot but i really do appreaciate long my opinion long isnt long enough. Let hit nearly hit the floor when shes standing straight and you got the right amount for me.
    As of color i would guess light blue, blonde or nutchest.
    I dont need to say anything about faces, cause i useally LOVE your sense for creating incredibly beautifull faces for your characters. Among these Siari is my favorite.

    Your usual proportions fit nicely. I dont see elven girls have loads of tits, so i like the neat ones on them (even tho drow might tend to much more cleavage.)

    Your ears are perfect for me. Just the right amount of length and pointy tip.

    Maybe some nice tatoos as well, cause these CAN be very erotic (even tho it has to be well placed).
    As for positions for these id prefer forehead, hands, Feet/Ankles.
    Other parts can be "pimped up" with juwelery or the sort. ^^

    I do like your drows alot, but i kinda fell more in love with Siari. Her skintone is great and her facial expressions make me tingle a bit. Awesome, so shes pretty near to a "perfect elven girl" atm. (Tho that may change once in a while)
    Love the light golden tone of her skin, yep yep.

    As for clothes/armor i would prefer some kind of very exposing garaments. Something like a silken robe or the sort. Silver or Gold imbedded or something like this i guess. I normally see elves as very elegent and noble, as well as very sexy and erotic. So thats a good make up for putting most of it together.

    Puhh...did i forget to mention some part of the lovely fantasy...?
    I dunno *laught* maybe.

    P.S.: For the map i will send you an email, since i dont wanna post it here (for understandable reasons ^^)

    As for ERP, i done that for something like 6-7 years now. Mostly with a very small handfull of really good players. Its hard to find someone who`s interests match well with the other. So as for ERP i guess its all about: "What kinda fetishes do you prefer and what not".
    That at least is my experience for the years.
    I even got a rabbithole profile somewhere..maybe i will post that once in a while, dunno yet.

    Normally playing via ICQ or the sort.

    Well alot talk again, keep up the work and build my dream elven girl someday *smirk*


  12. "I have ideas for hundreds of new girls, monsters and CGsets... but I can't finish any of them"..... LOL totally know that feeling! Look forward to seeing the sets when they are done. Especially the comic!

  13. Merc is looking great as usual :)

  14. I'm not sure how you like anonymous people telling you what they like, but here's mine

    1) I like the alien girl, but I personally would do away with the ear lobes altogether and just have holes in the side of her head like some reptilian creatures do
    - I would also change her head slightly, making it a little bit longer, not like a Xenomorph, but just a little bit more cranium past the neck when you look at the side profile of her head.
    - I'd also give her a long slender tail and maybe a stinger of some kind or something on the end; also some digitigrade feet like your draenei, only instead of hooves, have hand-like feet.
    - She’s your alien your welcome to do anything you want with her, but I have two small requests when you put her in a set: 1. Give her a long prehensile tongue that coils around her mate’s cock like a snake (just one shot demonstrating this will be fine) 2. Have her end up pregnant at the end.

    2) I like how your elven girl’s armor looks sexy and remotely plausible as armor (not just some bikini armor); However, I do agree with the other guy that said that sword was pretty dull. I’d go with a samurai or a scimitar style blade and have her duel wield them, or you could look up different fantasy blades and use them and go off of them (should there be no lawsuits involved)

  15. I like the alien girl too. I agree with the post above to slightly chance the head, but i love the skin.
    I hope you try some more monster girls.

    I prefer long hair on "normal" girls just my opinion.

  16. Definitly want to see more of the alien girl, green chicks are underrated.

  17. HOT Alien chick! Wonder what all she can achomplish with that tounge!