Friday, October 7, 2011

Draenei ...yes, again.

An old project that was almost abandoned comes back to life... Maybe this time I'll actually finish a complete set :3


  1. looks good but the feet dont like

  2. Everything about this is just so awesome.

  3. Hey Vaesark,

    All I can say about this is…I’m actually quite surprised. To be honest, I never thought that the Draenei would show up again. The last Draenei renders you completed were a while ago, so it’s nice to see how much has stayed the same, despite the passage of time. I’m not as familiar with the species as others, but from the images I’ve seen, I have to say that I love the eyes. Her eyes seem to glow as she gazes around. It would be great to see her with a shocked expression. Compared to your last two Draenei, I like the shape of her horns better. The way they curve down, following the outline of her head, give them a smoother look than the more prominent horns of the other girls. I love how you gave her dark two-toned hair; it makes her horns stand out and draws more attention to them.

    The clothing looks amazing, especially her brassier. The way the silver metal closes over the black material really enhances the detailed design. Her necklace and arm bands, though slightly masked due to their coloring (the silver almost blends in with her skin tone too much) accent her figure and draw attention to her collar, upper arms, and shoulders. As a personal preference, I’d love to see a band around her thigh, but that’s not as common.

    For closing comments, I hope that you make a complete set for the Draenei. I think she deserves it, seeing how impressive her render is. She would be a brand new addition to your girls…one who I think would be very well-received. I’m looking forward to your next render with anticipation.

    P.S. – Just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on creating a wallpaper showcasing all of the girls you’ve created so far? Something like the Crimson Guard you showed in you project…

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  4. Man, she'd sure tear up the sheets!

  5. I really like Draenei, something about the tail during anal. The bust could be a bit bigger imo but I always think that.

  6. As with all your work this is amazing, very well done.

    BTW there is nothing wrong with the feet they fit perfectly.

  7. I like it a lot, but seeing her and Siari getting it on, would be awesome!

  8. Very nice Draeney.
    I hope this "work in progress" will be achieve

  9. Comments about feet... trying to be constructive, here. Could you try to give her a little more booty making her feet to be more inclined?

    I think it is one of the points why draeneni look sexy. Their asses stand out more cause their legs makes them stand that way :) (and guess nobody will complain if she is a little more curvy, lol)

  10. Nice, if Draenei looked that good in WoW I wouldn't have stopped playing :-P


  11. I agree with the bustsize. I think she needs a little bigger tits this time. Normally your sizes fit very nicely. This time i too have the feeling she needs a bit more.

    I like the Bra tho, its really nice to look at. Compared to that her slip seems a little dull to me. Needs a bit more details to match the bra i think.

    Her legs kinda look a little strange tho. Maybe they should bend a little more to the back, since she got different joints then normal humans, so her standing pose would be a little different too.

    Other then that i`d certainly add her to my collection. Very nice indeed, even tho i liked the earlyer close-ups from your drenai pretty much cause i liked the cute and yet exotic faces you render so well.

    Keep it up, its very much appreciated.


  12. Sweet! I hope you still have plans to pair her up with a Tauren like before. There's a striking lack of good Draenei/Tauren porn out there.

  13. SS, a wallpaper with all my girls? nearly impossible for my computer to handle so many polygons and uncompressed textures, not to mention the rendering time... Maybe I could do one with 10-20 girls, but no more, even that may not be possible, I never really tried... but the idea is tempting...

    tentahenta, o.O I also think that about the tail and anal sex, can't explain why O.o about her bust... I think that big juggs would not match her slender body, but... I always think that ;9

    Elflord, "and guess nobody will complain if she is a little more curvy, lol" the guy I see in the mirror would complain XD You'll have to wait to see the succubus form of the paladin (previous post) to have some big tits and ass :3

    Sera, I'm not so sure...

    She doesn't look so curvy to me. o.O

    About the legs... I never really played WOW so... I don't know how they stand and walk O.o Maybe I should create a free account and study them a bit.

  14. I think her hooves are a smidge too small.

    Oh and she has panties on... a definite! xD

    I vote for more digitigrade legs! those are sexy as hell.

    I also love her eyes that peer into my soul a bit. Pupils should probably be a little more visible... but again small nitpicks for such an amazing work.

  15. Поработай над видом , а то вид слишком "гладкий".

  16. hooray for all my reminders :). As long as she is with a massive tauren then im happy :), but as usual your creative genius reigns supreme so I will not have the audacity to tell you who to pair her with.

  17. Hiya, Not a Big Draenei fan, But these three renders are Beautiful!! My only wish is that you would have given her Bigger Titties.

  18. Hooves, horns and tails -- a definitive and resounding YES!! Your draenei renders are one of the main reasons I decided to start rendering myself. Very good to see more.

  19. I reckon an elf girl and this Draenei in a lesbian sequence.

  20. Lovely Draenei girl~

  21. I'm going to bump this because by far this is my most longed for set. Please don't forget about this one!!! :)