Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So this weekend the last three titles of the "Tomb Raider" saga had a discount on steam... I didn't played any "Tomb Raider" since "Angel of darkness" which I didn't even finished XD so I thought that it could be a nice chance to try the last one: "underworld"...

In other news... for a reason completely unrelated to the stated above... I felt a pulsating urge (mostly in my pants) to do a newer version of an old character: Lara, I mean... Laura. Any similarity to any person, living or dead, real or fictional is mere coincidence ;)


  1. I can't wait to see the adventures she'll live.

  2. WOW, Exceptional. I Love Lara, er..a.. I mean Laura. My only wish would that they be Larger so I could use a few as wallpapers for awhile. Alas, my rez is: 1920x1080 HD. Please please more in this series.

  3. Underworld is good stuff, cannot wait for the new game :)

  4. Beautiful!! I've been hoping for a long time (and voting when you had those lol) for a new "Laura" set :D I hope you choose to do more with her. She looks amazing!

  5. Hey Vaesark,

    I’ve played all of the latest Tomb Raider games, Legends, Anniversary, and Underworld (excluding Guardian of the Light) and I have to say that they are a blast. Don’t know if you picked them up or even if her genre is your cup of tea, but if you want my opinion, I’d say give them a whirl.

    Focusing on the images, it’s great to see Laura again. Her updated look is really incredible. When I compared her to the original version, I was blown away by how much your techniques have improved. Sure her outfit remains very similar and her hair style too, but that’s normal for any render of Lady Lara Croft. Her face is softer and her eyes seem more “in control” than the “wide-eyed” render from before. Her hair is much more detailed than before; the reflections in her brunette strands are such a pleasure to gaze at. I really enjoy how much detail you give to the girl’s hair. Each section is presented in full, with rich colors, both light and dark. You did an awesome job on her braid, which by the way, I’m glad you kept instead of giving her a ponytail like her recent games have.

    So far, Laura looks very impressive. I’m really looking forward to the set. Who knows what creature she might come across in that mysterious jungle setting? (I love the waterfall in the background. It really enhances the design of the scenery.) There’s an abundance of creatures Lara has encountered in her games, so there should be a plethora of partners she might have. It would be a very interesting idea if her set contained several partners. (Just shooting off an idea here: What do you think of a triple whammy with a land-based creature, an aquatic creature, and an avian creature?) Could be quite a diverse set if that happened…

    You’ve unquestionably got a remarkable idea going on here with your render of Laura. I can’t wait to see what you’re planning for her. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be quite an adventure. Thanks for your continued branching ingenuity. It’s always a pleasure to see the new updates in your blog.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  6. Wow I believe that this is a great improvement since her last look.

  7. love er',huge fan of the series, can't wait for the 2012 one XD. once again great work, love to see what crazy monster you hook her up with.

  8. btw, is there any chance, some time in the future, ONE DAY, you will make animation? I really hate paying for porn :P, so I don't go on xxxelfxxx's, even though I want to. It would be awesome if you made even little loops like mongobongo.

  9. awesome idea I have two requests for this coming set

    1) she get fucked by something more interesting than apes
    2)she ends up pregnant, maybe even giving birth to what ever fucked her

  10. @V
    I played the new trilogy but didn't bought them on Steam...
    As for Laura... WOW, you've really improoved her and please let it be tiger or black panther ;-)
    Ppppllleeeaaaassseee xD

  11. MAKE her have some fun with the T-REX!!!!! XD

  12. Anon, ok , I'll post a wallpaper of the first pose soon (I'm rendering it right now).

    Hydrocity, yeah, Lara at 21... mnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    shawnob, yep, currently working on a full set :3

    SS, I'm afraid that it's too late for suggestions regarding her partner. The creature that will fuck her isn't from "any" game, it's something... specially grotesque...

    themagicwombat, yes, definitely, someday I'll focus on animation, but not for the moment...

    Anon, 1 nope, no apes in this one.
    2 ...I'll think about it.

    Sanders, no more real animals on the blog... remember? :/

  13. I am no big fan of "Tomb Raider" and the sort..actually i quite hate it. (yep you may cruzify me now ^^)

    But i like your Laura. Obviously she look ALOT like a certain girl pretty much anyone knows about, but i love the greenish skin and her smooth facial expressions (as you know i go alot for faces).

    She`s definatly a piece of art you can be proud of and i sure hope you are.
    (Since i know the feeling of bonds between the figure and its creator :P)

    You do catch a fetish i am very aware of, since i love long hair i appreciate that very much. I even would have loved to see her on one pic with open flowing locks, but i guess thats not the theme displayed, so i can live with that.

    Appreciated and a quite nice peace of art.


  14. Tomb Raider: Underworld was pretty fun. I highly recommend getting the bikini pack. =)

    Good to see her making an appearance on your site again. I really liked your previous set with her.

  15. Hmm, what's this about no real animals on the blog? I take it I missed something?

  16. I never played any of Lara Craft games, so I wouldn't know anything (I saw her from numerous ads, so I know her existence). Personally, I didn't really find her very attractive, at least compared to all other 3d girls from other games.

    Nevertheless, your Laura is hot. I couldn't even suggest you her potential mates, since I don't know a thing about her, but I hope you impreg her. Btw, have you thought about doing one of those x-ray vision of her uterus (sort of on the side of the picture, separately) when her mate cums inside her? I always found that hot.

  17. Is it too late to request a bit of breast expansion in this since it's too late for partner suggestions? She looks great at the moment, but after seeing the poses shown so far I can't help but want to see her after a bit of BE with her tits straining her top, nipples pushing against the material, the black sides and middle/cleavage stretched taut. There's other stuff it'd be great to see, like some tentacles going right through her, ass/pussy to mouth and out the other side and what have you, but that's the one I'd really like for some reason.

  18. Eh... I just love the way You render the stuff . Great work ,can't wait till next update :)

  19. Sera, actually, the green tone of the skin is because of the ambient lighting, but it looks good... Doesn't it?

    Visis, blogger content policies, the wrong people found out ¬_¬

    HMS, impregnation has a 60% chances at the moment.
    x-ray - 0%
    What I'm going to experiment on this one is with postwork fluids :3

  20. I'd like to express further interest into the pregnant ending you guys were talking about. This kind of stuff is always welcome in my book

  21. Thank you so much that you started doing this stuff. I am a big fan of this series of games, and especially Lara Croft :)) I can tell you one thing - Laura looks amazing !! The only thing she has, in my opinion, more athletic legs. With best regards...

  22. Having said everything, I would want to see consensual. I'm certain internet has plenty of rapes, and that's just too old and plain... and I'm quite certain many people would find rapes less appealing (except for certain sick f*cks).

  23. I love it. Always been a fan of LC and the TR series. I agree with the other poster that "Laura" could be a bit more athletic/muscular looking. Keep up the good work!

  24. I disagree with the comment above. She doesn't need to be more muscular. She's the fine the way she is. And her boobs don't need to be bigger than it already is. She's the fine the way she is.

  25. Much cuter than the real laura :)

  26. It’s supposing like unbelievable thing but its right the time has run faster than our predecessors.

  27. Beautifully rendered (in every sense of the word).

    Thanks, V.

    Not keen on monster breasts or pregnancy myself, but can see it'll be popular with some folk.

    Wouldn't it be good if one or more of her partners pulled on her plait while taking her the doggy way?

  28. I love that you depict Laura with a realistic body. She's still gorgeous and hot.