Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jungle Raider 2

31 images 1200x1200px + wallpaper 32,7 MB
Download: RS


  1. Yay i am first again to comment :P

    As i said before, i like her greenish skin and even if its not clearly wanted (due to lighting) it looks awesome on her.

    This is a pretty interesting set you put together there, since her partner is really something..umm...strange, meaning grotesk.

    But i like the composition of her beauty with the horror of her partner and her so eagerly submitting to it.
    I also apppreciate the scenes of actual sex, where you (again) payed tribute to reality, giving her quite some bulge of that huge meat fucking her.

    The impregnation is nice, i know alot of folks asked for it, so i dont mind at all.

    So overall i gotta say:
    Great set even with her partner beeing something i kinda wanna ignore at some moments and just cherish her beauty and extasy all the way. But alas life isnt that easy ^^

    Great job, Vaesark, as expected.

    P.S.: I hope you will do the paladin set in the future, cause i am really looking forward to it.


  2. Wow, great set. Laura really looks like she's enjoying herself, love some of the expressions. I'm disappointed she shed her clothes immediately and there was no breast expansion, but shots 25 and 26 more than make up for it. I really like the shots you do up of women standing or kneeling next to a cock showing just how big it is. Works great for some reason.

    Would it be possible to get a shot of the background of shot 26 at 700 x 600. It'd make a good background for Superdeepthroat.

    Do we finally get to see Yvonette next, or do you have something else lined up? Really looking forward to seeing what fetishes you've used, even if I inevitably won't enjoy all of them.

  3. Man, this set was hot. Among your recent sets, this was my favorite one. Although the last pic of her preg seemed rather unnecessary for this particular set, I'm one of the guys who demanded her to be preg, so I have no complaint. But man, this set was HOT.

    Btw, why was this set called "Jungle Raider 2"? was there Jungle Raider 1?

  4. WOW, Excellent Beyond words!! I love your Lara. Please tell us there will be a "Jungle Raider 3". Her face is so petite and her tits are perfect. I ecpecially liked #1 (the size at 1829x1200 is perfect. I wish all were that size as my rez is 1920x1080HD) - love the impregnation too. More in this series please

  5. Hey Vaesark,

    As I expected, your new renders are just incredible. This set just goes to prove how skilled you are with the resources you work with. You keep improving so much with each new addition to your portfolio…I’ve never seen an artist increase their skills to such a degree as much as you have. Just as well, you’re still the best 3D artist I’ve come across in the recent years, as this set proves.

    Laura’s looks are drop-dead gorgeous, as she usually is in her games and in your renders. I have to say that I like the light tint to her skin during the course of her session. It makes the setting seem a little more mysterious, adds an atmosphere of sensuality to the actions being performed in the jungle. Going off actions, I really loved how many different positions Laura engaged in with her partner. She’s normally a very active girl and I think you’ve captured her adventurous side perfectly through the variety. Her facial expressions significantly enhanced the sex scenes and added a very strong visual reference to her reactions. Her shock at the initial penetrations gave way to pleasure once she became accustomed to the feeling. Her willingness to engage in carnal pleasure with the…creature was readily expressed through her eyes and her smile. The feeling of apprehension or fear during his transformation was beautifully captured in what looked like her attempt to crawl away as well as her shocked face and wide eyes. I loved how it turned out that she was just getting into a better position.

    The distortions within her abdomen were also done extremely well. Images twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-nine, and thirty all had such great rendering to display the sheer amount filling her body. The bulges, especially, in twenty-five and twenty-nine, were gorgeous examples of your rendering talent. In my personal opinion, thee way her skin stretched to fit around the member inside her showed a great amount of skill on your part. I was also impressed with your work on the fluids. Asides from facials and when the girls empty themselves at the end of their sessions, you haven’t done a large amount of fluid work. I think the saliva was a great addition and you’ve managed to make it look just as good as the rest of your works. I will be looking forward to how your technique improves in the next sets if you choose to continue working with fluids.

    All in all, you’ve done an awesome job with this set and have once again set a bar for what you can accomplish. With your increasing skills, your future renders are going to be just down-right jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  6. awesome set, I love the pregnancy at the end, although I have a few suggestions:

    1) personally, I would have gone with a different partner like the horned demony fellow that was in the "Evil Will Never Prevail" post pic.

    2) the skin tone (don't get me wrong, I like it and I know it's from the lighting), should you ever plan on doing something involving vulcans and/or romulans from star trek that skin tone would be perfect, because they have green blood

  7. Sera, the green tone is caused by the lighting... intentionally. I thought that it looked cool :3
    The partner is also intentionally grotesque, as usual on my blog... you know, the beauty and the beast thing ;)
    I'll try to focus on the Paladin CGset, but I cant promise anything.

    Anon, Yvonette is on the priorities list, but also the mercenary and the comic :/ ...and I keep having random ideas for other stuff and I'm still unable to focus on one thing for too long >_<

    HMS, jungle Raider 1 contained beast stuff so it had to be deleted.

    Anon, the #01 pic resolution is 1920x1200, you can cut it yourself to fit your screen size :3

    SS, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that you noticed the extra effort on the fluids, I've expended several hours on the postwork to get it right and I was a little bit disappointed that this detail went unnoticed... until I read your review. It really encourages me to continue publishing new works as frequently as I can. Thanks a lot.

    Anon, 1) well... perhaps for Jungle Raider 3...
    2) I honestly never thought about it, my knowledge of start trek is very limited and I'm not really interested :/

  8. How can there be Jungle Raider 3? She got preg. I don't think there's much after being preg (unless you like seeing preg women having sex, which is not my thing). As for Jungle Raider 1, which you said it was canceled due to beast, did you actually finish (or almost) the set? Or is that particular set for that one pay site you're working for? Or it was just an idea, and you canceled it before you started on it?

  9. Vaesark, thank you for considering my request (I was the Anon who numbered his requests). I also have a couple other small requests
    1) Should you take my first request, would it be possible for you to change the horn style on the demony dude to something different like the Qunari in Dragon Age 2, or just make his horns a little more streamlined
    2) more sets with her ending up pregnant, in fact, any girl you have ending with them prego would be good.

    HMS, there is plenty of things that could happen after she gets preg. She could give birth, nurse her offspring, then get impregnated all over again.

  10. As for the comment above, I have no comment. I guess I'm just not as experienced in this kinda stuff than you.

    Anyhow, I'm surprised that there's only 10 comments when I write this (3 of them are mine). This is one of the best sets, and there's only few comments. I find that strange.

  11. I dunno if you got me right there Vae ^^

    Actually i was praising you for putting together such a beauty with a beast.

    Makes an awesome contrast to begin with and really suits the situation.

    I gotta admit i didnt recognize your work on the fluits so much. I dunno why but i payed more attention to the whole as one.

    I do admire SS tho for his very detailed comments and only can agree with him again and again and again. He just points out what i am thinking, most of the time.
    So thanks for that SS :)

    After all you do keep quite some quality and it keeps me looking everyday if you done something new, so you got a fan here (like many others).

    Oh well..i talk again..
    Cutting short: Thanks Vaesark :)


  12. I have to say I think this is one of my favorite sets you've ever done. Lara looks perfect in direct contrast to the hideous creature ravishing her. I LOVE IT!

  13. I really liked this set! The detail of where his skin is rotting away was something I haven't seen before in your work, and the effect was really awesome.

    The long drooly tongue was also fun and I wish there had been more use of that...

    The part where he Hulked out totally caught me by surprise. In a good way!

  14. I also found it curious there were so few comments. The story-telling was excellent. The sequence and pacing were terrific and I loved the "reveal" when the monster gets big and funky. That made me smile and REALLY look forward to the rest of the set. And I love me a pregnant girl, especially when Papa is a creature. I enjoyed it quite a bit for all those reasons.

  15. Basically everything SS said xD

    The end results are like the best part! I especially liked the expression detail as well. Keep it up, man. This one is beyond stellar.

  16. While awaiting your return from Skyrim, I returned to this set for a second look (okay, maybe eighth look). I am more enamored of some of your other girls, but this set was one of your best. The way you told the story, the attention to detail, the expressions on Laura's face, all excellent. I don't think I'll ever get bored of seeing beautiful girls boned silly by big, ugly, well-hung monsters. Gracias!