Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Evil will never prevail!

...but the future doesn't seem bright for Yvonnette...

...and I forgot to put her sword somewhere around... >_> (I'll do it for the set)

I'm thinking about adding some more demons, smaller ones, with dicks "tiny" enough to fit in her mouth :3

I didn't started with the set itself (and the alien+mercenary one will probably come first) so... there's still time for suggestions and requests, obviously I cant do everything, but I'll give a try to everything that seems interesting enough.


  1. Woot, first comment.

    Anyhow, she's gonna die if she has to take in everyone of those giants, + few more tiny ones. Well, I suppose she has infinite stamina. Makes me wonder how many times she's gonna climax in short (?) period of time. She's probably gonna hella twitch at the end. Dunno how you're gonna show that in a picture (the twitching part).

    Well, have fun, and looking forward to it.

  2. The future may not be bright, but she doesn't seem bothered by it. I know you wanted it be that she gives up hope, but she should at least look a little worried or like she's struggling a bit.

    Also, if you're going to do dicks "tiny" enough to go in her mouth, they should still be big enough that it looks uncomfortable. That's my fetish, anyway.

    Also, you're awesome.

  3. 'Ello, looking forward to the set, I love the way the demons vary in appearance and stature.

    This is the set where she becomes corrupted right? If so I'd like to see a possible set or two where she corrupts another girl. (With some other beastie involved of course).

    But for this set, I agree with HMS's comment with the twitching part, I'm sure, with your unique talent, you can find a way to make that come to life in a still picture.
    And to Anonymous, I agree to a degree, but I don't think it should be so uncomfortable that she can't enjoy it.

    And finally to Vaesark on a personal note, your work is truly great, I'm sure many people have told you this or something along the lines, but you have a way of creating images that, so well, capture beauty and sexual passion in a way I didn't think possible. Keep it up.

  4. May I suggest a future set? A new dragon set, would be great featuring more than one girl. Personally, I like the dragon from The Black Guardian set. Maybe you could make it the same size and whatnot, but HD him up a bit. ;)

  5. nooooooooooooo T_T where r the tentacles? >.<

  6. She looks pretty smug, all things considered ;)

  7. Damn that's hot! Can't wait for the set, dude. Thanks for all the treats!

  8. My dear Vaesark, I'd like to propose much friction of those enormous penises all over the Yvonete's body, with the consequent ejaculations.
    In the process, they move her like a doll in diferent grotesque poses ON THE AIR, penetrating her with several fingers in her three holes. These penetrations provoke her several orgasms.

    With the first ejaculations she remains covered almost completely of semen.

    Then, they try and reach to fuck her by pussy with the logical effort by them and with pain on her face. Vagina is the only hole that can receive those big cocks.
    All the monsters can fuck her, starting the thinnest cock owner.

    But at the begining they should have to extract her clothes with brutality.

    It could be your best work!

  9. Can you try putting up to 2 cocks in her ass or pussy? ;-)
    I also hope that if she grows her a dick she won't be fucking male demons with it... Im not a fan of this xD

  10. I agree with alot of comments.

    Most of all she needs to look scared.
    As for your other set i highly praised your skill in producing facial expressions. Here you need to prove my trust ^^

    I dunno if tears will do,since she given up hope i dont think she would cry alot. But she needs to be scared.
    Thats very vital if you want her to be enjoying it in the later part of the set since the observer will see the change in her heart.

    You might combine that with first changes like eyecolors or such, to further indicate that she`s getting "used" to it and starting to like it.

    The demons look pretty well, i like the design.
    As for multiple penetrations i dont need em, but i dont mind seeing some anyways. Might be a bit too unrealistic tho...but then..whats so realistic about it anyways ^^


  11. I think that two big cocks in one hole of her is pretty unbelievable, without any connection with reality, what reduces excitation to the fantasy.

    A very good example of big dick entering little anus is Zzomp wonder:


    In that case, fundamental thing is the hardness of penis.

    Agreed with Sera, she must be scared, but in a moment she could cry because of the pain, just in a moment.

    Thanks V.

  12. Yes, yes, go on :)

  13. Hey Vaesark,

    It’s great to see such a tense start for Yvonnette’s set. She’s got six partners lined up and from the looks of them, I have a feeling that by the time they’re finished with her, the poor paladin probably won’t be able to stand up, much less walk, for about a week…if she survives the encounter at all. If she gets all six in her at the same time, that would be one heck of a render. (That might be difficult due to the sheer size of her partners…but if it happens, it’ll no doubt break the girl.) Speaking of her partners, I think that this set has the most characters in it out of all of your previous works. This is definitely going into a realm that you haven’t ventured into yet.

    It would be great to see a variety of positions for Yvonnette as she’s penetrated by each of the monsters. Some on her back, some on her side, some on her chest, and maybe a few where she’s in the air being carried. One opinion that I’d like to offer would be to use a scene or two in order to show off her flexibility. For example, have her standing on one leg while her current partner holds her other up near her shoulder, putting her into a split. Not only would that allow a much deeper penetration, but it would show off her entire body, perfect for a stomach distortion. I’d love to see a pose like that.

    As for expressions, I do think that she seems a bit too calm for what she’s about to go through. Unless this isn’t her first session with so many partners with such massive members, I’d think that she would be absolutely terrified. Her eyes would be wide open to express her apprehension. If she’d been drugged or something before she was taken there, that would be a different story, but I don’t think that happened. You’ve done some awesome work on the detail of facial expressions in many of your other sets, so I can’t wait to see how she reacts to her predicament.

    I’m really excited about this set, as it has so many possibilities and its potential is undeniable. Thank you for you continued work. You’re getting better and better with each piece you create.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  14. Wow that would be awasome.
    Wish see it soon.^^

  15. might be the best set yet.

  16. A suggestion for your consideration: Don't try to squeeze in all the fetishes people mentioned they would like to see. Spread them evenly through your sets, especially as for example, one liking footjobs may dislike gangbangs and vice versa. Also, I hope that now when you know what poeple like, you will appeal to their/our fetishes more than once.

  17. Can't wait to see full set. It would be awesome to see her stretched by this big cocks. But there is one thing.. I miss non-anthro beasts.. Any chances in future?

  18. suggestion:
    please don't forget the futa part ;3

  19. Anon, no dragons on the horizon, for the moment...

    Anon, the scene is a w.i.p. There's a lot of stuff to be added, the tentacles will appear, don't worry.

    Sanders, she... fucking the demons? cool, I may try that.

    Sera, I know that she looks almost apathetic, but thats because the scene isn't finished. There will be a lot of conflicted emotions on her facial expressions :3

    SS, "For example, have her standing on one leg while her current partner holds her other up near her shoulder, putting her into a split. Not only would that allow a much deeper penetration, but it would show off her entire body, perfect for a stomach distortion."

    That's a very exciting pose, I think that I'll give it a try.

    Simo, the set with the mercenary girl has a non-anthro alien :3

    Anon, futa will probably be in. At least one or two shots.

  20. @Vaesark
    No, please no!!!!
    I don't want to see her fucking demons while she have a dick... it's too gay if you ask me. She can fuck them by riding them endlessly when she'll turn into demon herself but not with a dick...
    Sorry if you misunderstood me ;-)

  21. -pauses bashing the F5 button-

    hm...Maybe something to show the discomfort/pain/humiliation? Tears or her make-up running? Heck, go ahead and let the beasts slap her about for a bit, marking her skin red where they strike her?

    Smudges of dirt on her skin if/when she hits the ground, some slime effects if they hit her hair with their cum, slimy trails if/when cum hit her body and so forth.

    As to the clothes...hmmm. If possible, try and show how they rip and shred her clothes of her body; leave the tatters on her if you can. Destroyed innocence can be quite a turn-on.

    I remember a scene where you had a character from Soul Calubur 2 being raped; look back at that one for inspiration.

    Glory be; I should sit back and ponder how she can be completely humiliated; this will be too good a thing.

    ((A note on the tentacle thing: Slime tentacles ftw; lovely deformation to the point of the tentacles themselves turning into creatures? Or a nice big plant that drinks her nectar while making sure more comes by stimulation?))

    Goodness, I know I cannot wait on this set to finish; I know I'll end up blowing my top. Now, back to refreshing this page for more.

    Above all: I know you'll surprise us with awesome art. Keep at it!

  22. I'm exciting for the gangbang turn of events. I think she should fight them and end up dominating them all and becoming their masters. :)

  23. Boy, she sure looks ready for the long-haul :) Not very concerned about her situation!

  24. I guess we all can be very eager to wait for this set.

    Its really interesting how much differend things you wanna combine here.
    I like the thought of "fuck you till you scram for more" anyways, kinda of a fetish i think (dunno).
    So i am looking forward to the completion of this one.

    I hope i didnt criticise too much on your work, cause i just wanna be productive in giving new ideas or points of view.

    Aaaanyways, alot of talk again.


  25. Sanders, hahaha XD just kidding

    Malcanthet, that's the plan, once she turns into a succubus she will control them through sex... just like in real life! lol

    joeannie, she's a though girl, she can endure it... but thats the problem, she may start liking it ;) I still working on the expressions :3

    Sera, constructive criticism is always welcome.

  26. Looking forward to it! :D (Although, her lower back might be arching a little too much there.)

  27. I love her expression. She's cool about it, like she's in control xD. she's like, "hey guys, is this a surprise birthday party or something?"

  28. chicks with dicks aren't my cup of tea, but the rest I look forward to.

  29. Wow! I love this scene - can't wait for it to develop! My fantasy, helpless and surrounded by HUGE monsters...mmmmm. I agree with some comments about her expression - should show some fear and trepidation - i know i would! Hope there is multiple penenetration of her and lots of cum on her! Love it, more, more more! Many thanks Vaesark for creating a great image of one of my fantasies xxx.

  30. plzplzplz make her apearence in futa more then 2 images !!!! at least let her play a bit with her new body :P or with some other girl!!!

  31. I'm looking fwrd to seeing her, sorry to rush u but please hrry.! Dx

  32. an-tici-pation

    I could swear I heard Yvonette begging for some really deep pene-tration

  33. Did you ever finish this set? I've been waiting for this one...

  34. No come on, dont put a dick on her, that would ruin it, at first it would be awesome for you to put like some awaiting to get in the hard penetration but at the beggining some humiliating rubing moves and facefucking, and some cum but dont let her all covered just a bit after, like disappear it, and gradually her worrying expresions grow, ending up in squirts and crying, looking up for it.