Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elvane, the dark elf

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  1. I hope she ends up geting pregnant that be hot:)

  2. I second what anon1 said. Sweet set, nice work. <3

  3. Personally, pregnant stuff is offputting to me, but in nearly every comment I've read, it seems to be a majority thing.

    I quite liked the Embrace Eternity "pregnant" thing.

  4. <3 that set. It's one of your best. Really <3 the huge cock.
    But how come the pelvis area doesn't bulge out all that much relative to the belly?
    And when are you gonna make a hot shemale or nasty shemale paired up with a young little drow girl? :)


  5. That pic no 5 is one of the most exciting i have ever seen !
    she looks so small, tender and willing ... the way she licks his finger and touches his cockhead ...
    like a hot cat !
    thanx for this!

  6. This is the revamp of your old Dark Elf set isn't it, Vae? I recognize the monster's face, and then did a double-take and realized Elvane looks like the dark elf who fucked the last two.

  7. Nice work. Always appreciate your sentiments in making these women lovers, not toys.

  8. I agree. She turned out just how i though she`d be.
    Very nice indeed. I would have loved to see an internal cumshot tho ;)

  9. Nice set! Really love the lighting on #7. And nice fog. Were you using Poser atmospherics, or is that postwork?

  10. I have but one complain... It's too dark, even when I bright up my monitor it's still too dark :-(

  11. CyCaDeLiC, I cant promise anything but, maybe the next time that I use her...

    Aya, there will (probably) be some futa on the paladin set. But I didn't thought about adding another girl, and I think that no one else requested it, so it is unlikely...

    J, actually... it's a completely new girl.

    ???, I always enjoy it more if they enjoy it too :3 the look of a female in pleasure/ecstasy is really exciting for me :b (another reason why it is almost always consensual)

    Sera, ok... noted, will be taken into consideration for a possible continuation, along with the pregnancy :3

    MongoBongo, the "fog" is actually "light cones" generated by the light points in carrara (never used poser), there's also some postwork.

    Sanders, I dont know... It looks ok on my screen o.O

  12. Seeing a cute girl taking something so big 3 times is awesome, but the individuel scenes are a bit short. I think it would have been better to focus on 2 penetration scenes and make them better/more detailed than stretch it too thin with more scenes.

  13. Elvane’s set was incredible. I absolutely loved the dual light effects. One side of the room was bathed in a reddish hue, while the other side lounged beneath a blue tint. At the middle where they clashed, the darkness created helped Elvane stand out from the shadows. It definitely fit in with her dark elven heritage. In my own opinion, I think it almost made her hair seem to glow. Her skin, though darkened and lightened in different images, retains the coloring of each light source. Her grey flesh, tinged in blue or red, really created a magnificent visual element. Additionally, the fogged effect, like a light mist in the room, added to the feel of a seductive atmosphere for the two lovers. It made for a great enhancement to their session.

    Elvane’s facial expressions were just gorgeous. I could see the desire in her eyes and the pleasure that filled her body with each penetration. The way her eyes closed and her mouth parted showed so much feeling. I think that her body position in the fifteenth and sixteenth image really were the best in the set, not that there were anything wrong with the others. The way her hand reaches back to touch his thigh and her head is turned to look at her partner show so much emotion. In the following image, her hands are clenched so tightly into fists and her eyes are shut…the position is just stunning. The standing penetration was an amazing position. I think it might have been a little more sensual if she had her arms around his neck, but then again, with her arms down, it makes the penetration seem so much more intense.

    As a side note, during that scene, due to the angle in the nineteenth picture, I thought she was sitting on the box in the background for a second.

    I’ve gone on a bit too long, but I love to examine your work in detail. It deserves such praise and I’m happy to contribute to the admiration. Can’t wait for your next sets. I’m looking forward to them with great anticipation.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  14. SS, i could have not said it better. Awesome how you put it in so much detail.
    I also love the expressions in detail. Actually i dont pay so much attention to the penetration and sex itself but to the expressions made.
    So i really loved that.
    Even so i dont like her lover so much but that really doesnt stain any of my appreciacion for that set cause of her sensual behavior.
    Its not a matter of skill or use of tools this time (meaning detail or lighting or anything else) but of her facial expressions.
    Awesome really.

  15. Immensely cute gal :) And indeed, a very filling partner!

  16. It may be because I display your images on a Mac, but I find these images (for the first time) too dark to make out the detail. I can, of course, alter them easily enough, but I feel something is missing ( the first time I have ever adversely criticised your generally excellent work. Great concept and some nice features, even so.

  17. As a couple others mentioned, it was a tad bit too dark in about half of the pics. It may have been intentional (dark elf and all), but it made it hard to make out the detail you put into it.

    I also agree with the comment about having fewer positions but with more pics of each position. I personally prefer the sets to look more like slide shows where you can really see the progression, as opposed to the ones that kind of jump around.

    Lastly, the humanoid guy had too big of a schlong. IMO it was unrealistic (even given the genre!) and clearly wouldn't have fit into that girl :P Something slightly less extreme would be nice, or some sort of bulge effect + painful look as the huge member squeezes in...

    All that being said, it was still a great set and I enjoyed it! The drow girl was hot and there were some great poses in there. I liked that you finished with a cumshot, which is always welcome, although the more cum the merrier I always say :)

  18. Actually you do see quite a bulge on her belly in nearly every picture of penetration.

    You might have overlooked that cause of the problems with lighting, but she`s pretty much rounded up with that big of a tool fucking her.

  19. It's so nice to see one of your full sets again. :) I especially love her tattoos and the sexy blowjob/titjob combination.

  20. I love this set, the lighting (May be my laptop, don't know) seems to be a little off compared to the previous sets. The lighting on the last image in this series allows you to see all the details of Elvane a lot better. I'm not trying to be mean here, just creative criticism. Keep up the good work!