Thursday, August 4, 2011

Embrace Eternity

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  1. real hot. maybe my fav

    id like to see them with that cock with them still wearin some of the plug suit like in pics 4 and 5. them outfits are mad sexy

  2. Great work, and clever title. Now I feel the urge to go back and play ME2 again.

  3. Hahahaha Embrace Eternity, well played!

  4. Hey Vaesark,

    This new set is really shaping up to be one of your best…not that it isn’t incredible with what you’ve done already. The two Asari look extremely exotic with their blue skin. I was amazed how you were able to color their skin with a blush that retained a normal pinkish hue. The small details, such as the shadows along their backs that shift the tone to purple and the gleam of the lighting adding a red tone to parts of their limbs, were just absolutely gorgeous. The models were almost like they were ripped right from the game. These Asari are so unlike any of your other girls so far. Your drows are indeed special in their own right and though I will always favor them above all, this set is definitely giving them a run for their money. I hope to see more of the Asari in future sets. They really deserve to become staples.

    The creature came out fantastic. His “special” characteristics are already on display, so I can’t wait to see the second half of this set. You’ve revealed so much incredible detail on his body that I’m extremely anxious for the scene to heat up more. One of the things that I was impressed with was how you kept his face from being shown up until several images had already passed. It kept me in suspense and frankly, made the set a lot more intriguing.

    One final question: Could you give an update on the "Girls" and the "Bestiary" pages? I’d like to know how those projects are coming along. Thanks a bunch.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  5. @V
    There's gonna be part 2, right?
    I also would like to ask what about your other projects you've been working on:
    -Drow sisters
    -New Lilith
    -This one with dark elf paladin
    -Annika's blonde friend
    And other stuff...
    How's it going?

  6. amazing work vaesark, as usual, and like I asked before what is the password for your older work? Whenever I try to unzip it it says it requires a password. thanks


  7. Pass for the CG's:

  8. thanks hyrdo

  9. I was kind of surprised by how cute and cuddly the "monster" looks. (And not in a bad way. He's adorable. I'd smex that.)

  10. Vaesark , I have to say I admire your work , you do some incredible things and I am happy to see everytime you release something new .
    This one is REALLY good !
    I like Sarah and the dog too , I like all of your artwork , please continue making great stuff , not many artists make such good artworks...

  11. abikka, It's a little bit too late for that... maybe next time.

    SS, the "girls" and "bestiary" tabs will be used for the comic that I'm working on... not any time soon I'm afraid >_>

    Sanders, yes, of course there will be a part 2 :3

    Drow sisters - on hold

    new Lilith - will appear on the comic (secondary character)

    dark elf paladin - (one of the main characters)

    Ila - on hold

    Annika's friend - recycled into another set :3

    thanks everyone for the comments.

  12. Btw have you found anyone to translate the comic? Google translate sucks ass... but if worse comes to worse I'll use it :)

  13. TMW, not yet, but I didn't searched, It is still a long way to go before the first release, there is no rush for a translator.

  14. cool man. still a great set. its amazing you take the time to do this. cant believe its free lol.