Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Update: this is the one that will fuck them, the concept is the same as the one that was going to fuck the drow sisters, his penis is small that they can deepthroat and gag on it, but it grows bigger as he gets excited, while the balls shrink that they can have a huge cock stretching their pussies :3 getting them ready of the next step.... Another characteristic of this creature is that he doesn't really cum, he inserts an embryo directly in the uterus that starts to grow immediately and develop into a larva, the process only takes a couple of hours and a huge bulge on the belly is visible after a couple of minutes... When the larva is ready... it comes out with no harm for the host, in fact... many females have intense orgasms in this last process.


  1. So, youre ME fan as well? ;-)

  2. Nice! Can we expect to see more of these two?

  3. woooooo oh yeah girl/girl? i like that :P

  4. Man, you should totally do more with these two.

  5. Wow! It's really reminds me Mass Effect.

    Can't remember the name of this race. Something like Asari..

  6. Awesome Asari!

    Count me among those who would like more blue love.

  7. I really like this, Asari + Krogan maybe?

  8. Wow, its been such a long time since I've posted! I'm sorry i've been absent, a lot of RL stuff has come up that was unavoidable.

    This ME pair is stunning! Good work on their render, I love the game myself.

    The 'new Sarah' that you were trying to make, the girl with that hat? I adore her. I love her smile, her outfit and everything about her! And good show that you've got some naughty doggy for her to play with.

    Sarah is looking good, good show on working on your comic, I hope it really comes along well for you. Make sure to pace yourself and give yourself a buffer of comics to post before hand so you dont struggle to make new ones, if you want it to be consistent. Comics are hard to do, of course.

    I saw your big burly beast doggy! Ohh, where was that when K'rikka wanted some canine lovin'? Haha, don't worry about that, though. I'm loving your work more than ever, all I see are constant improvements.

    Still a fan,

  9. Sorry for my bad english, I use an internet translator for this text if that's okay.

    I have been following your work already because a whole and am very excited by the images which you create a great praise to you, you're great.

    I have however asked, whether it is possible also much lighter to date Create a werewolf girl in various poses. I'm personally a fan of wolves and therefore I got this idea and also to ask yourself whether this is possible.

    It's just the only way an idea which I hope eventually for a new stimulus, to bring in pictures :)

  10. i would love to see these two in a story with the same format as the last where they dike out for awhile before some bigass dude (no more taurens or demons or beasts, or beast dudes with pimp hats) comes to help them out. One piece would have been so much more erotic than it already was if the guy didnt have a frikkin pelt! talk about disgusting, hairy asscracks! shheesh.
    i dont play ME, but i like the asari, and you rendered them awesomely! look forward to the rest!!!

  11. Where did you get those morphs and textures?!
    Must ahve them! :3c

  12. btw, i adore your series erelae on xxxelfsexxxx as the best youve done. i dont remember when you ever did a series where the guy wasnt a fugly monster or demon or animal or some other damn thing. two hot drow goin at it....awesome....i hope the series has many more renders to go!!! thanks so much, i subscribe there because of your series!!!

  13. Sanders, I like the game ...and I like the Asari... do the math.. :D

    Hydrocity, Nige111, yes, I'm working on a set as part of my break from medieval fantasy stuff.

    Fat Tony, thats correct :3

    wetzlar, blue chicks are great, aren't they? ;)

    Anon, not a krogan, but another alien will show up after the girls have warmed up.

    Malcanthet, I'm actually taking a break form the comic and medieval fantasy stuff, I don't want to rush it or force myself to work on it since that usually detracts from the quality :3
    good to see you around again ^^

    Anon, a werewolf girl? It's possible, but it's not really the kind of stuff that I usually do :/

    Zafo, the headmorph it's a freebie by jamesJAB at daz3D, see the thread *here* the base textures are *these* modified by myself to get the blue tone.

    iberios, that set at xxxelfxxx was an exception, nothing that you'll see here at the blog. I got paid to do it, I would never expend so many days doing it otherwise.
    Concerning these asari... you'll be dissapointed, it start as lesb but a male alien shows up soon, it's one of the fugly ones. I thought that this was already clear... This is the main topic of the blog: Beautiful girls having consensual sex with monsters/aliens/beasts and anything that acentuates the contrast (ugly,old, fat dudes).

  14. I vote Vorcha, Krogan, or Batarian for the monster! (supermassive Mass Effect fan :)

  15. @V
    Is the Enkindler gonna fuck them? xD
    Or Blasto the Jelly Fish? xD

  16. actually... its a unknown creature, maybe I'll post a sample... tomorrow... 1:04 AM here ... I should sleep... at least .....5 hours a day.........



  17. It's ok, I'm only just at the idea with the werewolf girl at the Panther girl that you had once presented on June 4, 2011.

  18. Ah, I do so hope its a large creature, I love the thought of a cute Asari maiden being stretched by some cosmic monstrosity.

  19. But it should be creature from ME universe, don't you think?

  20. Anon, wait... you meant a female werewolf having sex with the cat-girl (not a panther-girl). I'm confused >_<

    Anon, yup I'll upload some samples so that you can take a look at his proportions :3

    Sanders? it should? well... it would certainly make more sense and fit better but... one of the good things about rendering this myself is that I can do whatever I want to... the male aliens from ME are all uninteresting for me, the vorcha and salarians are too skinny, the batarians are too similar to humans (body shape at least), the krogan are ok but they are sterile... lastly, all of them are of standard human stature, I want something bigger.

  21. @V
    You're the boss here I just spoken my mind.
    You could do a turian or human male.

  22. Sry for the confusion, I have so many ideas and few can be described ...

    I had not thought of a coat Covered girls, more so the direction of the cat girl, a sort of wolf girl with wolf ears and tail, maybe a little shaggy hair and seductive eyes.

    I hope I was able to clear the confusion a bit :)

    P.S. sry for my inet-translated englisch, im german and not so good in english

  23. You could always make it a Yahg if you want to stay true to the series (new species from the Shadow Broker DLC)

  24. Sanders, take a look at the samples :3

    Anon, aha, I get it now... maybe I'll do it... I think that I have an idea that may please a lot of people.... ;)

    Hydrocity, aww shit, that one was actually interesting, he looks huge... but I didn't knew it, I didn't played that dlc, I never buy dlcs.... too many € for very few hours of gameplay >_>

    but it's too late now :/

  25. In my personal opinion, the DLC for Mass Effect 2 is the best money I have ever spent lol

  26. Hm, does this mean the Drow Sisters are scrapped? I hope not, I was looking forward to them. Unfortunately I haven't played much Mass Effect, just a bit of the first one.

  27. @V
    I like the idea of larva hatching and not cumming in the process xD
    It is something new in your renders... Shame it is not a specie from the universe but still... Well done ;-)

  28. Ah well, was sort of hoping it would be a Elcor, those are fairly large creatures after all.

  29. Hmm... such creature should have sex with hotter mate. I'm just not into blue-skinned chick that looks like an alien. I'm more into human looking, like elves and... well, humans.

  30. Nice background for such sad happenings :)

  31. Hopefully the resulting size of their belly is just as prodigious as their father.

    ...of course the mesh has to look good too at a larger size. XD

    Keep up the good work, it's nice to see the sci-fi for a little variety! :)

  32. I must say, I love your art. Its perfect.

    I wont talk for everyone else, but I much prefer the solo girls more than anything else. Keep 'em coming

  33. Hey vaesark i recently started downloading your work, but for the lder stuff it says I need a password, what is it?

  34. Amazing work btw, can't wait for the full set :D