Monday, August 8, 2011


Another character that I've made for:

Now free for all... courtesy of Amarok


  1. Luverly. Never been so happy to be
    'mooned'. Thanks to Amarok as well.


  2. Nice, she have a normal face... not "loli" one like all your other girls ;-)
    And big tits xD
    Will you post the whole set with her here in the future?

  3. Sanders... yeah, you are right, I've been doing nothing more than ugly ass "lolis", but your post made me open my eyes, from now on... I will change my style and do like 98% of every other single artist and do only women with big tits and long hair, fucking or being raped by the standard six-pack guy... I'm going to be so special an original...



    Seriously now... do any of you know any other artist (2D or 3D) IN THE ENTIRE PLANET that does what I do as its main topic? (consensual sex with monster/alien/fatuglyoldman)
    Because I could never found one like me (foreveralone.jpg) lol.

  4. Do whatever you do as long it's absolutely sexy as this one is :D

  5. Hey Vaesark,

    All I can say is Shura’s a real knockout. Great to see another dark skinned beauty. I absolutely love her hair. The way the cobalt and lavender strands clash with each other is just incredible. The lighting in this set is superb and the dark atmosphere really brings out a nice gleam to her skin. The boots and gloves are a nice touch, easily highlighting her limbs and the positions they are in. The contrast of black fabric and silver linings, as well as the silver buckles in her bodice and gloves, are a great visual pleasantry. Definitely one of your best renders. Thanks again for such a great set.

    Just out of curiosity, is Shura a drow or another species? Hope to hear from you, Vaesark.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  6. Regarding Sander's comment, yes, I agree with you Vaesark. You are awesome, as I much prefer consensual sex than rape. Besides, your art (of face and body) is by FAR the best that I've ever seen. Seriously, I have seen some consensual sex with monster/alien (ex: homealone_447), but the girls there are ugly, compared to yours (I've seen worse, of course, but I'm comparing to your art).

    Keep the beautiful women coming. Although I prefer human skinned women better than blue/black skinned chicks, you don't exist for me, and apparently, some people like those kinda chicks a lot.

    Once again, thank you, and keep up the good work.

  7. @V
    Im sorry, I was only joking. You don't have to change anything in your renders because you're doing an amazing job ;-)
    I was just stasting my mind...
    I appologize if my post offended you.

  8. please keep doing those ''ugly ass lolis'' - your doing something unique just people keep doing what YOU like

  9. "I've been doing nothing more than ugly ass "lolis" - Yessum!

    But I am still waiting for an ugly ass HERMIONE having sex with a big & hairy guy, his boarhound and maybe even evil old Voldy...


  10. Absolutly brilliant.
    Always love the solo girls you make. They are so erotic and perfect.

    Thanks Vaesark :)

  11. SS, she's a dark elf, Drows have red eyes and their skin is a lot darker.

    HMS, I did not know about homealone_447, but it seems that he only does pay-stuff, still... good to know that there is at least one more out there :)

    Sanders, it's ok, I didn't felt offended or anything, it's just that I want it to be clear that thats not gonna change for the same reasons that I wont be doing mainstream males...

    Jess, your continued efforts and dedication may have reward soon ;)

    Gaz, well, I always try to provide at least a few solo shots of each girl :3

  12. Oh yes, I'm REALLY diggin this character.
    Personally, I'd like just a LITTLE tiny bit more meat on her frame, but her ACTUAL design is excellent, I really love this one.

    Thank you for this Vae ^^

  13. MOA, if you like this one I think that you'll love the new "Matron", even though she wont be "the Matron" anymore... she'll appear in the comic, but I'll show a preview as soon as I can :3

  14. Holy fuck!

    "Jess, your continued efforts and
    dedication may have reward soon."

    I think I'm gonna drop dead when it's finally happening...


  15. :O A Hermione Set?!

    X3 I'm looking forward to such a set. Knowing you, it will be amazing. Great work.