Sunday, July 24, 2011

As requested...

Sara in stockings:


  1. How lovely! Sarah is a wonderful girl.

    She'd look superb tied back-to-back to a dalmatian...

    Great artwork!!

  2. Seriously you are incredable! I have missed you lots ^^. Anywho, I love this girl soooo much. The set was incredable also. MUCH MUCH MUCH love. I love the looks she gives, so seductive hehe. You, more then any other guy can turn me on with your skillset hehe.
    -Fellow Bitch in heat : p

  3. Hey Vaesark,

    Sara’s definitely looking gorgeous in the stockings. Love the stripper pole stuck in a castle-like setting. It really enhances the mood of this set. Her look is so sultry and enticing, as if she’s accustomed to getting her way no matter what. One of the things that was so interesting about the set was the last picture. Despite the fact that she’s removed her platforms, she still poses on her toes. The position of her legs and feet really enhances the impact of the stockings. In addition to the lighting, the contrast between her pale skin and the black fabric brings out a special quality to her body. She’s beautiful and she’s completely willing to show it. Thank you for the set to indulge in. You’ve done a fascinating job.

    “May your work continue to prosper and your flow of creativity never cease.”

  4. Now that is really something hot :-)
    SSJLevel04 exactly expressed my feelings for this one
    Thank you sooo much ;-)

  5. Nice ass, what about another dog?

  6. I can't wait to see her meet a few other friends

  7. Thanks. But she should have left the HAT on...


  8. dobbin, I won't use more dogs in a while but, the next time I do, I'll try to do more knot scenes like the one that you suggested before :3

    Mykaela, I know... I haven't logged into the messenger since... I can't even remember o_O

    SS, Sanders, I'm glad that you liked it :3

    Anon, no more dogs for a little while...

    Kai, sure, why not? go ahead... :P

    Jess... I know ;)

  9. Very nice, clean face expressions :) sweet as always. Yah, animals are hard to pose.

  10. Perhaps Sarah would like to entertain a horse if she's had enough doggie time for a while...

    If she would, what about a stallion who puts his front legs STRAIGHT up on a bale of hay or what-have-you? So much more convincing than bent front legs or rearing up in mid air...

    And if he had a realistic-sized cock instead of the usual vast monster, so much the better!

    But what do I know? Sarah is a great creation and would go beautifully with any well-endowed critter!

    Best wishes and real admiration from Dobbin.

  11. Why do I love this character so much? Usually I go for the big boobs being impaled by monster organs (don't we all?) but I keep coming back to this one. I think it's her mouth. She looks a little like Julie Bowen (from the TV series Modern Family) but only really her upper lip. I don't know why I can't stop looking at her, but more, more, more!