Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As you may know I'm working on a new Eve, Draenei and other stuff but, I started this girl on the weekend and... couldn't stop >_< I did a wallpaper, some solo shots and I'm actually working on a set >_> .
The next update will be to show you the new Draenei or Eve, I promise ò_ó
Also, I added another great artist to the list: Knight77 He does WoW related stuff mostly, go check it out at: "the knight shines bright"

And without more delay, I present to you: Siari



And Siari posing for you...


  1. UNICORN put her with a unicorn , NO a group of unicorn XD

  2. amazing! awesome! this girl and a dragon ^^

  3. WoW awesome. The location, the background, the girl... everything. But i think the sword shines a liite bit to strong. a dragon would be nice

  4. She is stunning, as are all of your works, maybe a rape scene on this one? Something like the Cassandra set?

  5. Wow. She is absolutely gorgeous. I retract my statement about Ariene and the werewolf girl, this one is even better, it's my new favorite for sure.

    Remember the Dark guardian? I love scenarios like that. She should be with a dragon.. but one that's just a bit bigger than her, but curious. A nice gold, bronze, or copper tone might go well, though if you want an evil dragon I would definitely go with a Blue dragon as it would certainly be the best contrast.

    If you do, make sure to slide his prick between her nicely formed breasts... perhaps pinning her to the ground while he sexes them up.

  6. Siari + Dragon = WIN

  7. She's hot, and no rape set please :] Consensual is hotter. I agree with the dragon idea.

  8. ok this is amazing.......

  9. thanks for mentioning me in your blog :)
    you know I love your work, especially the drow elves ;)

  10. Anon1, all the unicorns will be busy with Eve ;)

    Tikki, o.O well... uhm... It's an elven magic silver shining sword! >_>

    ObituaryParty, Pandemonium, It's not going to be rape this time.

    Knight77, hey no problem, the more the merrier. It's always good to see another artist joining the party :3

    About the dragon for Sirai, well, I was already working with a huge troll but, Maybe I can do another set with a dragon, the problem is that, to all the stuff that I'm working on already theres something to add: Carrara8 was just released (fuck yeah!) I already purchased the update (would be free if I wasn't too impatient months ago >_<) and I will have to spend a lot of time to get used to all the features and possibilities that it has.

  11. Can you try a POV(Point of View) set with Siari? Thing is you dont need any "monsters" or...? =)

  12. This is very nice! There's just one thing bothering me. The second last picture at the bottom right. In that pictures her arms somehow look huge.

  13. Wow, such nice eyes. I really look forward to her set.

  14. She's nice. :)

    I really like her makeup. :)

  15. She is stunning, and Trolls are my favourite creatures, I use them all the time.
    Does the sword show us that she tries to fight him first?
    I love the setting too.

    I don't think I commented on Inala's set, very nice, she would look great trying to sneak naked through the slums, attempting to evade all those she's used over the years.

  16. Hmmm, the background is my favorite part, too, whereas the gal looks kinda tame to me. Still, the sword might mean that she will fight and struggle and I wonder who might be her adversary. A really mean and cruel creature could provide a thrilling contrast to the rather peaceful setting...

    Just my 2 cents.

    Have a nic e weekened, everyone.


  17. She is sooo hot ^^. Love you Vaesark, always have tons of fun with your pics. WOuld totally let you conjure up monstrosities from your mind to fuck me in another life. hehe *innocent smile*

  18. I agree with the others, her eyes are so captivating. Several shots of her giving a blowjob at various angles looking up at you from the tip, swallowing the cock, and under the shaft would be perfect. Perhaps with the member crushed between her breasts... it would just amplify the expressions she could make.

    I think making her smile might really do something (like showing some of her teeth) like she was giggling or amusing herself doing something might be interesting.

  19. loving your new stuff, I remeber at one point you said you wanted to move to movies rather then picture sets correct? what ever became of that? you posted the werewolf one and it was pretty good if a little simple, but it showed alot of potentional, thought your pictures are amazing, keep up the good work!

    also have you heard of a game called league of legends? there are some pretty hot characters in it, in perticular id love to see you do something of a character called Evelynn, or maybe another called Ashe, there are also all sorts of larger monsters you could have them with, a purple minotaur called Alistar, a demon jester, a large steam golem, and even a large earth elemental called malphite.

  20. Robin, I'll do one or two pov shots but not the hole set o.O

    horsemount, looks perfect for her, doesn't it?

    Muddy, Jess, she wont fight, she loves trolls too :b

    Mykaela, ...I would to totally love to do so. And maybe join myself :b

    Malcanthet, I have already done that, but the cock is too big to her mouth, so she licks and puts it between her breasts :3

    Anon, that was my intention but, some event made me change priorities. I'm testing new software to improve the quality of the renders that also have better tools for animation.

  21. @Vaesark

    The idea about creation movies is really rather interesting, especially if you already had a brief experience in it.

    If you wish it, perhaps it is necessary to make by analogy with flash-game from yosino (If someone did not see them it is possible to look here - In this case your works would combine in themselves pictures, stories and small flash-animations.

    However preservation of all beauty, smoothness and grace of your models at creation of video will demand too many forces and time for one person.

    If there will be no person capable to help you in video creation, continue to please us with the wonderful pictures.

    Kind regards, Jul

  22. Jul, well... right now I don't have the skills, knowledge and time to start a project like that but, someday I will. And until that day comes I'll continue to do CG sets and pictures. About your suggestion of other mythological creatures... mnn I may try some of them in the future; vampires are actually quite interesting for me.

  23. I would LOVE to see more dragon stuff!, ^ ^ this girl+a dragon=LOVE!

  24. Vaesark, once again your work is amazing. I look forward to any set with this beautiful girl. But I must say, I am waiting someone axiously for the next Eve/Unicorn and particularly the Draenai sets. I have no doubt whatsoever that the sets will be phenominal. There's just someone about a girl with hooves...

    Out of curiousity, have you considered a girl with wings -- i.e. a fairy, harpy, etc? Knight77 has a fantastic short set with a harpy that is very hot. I think I like wings almost as much as hooves and tails. ;)

    Thank you so much for turning me on to Knight77. He does amazing work as well.

  25. hey why don´t you crate a short animation? we all knows that you can do something like that. it would all of us very happy. many greetings from china 宋军雷

  26. iebe ihr , und ICH meinen ein Feuerzeug daemon würdet tun groß mit ihr , ausführen Sie meinen Sie kann ausführen die Draeni beste?

  27. oops srry,Love her, and I think a lighter daemon would do great with her, do you think you could do the Draeni first?

  28. Anon, girls with wings are hot and all, but so are all the mythological girls, trying to make each and every one of them is... impossible, but I'll keep your request in mind.
    I'm sure that Knight77 will appreciate a few words of support @ his blog ;)

    "im not rofl mao" what kind of name is that? ROFLMFAO seriously now, making an animation takes me as much as a full set and x3 rendering time (or more)>_< so I only do it when I'm extremely motivated.

    Themagicwombat, ¿tí que dís? non sei de que carallo falas o.O


    just kidding, about doing the Draenei first... probably not, the Siari's set is already started so, that will probably be the next.

  29. Is he going to cum between her breasts as a finish all over her? That would be hot with one of those pretty eyes plastered shut, grinning as he's all done.

  30. She remind me to my lovely Tihanna...just a little more "elvish" ;)

    Well done.

  31. Malcanthet, I didn't got to that part yet so, thats a possibility ;)

    Zzomp, there are elves of all kinds and shapes (and I love them all :b) Tihanna is certainly pretty too.

  32. Maybe you could try multiple cum shots with her since she is so popular. The monster could be very virile and then would want to fill the other spot too. I'm sure she wouldn't mind the extra love either.

    Have you put some thought into making it extremely obvious about your females orgasming too? An expression of revelry might be fun to try.

  33. Wow, this little girl is a hottie indeed. I am looking forward to this set now almost as much as the Eve and Draenei sets. Those eyes!

  34. gorgeous! the eyeliner could be lighter. love to see the thong but the pants lack some kind of clear separation/finish on top.

  35. Very detailed. Go with Tauren/Draenei consensual sex, yo.

    You know, you don't HAVE to BUY the latest software. Just saying.

  36. Yaanu, the Draenei set will come... but it's not going to be consensual.
    About the software... I know, I know... but I like to keep all my renders legit.

  37. Oh yes! I just loved the old Eve. She's beautiful. Breathtakingly so!

    And you're bringing her together with a dragon as I can see a little further up.

    This is perfect! :D

  38. Cute - nice crisp lighting and render :)