Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bestial Breed

A lot of you probably already saw this, but for those who don't... this is something you can't miss, I'm talking about the Rastakax new movie: Bestial breed 1.3  You can download it for free at his blog:
It has a lot of interesting things like: monster consent sex, rape, impregnation & birthing...  Go check it out!
About my own updates... I have a 3 days weekend so I'll have plenty of time to work on all the girls and sets like: the draenei, the new Eve, Ariene, and some others... and maybe another new story or a continuation of the Inala's tales :3 (not decided yet).


  1. What a girl of Vaersak Web Site dou you prefer?

  2. Would love an Inala continuation if you do indeed decide to do one.

  3. Yes! I can't WAIT to see some draenai action!

  4. I've been trying to get the latest file that Rastakax linked to but megaupload keeps timing out on me and the RS is used up. Anyone that can help, I'd appreciate it...

  5. Here Kai. I uploaded it to mediafire for you. Have fun. ;)

  6. I've got a little something for Inala :)


  7. David, that's going quite close to my own plan: Eve, Draenei, Inala...

    ObituaryParty, I have yet to ask Nightshade but, I also think that the story deserves a second part :b

    Anon, I know... I know..., relax XD

    Spirit, so do I :3

  8. As from your previous Lilith and the wizard post, Im continuing here -- Yes, C-cup is bigger, the ones you put on her look like B-cups. I'm going to scan some new pictures of her soon and link them here, since I've been playing around with how to do her tattoos, using yours as a little bit of inspiration. She wears a little short skirt, high boots and a top like one of your drow ladies, I believe she is like your 'The Dark Elf Lover' set remarkably enough.

    But DONT let that stop you from being creative! I don't want to sound greedy or anything.

    As for my favorite character, I absolutely adored the woman you made with the werewolf set, but Ariene has a special place in my heart.

    However -- as a blast from the past, do you remember the last girl you did on BeastForums? She had black hair, deep gothy eye make-up horns and tons of attractive tattoos - you had her with one of the trolls. I found her to be gorgeous, you had a very soft brown color scheme and a nice backround that made that set really stand out.

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  10. Malcanthet, ok, I'll try to work on it... when I have the time to. I'm quite busy at the moment.

    Alicia, veré lo que puedo hacer. Comprendo que debe de ser algo realmente frustrante.

  11. Thankyou. :)

    Do you remember the name of your last girl on Beast Forums, though? I do not have it on my laptop any longer.

  12. nope, but I think that I simply didn't named her o.O