Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, it's not yet finished and, for some reason, I'm not really satisfied with her looks o.O
Anyway here she is:

Also, along with carrara8 I'm trying out poser pro 2010, I wanna make sure that I choose the best and most potent rendering engine. Well, not really... I already discarded some software for being way too complicated to use or too expensive, Buying PP2010 will leave my credit card trembling already XD

So the next update will probably be some sample renders of my progress with the new software or the teaser of the Siari's set.


  1. -Droooool-
    Alright have to say I love it. I can't wait to see what happens to her with the Tauren!

    I would hope that you are keeping the same basic proportions from the original Tauren/Dranei picture, to see anything smaller would be, well, depressing!

    Anyway love your work, and even though I'm anxious, please take your time with the new software. I will always prefer quality to getting it quicker.

  2. Well I like more humans or elfs females but her face is cute. No need to be disappointed ;)


  3. Hmmm, I think I said some 100 years ago in a past life that I am not really familiar with these funnny (i.e. peculiar) Draenei-creatures. But she looks alright to me, the face is really cute, indeed.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Cheers, Jess

  4. I quite like her. :)

    That must be some high level armour, since there's not much of it. ;D

  5. I think she looks amazing. And orcs would be so prefered over Taurens, imho. Or at least a mix of the said ones... x]

  6. Very very nice. I can't wait for her set. Oh, those hooves!

    I was just curious about the wings, since they would seem somewhat of a challenge to do. I have no complaints whatsoever about the quality (or species) of the girls in your sets. =)

    Kind words have already been sent to knight77. His work is great. Between you, him, Zzomb, Hitman and Fullytank, my cup runneth over!

  7. A few critiques

    This draenei seems too familiar (as in human like) . Draenei look more alien, and weird.

    on another note, from the given angle the horns look somewhat strange.

    Maybe try a darker shade of blue, and increase the muscle tone on the upper body.

    Either way it is an awesome render, just think its not quite proper.

    keep up the amazing work though!!

  8. I wouldn't waste money on Poser 2010, to be honest.

    I tried Poser 2010 and Carrara 7.2 Pro, and ended up setting on Carrara. The only things Poser really has on Carrara is dynamic clothing and some people think the user interface is friendlier.

    At best you'll end up with equal renders to Carrara 8, so not really worth it. You also can't exchange files between the two programs so you'd be starting from scratch (unless you want to use .obj and tweak textures for hours).

    The UI is a bit steep compared to Poser, if you're used to Poser.

  9. I don't know Vaesark, she looks great to me. She's super hot and seems unique from your normal characters. Maybe it's just the lack of bangs? :-P

    Never played WoW but just looked up some Draenei pics. Anon above may have a point about the horns. Maybe try a more horizontal look? Or a curved ram horn look?

    In any case, GET HER IN A SET NAO!!!111

  10. hot as fucking hell, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SET. but still, as long as you do it IDC what girl it is.


  11. Awwwwww, please be satisfied with it, man! I was really sad when you weren't satisfied with your Leliana and it ended up not happening. Anyway, she looks great ^_^ Keep up the good work man :)

  12. If I had to guess as to why you're not satisfied, I'd say it's the eyes. If I may be so bold, based on your works you're a very eye-centric guy. A draenei leaves you wanting because the eyes are simply white orbs.

  13. I'm a new follower of your great artwork, I love what you're doin' man, yours pictures are giving me sweet dreams :)

    Now about that Draenei, I'm unfortunately not a WoW fan, so I don't have any reference on how they exactly look like. But I'd say she needs more work on skin texture (of fur if they are a furry kind) so she could reach the other girls quality. On the other hand, her face is so nice, thoses lips are most tempting I have t say !

    I hope to see her, or a Draenei that reaches your satisfaction, in a set. This will be nice to see some female creature other than elf or human in action :) But don't get me wrong, I really really love humans and elves girls ! This one though is promising to add a litle spice to your already good gallery.

  14. First, i really like your work.
    Most of it is simply excellent.
    Your draenei looks very good to me so far.

    Maybe you are more satisfied if you make your draenei look more like original WoW draenei.
    They have a bit longer, stronger legs and their hips and ass are also a bit bigger. The taurens dick would fit in it a bit better also.

    I myself as a WoW player and draenei fan miss those sweet tiny tentacles on her face.
    But thats the only thing.

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what i mean.

  15. Aw, I love her. I have to disagree, I think You succeeded in design pretty nicely.
    What makes the picture to seem a bit simple is her white skin, of course. There's always a problem with the large white areas. I don't know if it can be helped,though, and it will sovle itself with some action around... :)
    Thank You, she's a real cutie ^^

  16. The only real differences I see betwen this draenei and the first photos you posted are the skin color and facial structure. The first draenei had a pointier chin and plaer skin. It looks like there might be a little difference in the horns, but it's hard to tell without more of a profile view of the new girl.

    None of this is bad in the least -- just my observations on the slight differences between them. I shudder at the idea of a good set with either of them. =)

  17. @Vaesark

    I do not know exact representation of shape of Drenei girl, however by analogy to other similar beings, I assume that on its shins near to hoof there should be wool or club card for epilation salon in handbag ^_^

    In any case she is rather attractive and pleasant.

    Kind regards, Jul

  18. I think she is gorgeous Vae, but with one small problem. Draenei have BIG OL BOOTIES. So, that may be the strangeness you cant figure out. Her rear end would be hiked up a bit more and her stance would be a bit wider.

  19. Really nice, cant w8 to see her abused...."for the Horde"!!!

    LoL...sorry, I'm a WoW addict ^^

  20. Shmaded, I'll try to keep the same concept as the original idea.

    Prodigy, Jess, ...I'm sure that you would totally let her give you a blow job... ;)

    horsemount, remember, for the female fantasy armors... the less it covers ... the higher armor rating.

    Anon, the plan is to let the orks have their turn with her ... and maybe some other creature too ;)

    Visis, yup, hopefully more and more artists will join.

    Anon, mnn I think that you have some points, (the horns, skin) I'll see what can I do.

    Nightshade, maybe, but I think that I'll try both before choosing to specialize in one.

    MongoBongo, Alois, patience! I have to fix her first :b

    Mithril, mmnnn .. actually, the eyes are like they have to be (for a draenei) ... white orbs >_<

    markosorius, glad to have you here ^^ and, yup, maybe she's a little bit too pale. I'm working on it

    Anon, Malcanthet, bigger butt huh?... I'll see what can I do, but I dont promise anything :b (I prefer slim girls)

    Anon2, I'm working on it :9

    Jul, To be honest I'm not even sure if the Draeneis have any fur XD I'm not a WoW player >_< I'm doing this mostly by request.

    Zzomp, lol, The tauren and some orks will have fun with her, maybe some other creature join too :3

  21. I know you like the slim girl and so do I, I was merely referring to the character model having wider hips. It might be what is throwing you off.

  22. Malcanthet, I think you may be right about the butt. Take a look at this original image:

    While that is a nice slim little booty, it's also sticking out there quite a bit. I assume she has to stick that little thing out there because of the hooves and backward knees. Very sexy.

    It's hard to tell with the new girl because there isn't a profile shot, but I'm not seeing the butt stick out much. I'm sure it's still quite nice, however. =)

  23. She looks sensational.
    Can't wait to see her in the stocks!

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  25. Hmm I see what you mean then vis. Its that perkyness that I was thinking of.

  26. I'm not a huge fan of WoW... but I love the female form and... gosh! I have to say that this girl looks both delicious and exotic!

    can't wait to see her in action... or even better, something in action on her! :D

    awesome work, as always!

  27. need to see a full set.
    That would be great. ^^

  28. Oh wow I didnt see this one. She looks great, I hope you get the chance to finish a set for her. Great work as always.

  29. No. She is realy cute with a kind expression. Only the eyes(L'iride degli occhi (ITA ndt.)) would I change for a bether look of her sweet expression ^^

  30. All your work are great, a great disign (°-^)b. I love this kind of graphic and I hope will see one day an full animation of yours great work or maibe a game, would be great XD. Saluti dall'Italia XD

  31. Looks nice, but the tail is very much too small. That might be what looks off about it.