Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work in progress

For the next set we have the sweet dark elf and Two Pig-man...


  1. Hi.

    Good to know that something's
    going on. Looking forward to it.

    Cheers, Jess

  2. This is gonna be a sensational set.
    The girl is beautiful, and the creatures look just about as foul as can be!
    Seeing this beauty undress for the twisted pleasures of these two monsters is really gonna be something.

  3. You should give the pig-men corkscrew dicks, like real pigs! That would be amazing!

  4. Great to see you back at 99.99 % :D just lol, i'm seeing forward to this ! (thumbs up)

  5. Muddy, I think that we have very similar tastes when it comes to porn lol "is really gonna be something" I guarantee that ;D

    John, it could be interesting, but I don't have the right prop and I'm feeling too lazy to create one XD Also, I've already started to do the set :/

    Thanks everyone for the support, I will try to finish it soon.

  6. Looks like its coming along great. The chick looks great as do the pig creatures! Anyway again I'm glad your back and I'm still looking forward to a Tauren set sometime in the future. :)

  7. disculpa Vaesark pero en donde puedo encontrar tutoriales y / o renders para para especializarme en este arte??

  8. Mmm... this might make my top five for you Vaesark. This is good, thank you.

    The flat drow girl from the DD comic remains my favourite. Delicious flat chested dark beauty slut... *drools*

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  10. Vaesark, I should totally commission you to do my goblin girl. I think you're really, really enjoy her. I am an artist myself but do not do 3D work, and was curious if you'd like to try her out?

  11. GAAH! NOOOO!! Please! no more "boy cuts" hairstyles. Give these women a nice long silky mane of hair to hold onto while they get a good long humpin. Altho i prefer shiny jet black in color, any color is fine. Just a full mane of hair would be nice.

    Can u swap hair on them? Make a set with long and short hair?

    Corkscrew?! Meh, hopefully they will be WELL equipped, No tree branches or speghetti hangin between their legs.

    Very glad to see you back, looking forward to your great work as usual.

  12. Avo, para tutoriales sobre poser y gran cantidad de material gratuito (modelos, texturas, etc)te recomiendo:


    Visita sus foros tambien, las comunidades de artistas 3d suelen ser muy cooperativas con los nuevos aprendices, aunque el problema es que todas las que conozco son the habla inglesa.

    En los foros de Renderosity tambien se encuentran algunos tutoriales bastante buenos:

    Respecto a esto no puedo ayudarte mucho más, yo uso Daz3D y Carrara7 por lo que nunca me he informado mucho sobre Poser :/

    Malcanthet, I'm not taking commissions at the moment but, you got me curious... Do you draw 2d stuff, write stories?
    and ...goblin girl? o.O like the one from the monstergirl encyclopedia?

    Equinocity, you will have to deal with it, I'm afraid I fukken love short haired girls so...

    About these monsters cocks, don't worry, one has a normal/long sized dick but the other has a fat big cock (almost as the girls leg :b)

  13. pense que usabas Poser... pues no hay problema ahora que me veo el DAZ que dices es gratis y pesa mucho menos, lo probare haber si es mejor que el poser.

  14. I do both. I enjoy monster girls, girls with monsters, and the like. I can link you to my photobucket at some point or post pictures of K'rikka, my goblin girl.


    However I forgot to make her ears bigger and more goblin-y, and need to alter her tattoos just a little to make her look a bit wilder. My AIM is Hchimera, and am an avid storywriter/ game runner

  15. Avo, daz3d no es mejor en cuanto a prestaciones, su motor de renderizado es muy inferior (menos calidad y tarda mas tiempo para renderizar). Y está muy limitado en cuanto a herramientas de eddicion. Pero tiene otras virtudes que hacen que yo lo prefiera...
    - es gratuito ;D
    - es muy sencillo y facil de usar
    - se pueden montar las escenas con mucha más facilidad y rapided que en poser.
    - para mi gusto, la interface es mucho más práctica y adaptable.
    Como alternativa más profesional estoy empezando con carrara7 *está a punto de salir el C8* tiene prestaciones similares al Poser, pero sin los elementos que no me gustan de él.
    No obstante, es solo mi opinión. Si puedes, pruébalos todos y escoje el más adecuado.

    Malcanthet, mnn... K'rikka looks pretty good. Could be an interesting character to work on but, meh, already working on too many things. So many good ideas... but so little time... >_<

  16. Understandable. I felt like you liked petite, wild shorties who also love big monsters (at least bigger than she is, she's 4 feet tall!) ..has short hair, olive skin tone, reddish colored tattoos and big blue eyes. If you ever would like to do a basic render, (not even a set) I'd be ever so grateful, I've been a fan of your work since you were on Beast Forums, I used to leave a lot of messages on there in response. You were Anji there, correct?

    I was kazumoshun, I believe. You've come a long way. Also -- small suggestion for your works - apply some gravity to the hair on the girls if its possible in poser. It would make the images that much better.

  17. Love your women, but not a fan of the pig boys. They just don't do it for me like unicorns and dragons and even trolls/ogres.

    If you're accepting ideas, I would love to see some fairies -- hot young elves maybe a foot tall, maybe three or four working on one huge beast, maybe a dragon/minotaur/ogre.

    And I'd love to see more Dranei! =)

    Just throwing it out there. I absolutely love what you've done so far!

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