Sunday, April 11, 2010

The dark elf lover

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Download: RS


  1. great work!!! when will be next

  2. Fucking awesome. It's great to see you put out a new set Vaesark!

  3. Fantastic set, love what you did with it!

  4. Downloading... done !!!

    Yeah, good set. Apart from the SEX I like the COLOURS a lot. The AUTUMN leafs in the background are nice. Of course I wonder what her PUBIC hair looks like, hehe.

    Cheers, Jess

  5. Good work.

    But there is little criticism:
    overlighted & overbloomed picture with low res\detailed mats...
    The combination of these elements makes the general appearance of poor quality and not too expensive. IMO.

  6. We are back in business vaesark! Downloading now.

  7. Wow, definitely fantastic comeback.

  8. Tony, lol, I've just released a full set and already asking for moar?
    ...very soon, don't worry.

    JCD, you never lose a chance to remind me that, huh? XD

    Hitman_X3Z, true that, I need better textures >_< ...and start working with carrara instead of Daz3D.

    Malcanthet, here's your goblin girl: K'rikka

  9. Great new character and a wonderful new set! I echo the other Tony in that I am certainly looking forward to your next updates!

  10. @Vaesark
    Hey, and I haven't even mentioned my dear HERMIONE, hehe.


  11. Oh my god! That's absolutely fantastic, I love it. She looks adorable! I really appreciate that.

    She's got black hair *winks* The red hair is rather stunning too, makes me want to change it in her design. It might fit her better with your vision.

  12. Vaesark, these are pretty good. :)

    I highly recommend you wean yourself off Daz A.S.A.P.

    It is hard giving up the more user-friendly functions like limb movement (bend, twist, etc), but the rendering engine is LIGHTYEARS beyond anything Daz Studo can do.

    The first time you do a Carrara render and you can actually see the pores in their skin in a high-res, you're never going to look back. It bridges the gap between 3D art and real life.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  13. I just have to say that that little picture you did made my day, Vaesark. :) I've shown everyone who plays DnD or knows of her in game and they squealed like I did. You've got a lot of fans amidst my gaming friends. We play on OpenRPG, so if you're ever interested in trying to find some inspiration, we're on the Adult Server, and try to run games. I'm Malcanthet on there, and am one of the admins.

  14. I love the work as usual! I just can't wait for a Tauren set! *Wink, Wink*

  15. pero que maestro!!!, dentro de un tiempo te paso un avance mio, pero quiero mejorar mas antes de mandar algo.

  16. fantastic work as always V %-)

  17. I've been so busy.
    I love this set, she's simply beautiful, I love this girl.
    And the father and son team is a brilliant idea.
    And aren't they foul! Brilliant!

    I may be way off, but I get the idea of her deciding mid-assassination to give herself to them instead of kill them.

    And how naughty she is, I love images 3, 12, and 13 how she kisses them, only a really bad girl would kiss the monster.
    She just loves it!

    And, oh my God, you've seen my work, and liked it, I could not receive a higher compliment, thanks heaps!

    The work you've posted after this set is awesome too, I'm not sure what it was I missed out on, damn!
    But they're stunning girls, and can't wait to see them in action.

    As always, thank you!