Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dark elf assasin

I did this merely to test my skills and see if I'm still able to do shit... Maybe I'll do a set or something, I dunno yet.


  1. Nice to see you back at work and glad to see that you still have it :). Always loved your dark elves/drows and this one is no exception. The breasts match the body type and the rest goes with it. It must feel great to play again...
    Looking foward to more of your unique creativity.

  2. I'd say you can still do shit. Nice work as always.

  3. Spirit, yup, dark skinned elves are always a turn-on for me, I'm glad that you like them too ;)

    MongoBongo, I guess that I just needed some inspiration :b ...which usually comes from games, movies and, when I'm lucky to find someone... suitable: a good RP session.

  4. Good to see you back in the saddle...never let it be said that there aren't girls who fucking love your work.

  5. muchas gracias por regresar, gracias a usted he comenzado a usar poser, aunque soy solo un aprendiz, quiero ser como ud en el futuro. ^^

  6. Hi.

    Yeah, new stuff! The gal reminds me somehow of one of my absolute favorites, XIANA the DRAGON Lady. Just my type anyway...

    Cheers, Jess

  7. Exquisita!!!!!
    What adventures are waiting to this goddess?
    Big pleasure, my friend.

  8. God damn!!!! She is hot.
    I must say i love the contrast between her silver/gray skin and the color of the elves hair, eyes and background.

  9. I love her outfit. Why am I always loving the clothes? Who knows!

    Good to see you sorta-back in action. :)

  10. grrlvert, true but, the girls that like my work... only like the girls.. ahem...
    To find girls that actually enjoy the same fetishes that I like... It's nearly impossible >_<

    Avo, felicidades por iniciarte en este mundillo, seguro que crearás grandes trabajos. Si puedo ayudarte en cualquier cosa no dudes en contactarme.

    JCD, Geoff, I'm glad that you like her :)

    Alicia, no lo he decidido, pero de un modo u otro acabará con un gran pene en su interior ;b

    Horsemount, well, maybe it just looks great on her... right before some monster rip them off... ngahaha *evil laugh*

  11. Please send her to kill an enemy troll leader or a duergar leader and she's caught ! LOL

  12. oh and by the way i LOVE your work ! you're great !

  13. Fantastic Work V!

    I also like the background you chose for this model. One issue I saw was that each DE model would blend into the background due to both being dark tones.
    You definately havent lost your touch, and look forward to anything you provide. Welcome back!

  14. I wanted to add my words of encouragement to you 'coz I usually enjoy your work in silence. And, for the record, regarding your comment to grrlvert, I probably have some of the same fetishes that you do... I just tend not to confess to them very often.

  15. Vaesark - Not quite true. The entire reason I found your blog in the first place was not the women, although they are pleasant to look at. I come to see what they are paired with, I enjoy seeing the women paired with monsters and creatures...and what I want is usually hard to find outside of hentai, which is often tasteless and without elegance.

    So needless to say, I watch for your updates, perhaps a little hungrily.

  16. Wow!! Super sexy as always! Please feel free to keep "testing" your skills over and over again :P

    Great to have you back!!

  17. N, already started a CGset with this girl, it's not going to be rape but, she will have two pig-man cocks to play with ;)

    Kaz, don't worry about the background, once the show starts she will take all your attention ;b

    Julia, oh ...but hey, I never specified, monsters with girls are just a part of my wicked mind. When it comes to role play I look for something else too :b I'll give you a clue: have you noticed that in most of my stuff the girls are always willing to satisfy the monsters?

    grrlvert, you got me curious now... what is that you like so much about it?

    shawnob, I'll do a CG set instead of more tests XD

  18. @ Vaesark,
    Uh huh, I've noticed. For me, it's impossible to choose between scenarios where the girl is taken unwillingly, and those where she (happily or coerced) gives herself to the beasts. It just depends on my mood at the time which girl I'd rather identify with and which scene I'd vicariously imagine. A lot of my fantasies have some much darker quirks, though...

  19. Woah, what a beauty!

    And what a sad day that Vaesark is unsure of his abilities.
    This girl is beautiful, I agree with JCD, she re-minds me of Xiana.
    I can't wait to see more of her.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your fine work.

    Regards, Muddy.

  20. Julia, I see, so you actually like this stuff as it is... and what are those darker quirks? bondage, torture, vore, scat...?

    Muddy, hey, I've just saw that you post your own stuff at renderotica, Great renders man!
    Also, that blow job animation... your first try? ... I salute you! my first try sucked big time compared to that animation XD

  21. @ Vaesark,

    Oh, gosh, apologies to anyone that likes that sort of thing, but definitely not anything to do with bathroom functions... but the others... yeah. Me and my ex used to write little stories about girls (usually a couple of his ex's) being ravaged by feral monsters who'd, um, have a case of the munchies after sex. That said, I hate gore so my quirk for hungry monsters is all a little surreal (since I like to imagine it more or less bloodless), but the idea of a beast going down on a girl and, like, getting WAY too rough and carried away is really hot for me. And, as a girl friend of mine put it, if for some reason she had to die, it might be a fun way to go. *blush*

  22. lol Ok, thats perverted enough for me :b even tho I only like bondage of those I mentioned.
    Anyway, it's nice to see that some girls enjoy my stuff too :b

  23. Excellent renders, Vaesark.

    I like how the skin appears luminous and soft. The use of lighting and textures makes the entire scene seem somehow 'surreal,' like it's snapshots of someone's dream.

  24. Vaesark, the answer isn't very simple, but I've always had a fascination with that rapine energy between a beautiful woman and a really huge monster or beast, that sort of animal, almost malicious need that supersedes human well-being.

    I have no talent as an artist, but I enjoy writing and describing it, there's a lot of heat to that kind of thing for me. Right now I'm throwing around two pieces for a private audience, one about a minotaur, and the other about a giant spider.

    Trying to describe the process rather than the fucking itself always seems to take the blood out of it and make it sound terribly sterile. >_<

  25. Nightshade, it is someone's dream, my dream. Also, I use the soft look(photoshop postwork) a lot, it makes the girls look a lot more... smooth and tender :3

    Avo, heh, I like your spirit, that and some skills can get you very far in the world of 3d renders ;)

    grrlvert, oh... interesting, so you like to describe this kind of... encounters, hehe I have a little idea in mind, maybe we can work on something together. Contact me if you are interested, my email is on my profile.

  26. GAAAH!! NOOOO! No more "boy cut" hairstyles!! Please! Give her a nice long silky mane of hair for one to hold onto while she gets a good long humpin!

    is there anyway to swap styles and make a scene with either type? Don't care much about the color, but i prefer jet black myself.

    And hope fully them trolls arn't sportin that long ugly skinny nobby tree branch lookin wood between they're legs. cg C or A is good (elf and troll)but not like the interspecies scene. But that's just me. Still like your work, just voicing my preferences.

  27. those boots... hot wear !!!