Sunday, March 28, 2010

So.. ah... eh...

-.- I got my PC back, it's not yet fixed, well, It works, but I have to use the old Ram modules if I don't want BSOD every few minutes. So... I finished reinstalling most of the stuff already, the back-up of the Daz3D folder doesn't work as it should, just like it happened before so I had to reinstall everything again, which is a pain in the ass... That also means that the all the models "died" ...again...

Anyway, I guess I'm back... not at 100% as I should but, I guess that it will have to do for now.

I'll start producing new stuff as soon as possible, so... stay tuned ;)

Finally, I think I replied most of the emails, but... I may have passed one or two, so send them again if you want so I can reply them. (My gmail in-box was about to explode XD)


  1. You might consider getting an external hard drive to back-up your models and other essential files.

    Sorry to hear you're having bad luck with your computer.

    Glad to hear that you're back.

  2. This is awesome news. WELCOME BAAAAAACK

  3. Welcome back! You do seem to have terrible luck with computers. It's unfortunate.

  4. Welcome back. Just the Tauren still going to be the next one? :)

  5. Welcome back, commander_ ^^
    It's good to see that You want to make a new renders.


  6. Hi.

    Finally some news. It's always good to know that something's going on, even if it isn't completely satisfactorily.

    Cheers, Jess

  7. Hey there, huge fan of your work, but I tried to download some of your pictures and my RAR extractor asked for a password. How might I get one?

  8. Read the big, bright, red, bold letters at the top of the blog, Alex Kaen.


  9. @Nightshade
    Out of curiosity, what happended
    to ""?!

  10. JCD: I stopped doing erotic artwork. I do only non-erotic content now. I didn't see a point in leaving that blog up. Instead I'll be using DeviantArt exclusively when I feel more comfortable with my skills.

    Sorry for the stealth removal. :)

  11. @Nightshade
    Ok, fair enough, just thought I'd ask, when I saw you posting a comment here. And out of curiosity, what ist your username at deviantART?!

  12. Abeo, yup, I already have an external HD but thats not really the problem.

    Pandemonium, indeed... T_T

    Shmaded,, all models "died" again. >_<

    Thanks everyone for the welcome.

  13. Holy shit, dude. This blog is simply amazing. You have some real talent, and I love your taste! ;)

    You definitely have a new fan!