Thursday, March 11, 2010


First post in... two months? -_- and just to say that my PC isn't fixed yet (they can't figure out whats causing the BSOF.

I miss rendering so much... T_T

And it looks like some of you miss my renders too :b (the blog still gets like 700+ visits a day) so I was thinking on some things to have updates on the blog so that you know that I still alive ^,^ Heres the first one.
Why do you like to see hot, beautiful girls with beasts/monsters and other creepy/ugly creatures? and... when did you realized that you enjoy this stuff?

I'm just curious...

I'll start, Have you seen Jacob's Ladder (1990)? One of my all time favorite movies... well, there's a particular scene that made me realize how much twisted I am, *spoiler* the party scene, when Jezzie gets fucked by a flesh/tentacle/thing and she seems to be really enjoying it, at least until the tentacle came out of her mouth along with some white stuff XD that scene gave me a boner... and I was like 11 or 12 years old LOL *spoiler* after that, normal porn just wasn't good enough anymore...
If you want, you can see it here:

Your turn...

Also, sorry for not replying emails again, for some reason gmail isn't working well on my ps3, I'll try to reply all of them as soon as possible. Thanks for your support I really appreciate it ^^

I hope that I can be back again soon *I hope*


  1. WELL it's still good to know that you ARE alive. I actually was starteing to worry and wonder what was up.
    But a messed up PC...all I can say is "GODAMMIT" with you.

    When and why with the monsters? Hmmm...well I think what might have gotten the ball rolling was a comment I heard while watching Little Shop of Horrors. But I think the thing that clentched it for me was my first introduction to tentacle hentai with La Blue Girl and Angel of Darkness.

    As to the why, well the funny thing is my girlfriend and I descovered we BOTH liked the genre for the about same reasons. WIth monsters you get bigger or multiple stimulations without the limits of being human, or the inhibitions. Making the act tend to be wilder. And the screwy thing (which doesn't sound right when I say it aloud) is that women tend (TEND) to make the same kinds of noises with the surprised or planned sex...if I may use a euphamism. However I know that that too is fiction made by the manufacturers.

    You could almost say, that by using the right kind of critter, the chances of getting brains fucked out good and propper increases dramatically, when the limits of the human body become arbitrary.

  2. Hello again.

    Hmmm, the blog still gets like 700+ visits a day?! Well two vists a day are on my account. So, it's good to know that we have "just" a computer problem and that you are well.

    Concerning your question, I cannot really give a satisfying answer, since I never had a real starting point, when it comes to this stuff. I just happen to like it, LOVE it is more like it. Well, suppose I am just a little pervert, hehe.

    Cheers, Jess

  3. Nice too know that you are still alive xD
    Good luck with your PC, man.
    Uncle Hunk.

  4. As for me - and yes I just registered on google for leaving a comment in approximate english - I think it's definitively coming from the fact that a monster is ... well a monster. A virile figure, powerful and able to do anything without any biological limits. It's a fantasm but a manly fantasm. It's working the same way that in common porn, actually it's not even different at all ! You want to identify yourself as the one fucking the poor girl. Then again with a monster, you can have every ways to bring pleasure (or else) that you would not think of yourself capable of.

    That's the why for me, en tout cas !

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  6. Well, fuck muffins. You just can't win for losing on the computer shit, can you. I have the same luck with cellphones Hope it all works out soon.

    Well, my favorite genre of porn has been the gangbang for a long time, and I think that that has something to do with a chick taking on more than she probably should, and this probably contributes to my liking of the monster thing. I'm also kinda into beastiality porn, and that's what lead me to this site, the set you did with the elf and the unicorns(unicorn DP, I had to find napkins, and quick).

    But what really solidified the chick vs monster thing was your site. I was always turned off by other art because, invariably, the girl was being viciously raped, and rape is one of my biggest turnoffs. I like rough, but not rape. Anyway, your glorious sets were what made me love the monster genre all together, so I suppose I should throw in an extra thank you.

    Keep up the gook work sir.

  7. well i think it all started with me reading a ton of fantasy books. With elves and monsters and the such. I think it was all the subtle hints that they put in the books. they never said or went into detail so i made it up in my head. in grade school i was told about hentai and that was just something new. gotta agree with chip i dont like rape its a huge turnoff but the cassadra set was amazing. Vae i found your stuff when you first started your blog i stumbled on it somehow i think it mighta been from anon. your work is the best bar none.


  8. Good to see you didn't die or pull a Svarog on us. I'm another 2 hits out of you 700+.

    I'm not sure where you would say it started with me. either in my teen when I saw "Wicked City" of maybe my early twenty's when I innocently found a cheerleader comic with a demon in it(I was looking cheerleader porn).

    Which ever it was, I'm a full on sicko now. lol

  9. Hail Vaesark!!!

    I'm another of your regulars, I wish I was only twice a day, but whenever I go online, yours is the first site I visit, I think I'm addicted!

    I guess I've always been a little left of centre, but once when I was looking at another blog I saw a few pictures of The Black Guardian, and fell in love (Xiana is still my fave).

    As for a girl being taken by monsters or ugliness, I like the domination thing, not rape so much, but sometimes I like it, it depends on how artfully it's done.

    Seeing her being forcefully taken, or freely giving herself,
    to corruption by fiends,
    to have her body and soul exposed utterly,
    and have all will removed,
    so that she becomes a piece of their property to do as they want,
    drives me wild every time!

    And yet she is coveted at the same time.

    By the way, loved Jacob's ladder, hadn't seen it before.

    Cheers, Muddy.

  10. I'm glad you are still alive and kickin! Well that does still blow that your computer isn't fixed.....tis a bit odd.

    Me and monsters? Heh I can actually say thats an easy one. back in college I got into anime my freshman year and it was still easy to get stuff from sharing programs so I did all the trigun stuff and such. After I watched all of that I came across LA blue girl not knowing exactly what hentai was I took and gander and it was over. Since then as far as the beasties and girles go I havent found anything better than your stuff.
    So aren't allowed to leave us!

  11. Hey, Vaesark, sorry you're having such a bad time with your PC. Have you thought about getting a Mac (even second hand). They're much more reliable and they handle graphics brilliantly. It must be really frustrating not to be able to compose your outstanding artwork.

    I've fantasised about women with animals (more than monsters, though they're good too) for decades. My favourites are equines, though bulls and dogs are great too. Also some of the classical (Greek and Roman) critters like satyrs and centaurs. And it's good to see females restrained in stocks and pillories for the beast to mount. Yum!

    My favourite legend is the story of Pasiphae, the mother of the minotaur. I've got off on that one since I was in school. It'd make a great sequence - even better with an audience standing around the hollow bull!

    Best of luck with getting back to your visionary creations. You have a huge and loyal following out there.

    All the best,


  12. Good to know you're still around, and I feel sorry for you. As for when I got into this kind of thing, I started with bestiality, then eventually became okay with any non human creature with girls.

  13. Hello Vaesark! I'm glad to see you again.

    My first hentai was Words Worth. Several days after I played in Warhammer FRPG. And then it started. Later, I played in many RPG and I tried to put erotic scenes in all of universes I played.
    Why bestiality? Elves love nature and always are close with animals... especially wet Elven girls which love to have sex multiple times a day.
    Why monster? Just like Muddy, I like domination scenes and forced sex, but not as brutal as rape. It should be pleasurable for all. ;)


  14. The troublesome pc isn't an HP by any chance? Mixed types of RAM?

    That scene from Jacob's Ladder would have been my turning point too, IF I had seen it. But I think my first contact with such stuff was on Hentai Capitol (, long dead) when I saw Jasmine with Raja. (Come to think of it... Disney is probably responsible for my skewed sexual orientation)
    I'm much like Dobbin more into beast than monster: horses, bulls, dragons and the like. And tentacles. Everybody loves tentacles. ;D

  15. Yes, very glad to see your well and it's just a technical difficulty. Stick, what ever happened to Svarrog? I was a site member for quite awhile then his work just... stopped.
    Vaesark, think of this as a forced vacation. Use it to give yourself a chance to bring up more creations that may have otherwise required more focused attention.
    Myself, when? i can't remember any specific media or topic. I would have to say Urotsukidoji film to be my first step into women with nonhumans. Then comics from local shop, where i got a good friendship with a young female worker who helped me out ordering comics they didnt normally carry on the shelves. Then i got a computer and online, which comes to WHAT?
    Well, of all the various types of male "partners" i'd have to say i'm quite partial to the Equine sort. But i very much like "The Summoning" post too. Why do i like these types of scenes? Like Krannel and Muddy I like seeing the woman being taken by a large male of such strength and size she is moved to a level of pleasure/pain that spoils her for all others. So tremendous she cannot help but submit to his will and hang on for the ride of her life. With your work and the media you use, we get to enjoy whatever our imginations can conjure.
    I would like to see more sequential shots on a page though. And something with centaurs, i know it's been done to death but something with your flavor would be cool. Oh and minotaurs, i like the WOW scene with the Draenai and Minotaur, like to see the finish of that one.

  16. Well, my tastes aren't quite in line with yours and a lot of viewers, since I have more of a female perspective on things.

    I developed a taste for monster sex while playing an online role playing game. I did a erotic roleplay scene with a dragon one night just to try something new (he shrunk himself enough with magic to fit) and 'really' enjoyed it.

    Since then I've had a serious fetish for dragon and lizardman breeding. Especially dark elves and dragons/lizardmen, since I roleplay a drow matron.

  17. Try watching 80's Caveman movie :D
    Good humor always lightens the stress.

  18. @Nightshade
    Out of curiosity, what happended
    to ""?!

  19. Jackobs ladder is one of my favourites, tho my love for hentai and monsters began when i was 4, and watched the News which spoke badly of hentai, and showed some clips which made me excited and wanna find more about it.
    Even so becouse i was in love with Makoto from sailor moon at that time :D

  20. Good to see you are still around, though I never doubted that you were. :)

    I don't even remember. Sad eh?

    I know it was about 8-9 years ago now, and that when I was first idly looking for things I was put off by what I saw. But a year later I found much better quality content and never looked back.