Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad/good news T_T

I'll start with the bad ones: My PC is fucked up, yes... again... I'm not very lucky with this stuff T_T So I'll have to take it to the shop and wait till they fix it (some of the CPU fans don't work + the old problem about the BSOD)>_<

Good news: first, I finished one of the sets (King kong) so there's gonna be at least one more update.

Second, and most important... I just bought Carrara 7 pro, almost 200$, but I think that it will worth it...
Its sad that I couldn't even start to use it T_T

Anyway, I hope that I can get back to "work" soon.


  1. Dude maybe it would be cheaper for you to learn how to fix comps yourself^^
    hope youll be back up soon

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  3. Hmmm, "I'm not very lucky with this stuff." - it certainly seems so. Well, hope you'll be back soon.

    Cheers, Jess

  4. Sorry about your computer. Hope it gets fixed fast

  5. Doh, you and computers...

    Hope it gets fixed for you soon. :)

  6. This is terrible news, when my computer died it felt like I lost an arm or something, I feel for you.

    People say good things about Carrara 7, using DAZ you've been making the best renders available, and I hear poor reviews about it's renderer, I'm very exited to see what you'll be making with Carrara.
    Though I like the DAZ renderer, I use it.

    Anyhoo, I'm gonna make a little donation to your cause, just gotta wait till pay day!

  7. Oh no!

    Sorry to hear about that Vae.

    You will 'love' Carrara 7 pro. I dumped Daz already and am trying to learn it, and so far my test renders are 1,000% better than the Daz ones. Much more customization options as well.

    Good luck with the PC fix.

  8. YO! That really sucks man about your PC. Ive built quite a few with no problems in my day, so if you ever want a stunning PC on the cheap I can make you one blows whatever you have out of the water. :) But you would have to be pretty specific about what kinda things you wanted in it. Anyway I hope it all works out.

  9. I have been checking ur site like 3 times a day to see when you are back up and running. Its driving me nuts! :) I love your work man. Maybe I'll build a server so you can host whatever you want on it.

  10. I will take the PC to the store tomorrow and hope that they fix it soon >_<

    Thanks a lot Muddy, and all who have donated. ^_^

    Nightshade, yes, I Think that it will be a huge boost to the quality of the renders.

    Shmaded, thanks a lot, but the free storage is good enough for me for the moment ^_^