Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Draenei

This one goes for the wow fans ;) I know that there are some details missing but, I think that it is easily recognizable as a Draenei. I'm not sure if should do a Set or something with ...a Tauren maybe? or put her in the stocks to be used by some orcs...


  1. nice idea and shes kinda cute too^^

  2. Very nice.

    I like the stocks+orcs idea, but then again I have a soft spot for forced public sex. ;)

  3. Oh I'd love to see her forced into some public sex, with a really THICK cock so it stretches her belly. Fucked silly is so hot.

  4. This was a Great job.....

    I personally would like to see the 'Stocks and Orcs'.
    Preferably with more than 1 orcs.

    Though I must Confess, I have no Idea what a 'Draenei' is.

  5. her getting group used by some drunken dwarves

  6. Hmmm, not sure about this one, but
    then again I am just not into WoW.

    She looks kinda weird, and yeah, what's a Draenei?! She almost appears to be a beast herself, and that's certainly interesting. Looking forward to it.

    Cheers and a


    to you all!


  7. unmistakably Dranei. And unmistakably hot.

    As far as what to do here are my thoughts:

    1) Make her a hunter and have her "tame" a new pet

    2) Just put her in a pvp situation where gnomes, tauren, and undead can all have their way.

    3) The creatures from the Dranei starting area

    4) Some well known raid boss like C'Thun

    Great work dood.

  8. man, even your unfinished work blows me away. as for what to do with her, a few taurens having their way with her, and her loving it. imo %-)

  9. "I'm not sure if should do a Set or something with ...a Tauren maybe? or put her in the stocks to be used by some orcs..."


    I'll be in my bunk.

  10. Tauren all the way. It's been a while since you've done anything animal-like. Heh. I'll always vote for that. :P

  11. I know nothing of wow but this is a great character.
    Very nice!
    She'd look good in the stocks, but we all know she'd look good whatever setting you put her in!

  12. I'm going to have to go with Tauren. That would be deliciously sexy.

  13. Really nice.
    This could be a great idea a teuren or the orc pilory.^^
    Great job as usual Vae. ^^

  14. tauren.......itd just be awesome.

  15. Wow very nice Vae she looks amazing im not big into world of warcraft but she is lookin hot. I vote for the Tauren or what crazymaniscrazy said and have her be a hunter and have to "tame" a new pet.


  16. Heh if I recall right in Warcraft 3, the expansion the Draenei were some ugly critters with very big odd teeth, seems Blizzard made the females "sexier" for WoW.

    I like Night Elves more though, but I would hit that clear skinned Draenei ;)

  17. YEY! Lets play WoW today!
    She looks great, I can't wait for full set.
    Vaesark, I hope that someday You will finish scene with Night Elf. ^^'

    Crazymaniscrazy: C'Thun is too big for this little Draenei, but Mutate Fleshlasher (Flesh Beast) in taming scene will be awesome.

    LoneTiger: Yes, all of Draenei should look like Brokens, but Activision Vivendi Blizzard likes aliens and UFO so they made (Naaru and) stupid lore. And what about the abundance? In Warcraft III we can hear from Akama: "Only few of us survived", and in WoW we can see big cities of Draenei in Outlands... -.-'

    Happy new year!


  18. WOW rocks, awesome work man!;-) How about some furs`, too`?

  19. One more vote for Tauren, good sir.

  20. Mentioned it in the other post, which somehow got messed up, but +1 for Tauren from me. :P

  21. Beautiful draenai you got there. Now let those orcs show her, her place ^^

  22. whats the count at now? (crosses fingers for tauren)

  23. I would like to leave a million votes in the name of "Sex With Tauren", please.

  24. Oh, and if you need reference for Draenei, you can always get a copy of the game and the WoW Model Viewer through

    Just saying. It's not like I'm trying to get on your good side so that you'll choose the Tauren. =D

  25. Or one better than the hassle of installing wow (which is not small these days!), have some images. I tried to get her as similar to the one Vaesark made. Don't forget the tentacles!


  26. Looks like he got the look accurate to me.

  27. Nightshade, hehe I like the way you think, there are so few girls that like this kind of.. pleasures. *imagine Nightshade as a Drow matron training her new slaves* *drools*

    NovusAnimus, then I think you'll love her CG set ;b

    Kastier, true, but one of the new set will include some big ape loving :D

    gc-comixxx, mnn not that I dislike them but furs are not really my thing (unless its furry + beast/monster)

    Zafo... Zafo? the one that posted at BF? XD

    horsemount, oh XD I've just realized that I missed those things behind her ears XD

  28. OMG! This girl is HOT! I would absolutely LOVE to see a set of her getting fucked by a unicorn or horse or something big. But please, no snakes or such. =P

  29. Nice work but your site seems to cause a system freeze for like 3-5 sec. Overactive firewall or something wrong with my ISP?

    Otherwise, we're all not hackers y'know, just enjoying some 3d stuff and such. I didn't look through your galleries cos of this btw, if the freeze effect is from your side, pls do something abt it . . .