Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is a new girl from a sci-fi set I'm working on. Also, another wallpaper of the Drow from the Insatiable set.


Finally, a teaser from the next set to come:

I think that those who miss voluptuous girls will like it ;b
This succubus has a god pair of big, beautiful... eyes ;3


  1. Awesome, always anxiously awaiting your new stuff. This is the first site I go to when I get on the net. This succubus looks a lot hotter than the last one.

  2. Like her look alot Vae. Cant wait always like your sci fi sets. Loved your last set just amazing your work vae is by far the best CG works out there right now.


  3. Holy shit!

    My life now consists only of waiting for Shizuka.
    The guns are a nice touch, will she lose a fight first?
    One can always dream!

    The insatiable girl looks great too, she really is hot, I didn't think you'd be able to top her, but you just may have done it!

  4. *Droool* Can't wait for Shizuka 8D. She's chinese too :D.

  5. Hey Vaesark,

    You’ve done a great job on these three artworks. The sci-fi girl looks really good; it’s been quite a while since a background of that type has been shown. I’m anxious to see her set and the creature she’s paired with. The purple color scheme on her body (hair, eyes, lips) is definitely a great match with the rest of the scene and her outfit. Also, I love the markings underneath the corner of her eyes. They’re small, but noticeable and detailed. The wallpaper is quite exquisite and the clothing the drow is wearing is such a match with her character. Her pose also hints more at her nature, playful and willing, both of which were expressed fully in the set. One of the best wallpapers you’ve created so far. Finally, the teaser with your next set is really getting my excited. I love how she looks and the fact that she’s a succubus only makes it better. Black hair and red eyes are a personal favorite of mine. Due to the fact that she’s a succubus, I’ll be really anxious to see is she’s got wings, another personal favorite of mine. Once again, you’re doing your fans a great service with these upcoming sets and I appreciate it every time I see your work.

    Best of luck,

  6. Beautiful as always! Thank you so much for the work safe pictures of my favorite Drow and I can't wait for the new set :P Shizuka looks very hot. You always create such amazing images!!!

  7. WOW the model on the baner looks really great.This succubus is your next work?

  8. Nice announcement!I also like her eyes!I'll expect the new set!加油!!

  9. Ummmm... ¿peleará o no peleará? ¿se resistirá o se dejará?