Sunday, November 29, 2009

Insatiable (part2)

30 images 1200x1200px 18 MB
Download: RS


  1. O_O Me encanta!!!

    Sus miradas son impresionantes. Muy buen trabajo, felicidades. Sigue así!


  2. She knows how to have fun, that's for sure!

    Several really beautiful images in this one (not that any of them aren't, but there's some truly exceptional ones in the mix too).

    Great stuff, as always. ^_^

  3. Checking for updates twice daily pays off! Thanks for the awesome work

  4. This set, combined with part one has gotta be your best set in my eyes!

    My question is, how on earth can you top this?

  5. Fantastic set!! Love the girl, she's the most beautiful one yet. and great job on pic28, best of the set!

  6. Frickin SWEET. This is, hands down, my favorite set. Don't get me wrong, All of your stuff is awesome, and up to this point, it was a really tough decision, but I'm definitely a group kinda guy, if you know what I mean, and this is the first triple pen I've seen you do, and ending in pop-shots? It's like you made this set for me by personal request!

    Can't wait for the Leliana set.

  7. Oh man, AMAZING ending. Great set V!!!

  8. Thank you so much Vaesark!! This lady has now firmly become my favorite of all your creations, toppling Sara and Laura C!! The expressions she has and the body shading is just amazing! Would you be willing to post a one shot picture of her in a halter-top and skirt or bra and panties? I can't have nude photo's on my work pc and I want to show off this beautiful creation there :D

  9. Your work is cool like always however You R starting to make Routine.

    Last time You made sth difrent was a warrior girl.

    In my opinion U do too little details - no rings, bracelet foot bracelet etc. Devil is in details.

    This is just my thinking so don't take it as Criticize i just hope that my spaming here will bring sth positive to Your work Dude.

    Your Fan

  10. Nice. But I'm pretty sure trolls got more of a load than that. I think she should have been drenched ;)

  11. Hey Vaesark,

    The continuation to the first part is just stunning. I have to say that this is definitely one of your best sets yet. But all of them are so good, it’s really hard to say that one exceeds over the other. All the characters are so beautiful and the monsters with them are so interesting to look at as well. Your works are still the best.
    The lighting in the room was really nice, as it accented the girl’s skin color so well during the session. I really enjoyed seeing the dips in her back, along her spine in several of the images where she was arching, image thirty-three being a prime example. The shadows running down her back and around the muscles in her abdomen really accented her positions. You’ve also been delivering some superb necklines, with such lightly pronounced collarbones and yet so tantalizing as well.
    Another thing that I thought was done rather well was the girl’s gloves and boots. The detailed fringes around the upper edges of her gloves and along the rim of her stockings were a very nice touch to her outfit. The slip of fabric that hooked around her thumbs was a really sexy addition to her gloves. I enjoyed that a great deal.
    Keep up the good work and I’ll try to get back to you earlier next time.

    Best of luck,

  12. Thx everyone for the comments ^^

    Muddy... oh, I'm sure I can do it better :3 there's a lot of things that can be done over 9000 times better. I just try to improve something in each work.

    chip witly, I wont be the last threesome ;) But the Leliana's set may take a while :/

    Shawnob, worksafe wallpapers are on the way ^^

    Pandemonium, hm... I'll try to add more cum for the final shots in some future sets.

    SS, I'm glad that you liked it, it's really motivating to read a review like yours ^_^ .. just one thing, I don't create the base models, like the clothing , those are done by professionals, I just set up the scene, poses, lighting, textures, effects, the girls body & face shape and that kind of stuff.

  13. Awesome artwork Vaesark... I think there's a real benefit in having more pics in each set even if we have to wait for installments. Loved this one!!

  14. Nice sets,thank you for the great work!加油!!Good job!

  15. love her face