Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As the title says, there are going to be some changes here. I feel like I'm focusing too much in quantity of the updates and new stuff... for now on I'll focus on quality.

Also, I think that it's time to get to the next level and try some real animation. I'm still very new to this but, I think I can handle it :3

I didn't finished the succubus set, heres what I've done so far:

I don't plan finishing it.

Stay tuned, There's going to be a update soon.


  1. You have been pumping the sets out, what's most important is that you're getting what you want out of this!

    When the Muse takes hold of you, you come out with THE best sets there are, if you want to slow down your output to focus on quality, then that's exactly what you should do! (I always say that the sky isn't the limit, it's just a stepping stone)

    The Succubus set looks good, I'm a fan of your more petite girls, but she does look good, I like the creature too, he looks really good.

    As for animations, wow, your others are cool and I can't wait to see what you'll create now.
    Any chance of Xiana appearing in one?

    A very selfish question now, does this mean that Shizuka's over? That would really be a shame!

  2. I gotta say, I really like what you've been doing lately, with the group scenes and the happy endings. Pretty much whatever you decide to do, I'll stick with the site, I just hope this doesn't mean you're scrapping the next group scenes you promised.

    Of course, it is your sight, your work, we are simply lucky enough to have it shared with us. Do whatever you like, I'm sure that everyone will reamain a loyal fan.

  3. Shame you don't plan on finishing the set. She looks wonderful. Nice change of pace from the (as Muddy put it) more petite girls.

    In any case, if you feel over-burdened or pressured - just take a break. Not like you are pulling a steady paycheck from this. You're doing it for enjoyment. Do some one shot pictures or something.

    Animations would be great! Personally I've found them to be a pain in the ass to get the movement and flow right (not to mention render times). But practice makes perfect! Good luck on them.

  4. I look forward to the animations! I'm sure you'll do great on them. I'm not sure but did you say you were dropping the shizuka project?

  5. The succi looks like it was going to be a good set, but I do feel for you in the sense of making so many sets... It prob feels like doing the same thing over and over and over again. I know how that can be. Im excited to see your animations the few you have now are really good. Cant wait to see what girls and friends you use.


  6. please ! we want to see succubus set finished ! pleaseeeee !

  7. Hey Vaesark,

    This succubus set is definitely one of my favorites now. Black hair and red eyes are a perfect match in my opinion. The poses she’s presented in are quite stunning; they completely encase all that a succubus is and more. It’s kind of sad that you’re not planning on finishing such a beautiful set, but you’ve given us eight really exotic images of her, so it’s completely fine for you to do as you choose.
    The creature the succubus is paired up with really shows a variation compared to the other partners in you’re past CGs. It’s so different in body style and facial features. It’s a great completion to the set and I really enjoyed seeing it.
    About your plans for upcoming animations, I say go for it. The two you’ve given us already were extraordinary and I’ve rarely ever seen a 3D animation done well as they were. You’ve got an awesome talent that deserves to venture out into a different field. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with if you decide to follow through with your plans. It’s sure to be outstanding.
    As for the change from quantity to quality, it’s your call. But no matter what you choose, know that there will always be fans of yours waiting to show you our appreciation and support. You’ve been doing every one of us a great favor with all of these fantastic sets and artworks. You’re the best I’ve seen and you deserve to create your masterpieces as you see fit.

    Best of luck,

  8. Vaesark, the Succubus is just so damn sexy! I'm sad you won't be finishing the set. I think your art has been getting better every set, which astounds me because I think your art has been stunning for a long time. I understand that you want to do more animated images but I hope you keep doing still art too. I can't wait to see anything you create!
    No matter what, I will be checking in here everyday to see what you are up to and to lend my support to your endeavors. I hope you are doing well and have a fantastic week! Thanks again for the hot, work safe images of the drow babe!! :D

  9. Muddy, uhm yes, I'm afraid that shizuka is over too, but don't worry I can do many others like her, just wait.

    MB, yeah, rendering time for animations is a pain in the ass XD

    Vinx223, that's exactly how I was feeling, like doing the same.. over and over again >_<

    Thx everyone for your comments ^^

  10. The fluidity of the animation is pretty impressive, as is the details of the models. The poses are excellent, and the girl is as hot as always. So all in all, an excellent bit of work.

  11. Hi!!! i love this pictures and your stories, but... why you dont continuous "ILA"?
    is a perfect storie!!

  12. hi was wondering are u doing any work with tentacle

  13. hi dsrknaruto13 any work on some orgy with the girls in the making and some new monsters

  14. hey vaesark love ur work u have a gift that rocks i like all ur work to date looking forward to see more
    any news on mercenary too yet like what i see so far any news on
    Crimson Guard to
    and last thing i will bud u with is
    any thing in the making for thanksgiving and christmas
    thanks for ur time and work